Whose assets are they anyway?

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I dunno. The print media I can just about understand. …

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I dunno. The print media I can just about understand. But the BBC? There presumably isn’t some business development executive creeping up behind them, whispering “Demographic! Demographic!” They are a taxpayer funded broadcaster, and, one would assume, under no obligation to disseminate anybody’s PR unopened and unexplained. In the case of Dave King’s most recent stuff, the PR has the additional quality of being comically eccentric.

The TRFC/RIFC contract with Sports Direct was designed and signed by the founders of Sevco, as they then were, with no apparent threat of violence. Mike Ashley was a major investor in the new enterprise: we may deduce the two events to be not entirely unconnected.
In the modern world, there can be few of us who have never signed a contract for a mobile, an energy provider, payment protection, or gerbil pet insurance, that we subsequently regard as disadvantageous. We generally have the maturity to realise that we aren’t Philadelphia lawyers, you can’t buck the system, and that we need to keep up the payments or sodding else. We lack the victim mentality. And a national broadcaster prepared to share our very innermost sense of persecution.

A national broadcaster who, along with their print colleagues, seem to be constrained from mentioning Sevco 5088, Sevco Scotland, the year 2012 in general, asset purchase, IP purchase, and a dozen other connected concepts and events, as if by a code of Caledonian Omerta. Pity, as they will all be needed when reporting upcoming court proceedings.

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Whose assets are they anyway?
In 48 years of supporting Alloa, I’ve assiduously tried to avoid sour grapes. But, on Saturday, we lost to a club who see nothing wrong in cheating. And are prepared to make public statements to that effect.

Whose assets are they anyway?
So, Alloa face a weekend trip to the fabulous Ibrox Stadium. We will be playing opponents who have racked up big losses for the third year on the trot. They have £8.75m external and £18.1m internal debts. They openly admit to the begging bowl being out, in order to see Xmas. Their founder, Charles Green, is (removed at the insistence of the Famous Legal Department). Their current chairman, David King is (removed at the insistence of the Famous Legal Department).

They claim a history 6 years greater than ours. The actual figure is minus 134 years. The claim is based on the pretence that they “really” are Rangers. This was stripped bare, today, as the rough equivalent of claiming that your financial backers are Lehman Brothers. Their children and grandchildren will quietly walk away from this sham. If it continues.

Our current footballing form was described to me, correctly, this week, as “dismal”. By a Sevco supporter. Oddly enough, I’m full of optimism. If not in the short term, but for the rest of my life.

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
I dunno if this is in the other morning press, but McCoist is interviewed by the hapless Paul Forsyth in The Times today. Forsyth himself uses the words “near death experience” to describe what I, a mere subscriber paying his wages, thought was a “death experience”. And yet to challenge this thin tissue of lies is to be dismissed as an obsessive? McCoist’s actual quotes reveal him to be living in a fantasy world that would invite ridicule if he were a former Woolworth’s employee, but seem unexceptionable in the context of Scottish football in the 21st century. I’m binning my Times subscription, which is a shame, as I rather like the crossword.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Thought we had an epiphany in prospect today, opening my Times (the London variant, not the shark jump version), and seeing the predictably witless Ewing Grahame use the words ‘rewriting history’ in relation to pronouncements from St Warbs. Alas and alack, it merely signified that Grahame disagreed with Warbs on the game just completed, Motherwell vs The Former Sevco Scotland. So, The a Times style guide presumably approves of the phrase in relation to differences of opinion. But not the actual rewriting of, you know, history. As indulged in on a weekly basis by Warburton, his employers, everybody involved in reporting Scottish football at The Times……

Look Back to Look Forward
Depressing reading in The Times this morning. Both Graham Spiers and the ever hapless Michael Grant work in references to an O** F*** game in the offing. They’ve neither of them popped up on Twitter to plug the pieces today, so it’s been impossible to ask if 2012 was a bit of a blur for them, or if they work under strict instruction from Level5pr, and whether their employers are aware of the arrangement.
Also bad news about Alloa going down, but I skipped the game on Saturday and familiarised myself with the accounts of the former Sevco Scotland, SC425159. Thank goodness we’re only getting relegated. This financial basket case are moving up to a more competitive league, and they’re apparently delighted about it. Their accumulated losses of £30m plus over their three year trading history presumably constitute “the inherent advantages the Ibrox club have over all the others they’ve met”, in Mark Palmer’s words in yesterday’s Sunday Times. That’s certainly one way of putting it, Mark. 
So, we’re living in a wonderland where pretty well the whole press pursue a deluded agenda predicated on the need to spin the overweening ambition of a club founded in May 2012. The continuity myth, hammered home repetitively, and absolutely no adverse comment allowed. As some wag said, the death of Rangers didn’t spell the end for Scottish football, but the birth of Sevco very well might.

Two wrongs and a right
Things you didn’t know: from Douglas Alexander in today’s Sunday Times. “…. a three-year ban from UEFA competition was one of the consequences of liquidation.”

Two wrongs and a right
Happy to be told I’m just plain wrong, but is the IP purchase not missing here? IIRC, an extra c. £3m which took the asset purchase to £8.5m? 

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