Whose assets are they anyway?


Bryce, That is the question I have been pondering. Outwith Sevco’s case, …

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That is the question I have been pondering.
Outwith Sevco’s case, there is HMRC’s stated aim to smash the EBT gravy train.
This  would reach beyond football clubs and into the upper levels of the business world; where the power and influence really resides.
I suspect if it is possible for other than MIH or BDO to mount an appeal, then it will happen. Failing that, BDO could receive ” encouragement” from vested interests from the world of Tax Consultants.
The CoS decision is being attacked on two fronts – the aforementioned broad canvas of Tax liability  and the MSM’s crusade to Save Our Titles, the narrow, partisan line.

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Whose assets are they anyway?
Storm Abigail gathering her wrath here in North West Donegal.
Hopefully to be followed by Storm Ashley!

Whose assets are they anyway?
Do you think that someone has read my post @ 4.24  and capped on?

From The Tribute Acts Twitter account.

@TheTributeAct: Is it true the call in shows are refusing to discuss Rangers’ cheating / EBTs any more?All Warbs’ spending plans for January now? hahaha!”

Whose assets are they anyway?
I’m slowly coming round to the view that the RIFC and SPFL advisors have made a monumental error in their coordinated “no title stripping” campaign.
All they appear to have achieved is to keep the CoS decision in the public arena, which allows more people to read and understand the issues that those bodies and the SMSM have been trying to bury for the last three years.
The increasingly shrill cries of defiance merely expose the paucity of their case and, ultimately will achieve nothing, except of an awakening of a wider public concern.
Secrecy was the authorities most potent weapon. They have lost that and have nothing to fall back on except petulant snarling and stamping of feet.

In an unrelated matter, I read at the weekend that his highness, the Duke of Kent, in his role of Grand Master, has giving his nod of approval to the formation of a Masonic Football Lodge in England, for players, officials and those involved in the game.
Should we be worried?

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Sweet Little Lies
J C @ 00.00

Class, as always John.

Sweet Little Lies
The reason that organisations have rules is so that every member knows what can and cannot be done within the organisation.

This is to prevent individual persons (or clubs) pushing their own agenda.

SPFL Myopia Flares into Civil War

It must have snuck in there when I wasn't looking.

SPFL Myopia Flares into Civil War
I'm way behind with the blog and much water has snuck under the bridge since my last visit.

So, I have nothing to add to the topic de jour, but I do share the annoyance of the use of "So" that prefaces many responses.

Another one that gets me, is the oft used footballers' post match responses, e.g.


                         " Jamie, you had a great game today and your third goal was special. You must be pleased with that.


               Yes, no, I thought it was a great team performance, etc.

Celtic’s Questions to Answer
theredpill 16th November 2019 at 11:16


The redpill,

So would HMRC’s legal stance be described as, “Ye canna tak the breaks aff a Hielan’  man”?



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