Whose assets are they anyway?

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Am I allowed to suggest that Mr King is a …

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Am I allowed to suggest that Mr King is a professional wind up merchant? 

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Whose assets are they anyway?
What a pity Dave King has now worked out he doesn’t even need to jet in to get headlines.  Those headlines should remark on how a convicted tax offender and notorious liar has called into question the integrity of his fellow Scottish clubs – and does so with inaccuracies and threat.  I don’t even need to check to find out if I’ll be disappointed.

I, too, suspect he’s looking for a Rangersectomy but wants someone else to perform it.

Anyone who followed (and believed) Ibrox statements would be a wee bit confused as to whether this club wants revenge on those that harmed it (or snarls to that effect) or wants to move on.  Threatening the friends they’ve made on their journey?  It’s almost as if they’re making things up as they go along.  What a shambles and further evidence of the negligence of those who allowed this to start.  

By the way, I won’t be going out this weekend.  I find I’m in the embarrassing position of being comfortably financed.

Whose assets are they anyway?
Back in the RTC days, the strap line was “”What they’re saying is 99 per cent crap” – Craig Whyte”
I was reminded of that when I read today’s statement by the Ibrox club MD, referring to bloggers with “When these guys say things, you can disregard it”. Ironically, he goes on to tell us Dave King has already told us everything is fine. There’s that self awareness problem again.

Regarding Mr Spiers – where does he go to find this “hatred”?* I can only assume when he’s there he bumps into Mr Jackson as he looks for his mouth-frothers. Hatred and frustration are not the same thing.  Hatred isn’t tearing the game apart.  The people running it very badly are doing that, supported by the unprincipled clowns in the media.

*Having thought about it, it’s probably Blythswood Square in Glasgow.  But you can probably disregard that, right?

Whose assets are they anyway?
With Rangers’ more ordinary EBT recipients being wheeled out (by whom, btw?) to counter the argument about signing players that wouldn’t have been there without EBTs, I think it’s worth pointing out that every pound saved in paying them though EBTs, could be use towards signing and paying the better ones.

I checked, today, and saw Clyde lost 5-2 at Ibrox in the EBT era.  We were 2-1 up in the second half and lost in extra time.  All Rangers’ goals scored by EBTers. Would have played Celtic in the next round, too (if you can take it that far, hot and cold balls etc).

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Look Back to Look Forward
Tony, that’s £25k for one player for one match!

Look Back to Look Forward
Thanks, again, JC.

Shocking performance from the boy Regan.  Surely he’ll be released from his contract after another nightmare display!  He just can’t cut it at this level and can’t even talk a good game.

He may also find it’s not just the West of Scotland that has a problem accepting corruption and fraud.

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
“There is no ‘club’ separate from Rangers Football Club limited and no other concept of a club.” 

My guess is that this was allowed to fly because the QC was assured by the SFA that it was legalese for “There’s not a team like the Glasgow Rangers; no, not one and there never shall be one” – I think that’s the SFA strap line but I could be wrong.

I was also amused at the QC’s suggestion that RFC should be waiting for the law to catch up with them, so to speak.

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
JC – thanks for your commitment to Scottish football.

Did Mr Broadfoot, at any point, attempt to drink a gottle of geer as Mr McRae spoke?  The other image I have is of an audience with Don Corleone (not that the SFA would mix with criminals, of course).  Mr Broadfoot’s bed will surely have a horse’s arse in it in the morning.  Interesting that this organisation seems only concerned about fans being lost to the game if they support a particular club. How very inclusive of them.

Allyjambo, your reference to a liar seems a bit harsh.  I distinctly recall him saying (on a Charlotte recording) that he never tells a lie.

Two wrongs and a right
John Clark 23rd January 2016 at 4:30 pm

I’m a little disappointed in you, John.  Mr Lindsay now knows at least one person has read his piece.  He’ll surely see that as a success.

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