Whose assets are they anyway?

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Does anyone know – has Ol’ Big ‘ands been back …

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Does anyone know – has Ol’ Big ‘ands been back in Yorkshire recently ??

The BBC are keeping the “World Famous Sporting Institution” in this story a Secret, but this Institution has uncovered a very valuable antique, valued at over £1,000,000

i wonder if it is something Ol’ Big ‘ands bought for £2 in a fire sale?





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Whose assets are they anyway?
Now that the establishment are mobilising the “double jeopardy” defence…

am i wrong in thinking, after the LNS ‘findings’

was it not the case that these findings could be APPEALED and the SFA would be the body who would ‘consider’ the appeal?

To date, there has been no appeal ??

Whose assets are they anyway?
@evenmorecorruption at 08.17

Just heard on Radio Scotland this morning Roger Mitchell urging us to move on. “Where do you draw the line – some teams overspent and then went into administration. Should they have trophies stripped.” My frustration with this issue is at boiling point – why cant people not understand that it not the tax avoidance or evasion (take your BBC pick!) but the registration issue that surrounded the EBTs. Of course they do understand but are encouraged by the BBC and the likes of Kenny M to peddle spin.


not onlynthat, but they continue to peddle the shite
“…the previous company which ran Rangers football Club …”


Whose assets are they anyway?
Does any of you knowledgable people know
if the SFA and SPFL have to review the LNS whitewash

will the Bryson ‘interpretation’ be reviewed too ?

if not, is there anything ‘we’ can do about that ?

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Oliver Burke scores on debut…but rival fans are protesting against the way the club (or is it a company) 
are ‘funded’…financial doping !?!?M

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
on the subject of Made up news 


Made up History 
(a team from ibrokes getting 4 penalties in One game) that isn’t new or news !


Staying On The Problem
Another world record for Sevco ?  

(A Home tie in a ‘cup’ game . . . have Sevco ever had an away game
since their 1st ever (birth) game  Brechin -v- Sevco (not sure if it was Sevco5088 or SevcoScotland)

Staying On The Problem
RMCGEDDAWNAUGUST 6, 2016 at 12:55
Anyone help with further questions for the SFM Scottish football quiz?
1. Name the only footballer to have played for all three Old Firm Clubs?2. Which two major Scottish clubs were never ever relegated from the top division?

1 – Kenny Miller has played for Rangers FC, Celtic FC and The Rangers FC
2 – Celtic FC and Rangers FC* have never been relegated (* before going bust and into Liquidation)

Staying On The Problem
UPTHEHOOPSAUGUST 3, 2016 at 10:15 3 1 Rate This
Attachment Dave King Oldco
Re Tom English and his recent Tweets. Someone just posted this to him, stating they are happy to acknowledge Rangers as the same club as long as King follows up on this vow. To be fair to English he agrees with the poster it is a fair point.

The point is Tom English is happy to ‘agree’ with people who provide such evidence on Twitter.

what he is not willing to do, is agree with like minded callers on radio shows 
nor is he willing to state in print (newspaper columns) that Sevco and Rangers are two seperate clubs and that Sevco is a new club.

he is a coward who doesn’t want to end up like Brittny!

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