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Ex Ludo, it was great to hear that bit of …

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Ex Ludo, it was great to hear that bit of Gerry Rafferty – a great talent that I used to see play with his first band in the Highlands in 1966!  And I have a 45 of Mary Skeffington.
To get back to McInnes, surely the certainty of him moving to Glasgow came down to either Sevco entitlement or they tapped him up; it has to one or the other?  When I read their statement last night, I thought it was a spoof.  They would have been as well saying that they only approached Aberdeen because they’d read it in the daily rags!

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Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Allyjambo July 7, 2017 at 17:39  

As ever, a very strange statement from King, quite childish, actually, seems to have fully bought into the ‘attack is the best form of defence’ idea, even when he has nothing he needs to defend.
I do wonder, though, what it was in the SFA’s statement that gave him the following impression, unless he’s solely talking of the effect it has on his current club.
‘It is reassuring to note that the SFA promptly and correctly put out a statement confirming, against Celtic’s attempt to influence, that the final tax ruling has no impact whatsoever on the practical and legal findings already made. This is now another matter that we can finally put behind us.’
Smacks of collusion, doesn’t it?  Would that have been the subject of a previous discussion with Regan, getting ducks in a row and being prepared?  And that’s his way of acknowledging it and congratulating the SFA.  He can’t help himself but you can see right through him, he’s not really that smart is he?

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
My wife was ticking me off tonight for getting animated at the TV.  Apparently the third placed team in the SPFL, 12 points and a goal difference of 28 (not that this is going to prove significant!) behind the second placed team, is attempting to capture second place!  Yet the team in fourth place, 6 points behind the team in third place, is attempting to consolidate fourth place!  How interesting!

Towards a More Professional SFA
The 27.5p per share figure comes from the TAP report –
“98.One aspect of this matter that has caused the Committee concern is the time that elapsed between the initial reporting of a potential triggering of Rule 9 by the incumbent Board during January 2015 and the Executive’s ruling of 7 June 2016. Both Mr King and the Rangers Board submit that it serves no purpose now to require a Rule 9 offer to be made at a price of 20p per share (the price stipulated by the Executive pursuant to Rule 9.5 (c)) because no shareholders will accept it. 99.The background to this is that since the cancellation of admission to trading on AIM in March 2015 Rangers shares have traded on an illiquid “matched bargain” basis on JP Jenkins, an exchange platform that specialises in the securities of private companies. There have been relatively few trades, mostly in small amounts. Such trades in Rangers shares as there have been on JP Jenkins during the last three months or so appear to have been at a price of 27.5p. Mr Blair told the Committee that demand for Rangers shares currently, and for some time past, exceeds supply.”

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