Whose assets are they anyway?


Well, as to the ‘statement’ from the seriously deluded, denying, …

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Well, as to the ‘statement’ from the seriously deluded, denying, entitlement fools at Ibrox………
For a long time the Earth was believed , by many, to be irrevocably flat……..until it was proved that it isn’t!!!
It continues to astonish me that the SMSM deniers such as Keef, who, just because they have bigger keyboards and printers, assume also that they have brainpower and analytical faculties to match those pesky, numpty bloggers. Jackson’s take on things is extremely imbued with wishful thinking over facts. His newspaper articles would be shredded in minutes, if his rag allowed any comments on his ‘work’.
I am sure the guffawing replies and comments of fans, durng Jas Traynor’s Record end days, helped to flush him out of his cosy little niche, as his views were poo-pooed by common sense.

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Whose assets are they anyway?
Why can an article such as this not appear in the BBC Scottish Football pages?


Does such aspiration for moral and ethical standards not apply to football but only to other sports?

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Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?
Suddenly Mr Robertson seems to have ever more to say about TRFC's dissatisfaction with the world and its aunt. Amongst his words there are, I believe, some indicators as to what it has always been about. They need money from wherever they can get it but certainly will not be able to pay any of it back, if broadcaster clawbacks had to ensue, due to the current situation in the country.

It seems to me to always have been about the Ibrox club's desperate need of any kind of cash recently and, so desperate are they, that they do not wish any income source threatened by decisions which did not suit its current agenda/needs. Follow, follow the lack of money spawning outrage.

The Ibrox entity has absolutely no altruism within its being and its posturing as the guardian angel of the game in Scotland is laughable. TRFC is not, any longer (if it ever were) the most important club in the country. It needs to remember what favours it has received from the same folk now being sorely criticised for not bending the knee in homage to a shower of deluded charlatans. The rest of football has more important things to be doing at this time, other than pandering to TRFC panic and paranoia.

I do hope the required number of clubs will rally to point Indiana's pistol at the Ibrox sword, as so wittily highlighted by an earlier post.

Condolences to all who have lost relatives recently.

(Don't post very much these days, as mainly based in Bad Ischl, Austria via my second EU passport. Just couldn't take much more of the people running the UK and Brexit Britain, particularly in England, after the last General Election.)

Best wishes to all. Stay safe and well.

SPFL Myopia Flares into Civil War
Sad to read of the death of Norman Hunter from this dreadful virus. His robust style of play was not always to everyone's liking but, with his presence in the Leeds Utd. team, opponents knew they were not in for an easy time.

The 1970 EC Semi-Final was memorable for so many reasons. In these doldrum times I found a link to 45mins, in colour, of that game. Hope it works and if it is of interest. Note Wee Jimmy roasting everyone! Norman tried but Big Yogi was like Pele that night. Classic match between two really good teams.


SPFL Myopia Flares into Civil War
Things appear to be getting quite nasty, as the folk at Ibrox keep pushing to be deemed relevant and important. In their paranoia, they still believe themselves to be so hard done by all those imagined, unsympathetic forces ranged against their sense of entitlement, lashing out at all and sundry, as they throw yet another tantrum when they not are regarded as the most important element in Scottish football.

A great many clubs voted for this deal, far more than the few who oppose and opposed it. The club at Ibrox has but one vote, so why is it howling at the moon over others daring to oppose. It is time that the other clubs took TRFC to task over its over-inflated ego and remind it how great a favour it was given back in 2012.

If the present setup is to be re-organised and with many of the FAW now on the margins, maybe the SPFL/SFA should bring TRFC toheel by publishing the FAW for all to read, just to remind everyone how badly RFC were NOT treated back then.

"Who are these people?" is a weel kent phrase in this ongoing fiasco of  deluded rage. The way the voting numbers appear at the moment, I cannot envisage, in the least, that SR's and Park's protestations have anything other than minimal support.

TRFC continue to be a permanent embarrassment and a regular disgrace in the way they conduct themselves.

The Elephant in the Room
Good morning, everyone! Nice to read that you are all still putting a hard shoulder to the wheel in the  interests of truth, honesty and integrity. Been under the cosh with operations during the last year but it is nice to be able to dip a toe in the blog again.
As the effects of the scandalous Ibrox saga continue to rumble on, with King in permanent Houdini mode, it is becoming more and more obvious that the authorities which regulate company conduct are somewhat toothless. Firstly, as an erudite financial lady stated on the radio this morning, many companies are treated to very light touch audit processes, processes which are supposed to protect the interests of all but often many auditors are too fearful of saying too much forthrightly, worried about losing future business. One only needs look at the Carillion disaster and the trail of past opaque audits at Ibrox to see the deleterious effects, all of which contribute to putting the incomes of many individuals and familes at risk. I am sure, also, that the massive current light touch regulatory environment …..until the need for blame emerges…. suits the purpose of serious vested interests, particularly governments, which never want to pay out a penny, until they see the whites of their responsibilities’ eyes. They don’t care who pays, as long as it is not them.
King and his cohorts have been able to operate with impunity because they can and, of course, in the case of all things Ibrox, the other helping hands in the shadows, make things even easier for them. Also, the Press, Police, often the legals and Courts and the football authorities are quite useless in assisting the ending of this preference and entitlement. After all, this is a Scotland still in the thrall of the few. Until these unhelpful groups are made more accountable for their actions, we will all have to keep pushing water uphill. It is a disgraceful state of affairs in a supposedly educated, developed country.
It is difficult to summon up sufficient praise for the sterling work done by so many on this blog but I offer my sincere thanks for the prodigious hard work all of you do and for the education received from your findings.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
It is so good to read so many posters and, of course, BRTH, remind us that we are trying to do here is to ensure that our social and legal mechanisms are used for keeping us civilised, just and honest. Lies are deployed to give organisations and individuals an unfair advantage in their dealings with others. All of actions of the SFA, SPFL,  Murray, Whyte, Green, King, SMSM, BBC and the supremacist bigots in our establishment etc have lied consistently over the duration of this saga, solely to give the Ibrox entities an undeserved advantage in its dealings with others. Thankfully, they are not even very good liars, since their collective memory is pragmatic, utilitarian and inconsistent and makes weak everything they say.
The SMSM in particular should be vehemently castigated for what they have offered up, simply because it is so apparent that they are defending obvious lies, through their deploying of pea-brained sycophants and headlight-startled EBT rabbits, to propagate the continuity myth.
Twenty-five centuries ago, in one of his mind-boggling treatises on ethics, Aristotle reminded us that we do not function well as a a community when we do not place honouring truth, even above honouring friends. The lies and deceit of all of the groups mentioned above will eventually be exposed to the daylight and we cannot allow it to be otherwise, for it is these condoned lies and deceptions that have created this sorry state of affairs. The people who have done this should have no place of prominence or credibility in our sport and should be shunned for what they have done.  
At times, it does not appear that all the good efforts of the bloggers, posters et al, do not achieve a great deal. Nothing could be further from the truth these days, because the repository of truth lies far more with us, than it does with the self-serving groups who push lies and deceit.
Many thanks to all here who contribute so much to getting us where we would like to be…… a place where truth, integrity and decency override privilege and unfair advantage.

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