Who Is Conning Whom?


Reports coming in that DM is to stay as Aberdeen …

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Reports coming in that DM is to stay as Aberdeen Manager.

Talks broke down.

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Who Is Conning Whom?
Just to be clear, in case my last paragraph is taken the wrong way, I am pretty sure DM was more than capable of managing at Ibrox.  But I think he looked ‘under the bunnet’ and did not  like what he saw there.  He has a history of it – Sunderland – clever man.  Avoid poison chalices at all costs.

Who Is Conning Whom?
A *Rangers man.

We have heard a lot of talk over the past 6 weeks about the significance of Derek McInnes being a Rangers man.  Both on social media and the mainstream media.  I’m never quite sure just how important that is.  Likewise for my own team’s manager to be a ‘Celtic’ man.

There are too many examples where this has proven to be worthless.  Two good ex players – Tony Mowbray and Lou Macari – did not hack it as managers.  Whereas Gordon Strachan was successful with no Celtic connection.  Even Martin O’Neil & Brendan Rodgers had little other than they might have been ‘Celtic Minded’.

I don’t know what it brings to the job on a daily basis.  Sure they probably get a buzz every morning walking through the door or coming out the tunnel on match days.  But other than that it’s all down to football.  The history and culture is probably something to mull over in quiet moments at home.

I think Derek McInnes has proven that.  There is more to the job than just being a ‘Rangers Man’.  It’s not enough by a long shot.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Kris Boyd – there is still hope! :
“Derek has decided to stay at Aberdeen and that’s a surprise to everybody because the majority in Scotland thought he would have gone to Rangers, myself included.
“They (Rangers) are not going to open up the books for Derek to go through, so if he’s not been given permission to speak to Rangers, then’s he’s probably taken it off his own back to say he wants to stay at Aberdeen.
“But is it dead? we just don’t know.”

(SKY Sports)

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Questions, questions, questions
How come my ‘thumbs up’ vote does not register. ie the number remains the same?

In fact I just gave John’s last post a thumbs up there and the 1 vote already recorded – disappeared!

In the Service of Fools
Happy New Year when it comes John and everyone on SFM.

Here we go again
Suffice to say his ‘expertise’ was damaging both On the pitch as well as Off it!

Here we go again
Couldn’t agree more John. But out of respect for this site the least I say about Peter Lawwell -especially after last night – and his role at Celtic the better!

Here we go again
I’ve always thought it a good thing for Scottish football to have representation at European level – EUFA etc.
I read recently that Peter Lawwell is still going to hang around the Celtic board in order to maintain his role at the ECA.
I’m at a loss as to what on earth he could bring to the table which would benefit Scottish football or Celtic!

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