Whose assets are they anyway?


BRTH Excellent post at 1.42pm yesterday, sums up everything required …

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BRTH Excellent post at 1.42pm yesterday, sums up everything required to allow everyone to be involved in moving forward

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Whose assets are they anyway?
All Murray has to do is get a loan of the money, oh yes that might be a problem these days. Damn where are generous banks or pension funds when you need them

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
Anyone else being pestered by pop ups on sfm today, seems just since I accepted the privacy notice

The Offline Game
Well done to Rangers & Hibs for a great game & congrats to all the Hibees on the SFM

Why We Need to Change
Just watched Jim White fawning over Graeme Souness & asking how important it is for Rangers to get ” back ” to the Premiership. When the only question we want someone to ask him is why did you get an EBT more than 10 years after you left Ibrox. Give you the boak !!

Why We Need to Change
As a Celtic fan from Kilmarnock I know the Killie fans give my team a sore time of it but they also give it to “the Rangers” as well. When they beat Celtic in the League Cup Final a couple of seasons ago, although I was down in the dumps at losing & dreading going back to the pub in Killie to get it ripped out me, I was happy for my two nephews & other friends in the town who don’t very often get to see their team win a trophy. One of the good things which has came out of the Liquidation of Rangers is the number of, if I may say “diddy clubs “who are winning trophies. Also this bias against Celtic may be the case but let’s not forget the Killie fans also gave it tight to Rangers when they played them just after they entered administration.!

SFM – The Next Steps
Has anyone been able to access the sportsound podcast from the other night? Tried the links provided on here but no joy!

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