Whose assets are they anyway?

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Firstly, and like many other recent posters, I have been …

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Firstly, and like many other recent posters, I have been lurking since the RTC days and whilst I have little to add, I now view this site as the only genuine source of news regarding Scottish Football. Many thanks to all the Bampots who devote time, effort and perseverance to ensure that justice prevails. 

Great spot SouthStandCharlie at 7.40pm. Interestingly, I was first made aware of the story by someone liking a post on Facebook which contained a link put up by Rangers Supporters Trust. However, directly below this, Facebook also show what other people are sharing and this included a link to the Daily Mail story containing the original comments made by DK in 2012 when he admitted there was a sporting advantage and apologised for this! It seems that he has told that many lies he can’t remember exactly what he said or when he said it. What is even more astounding is that so many people appear willing to believe and support him despite the fact that he has not fulfilled any of the promises he originally made regarding funding, etc. 

In general terms, I think we have now got to the point where the rest of Scottish football has to say enough is enough. If the clubs are unwilling to do this (for reasons I cannot fathom), then I would support a suggestion made in recent days for a complete fan boycott of a specific game as it may be the only way to adequately demonstrate the strength of feeling amongst the supporters. 

Anyway, back to lurking and please continue the good work!!

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The Offline Game
Homunculus @ 19.02
And I thought the original statement was a disagrace!!!

The Offline Game
The statement issued by Rangers in relation to the events yesterday is nothing short of a disgrace. 
The first thing the statement should have said is well done to both teams for taking part in a game which was a good advert for Scottish football and congratulations to Hibs for lifting the trophy. It should then have condemned the actions of everyone who went onto the park and that the club will assist the authorities in identifying those involved. 
Instead, the statement plays the victim card and takes no responsibility for those Rangers fans who were involved, despite there being video and photographic evidence which clearly shows this was the case. This only further inflames a situation when the sensible thing is to do the exact opposite.
It’s hard to feel anything but disdain for those who run the club when they are so willing to blame everyone else and completely unwilling to sort their own problems. 

Journey’s End?
With regards to the Souness comments regarding payment of his EBT. It has now been widely dispelled that he was “in between jobs” when the payment was made and was in fact the manager of Blackburn FC when the payment was made. There is also some suspicion that this payment may have been made in connection with the transfer of a player between Blackburn and the metaphysical entity that plays in blue. Now we know that the SFA will gladly turn a blind eye to any dealings involving said entity. However, the English FA may be interested to know that a manager of one of their clubs received a payment from that entity, particularly given the timescales involved regarding the transfer. If a journalist like Alex Thompson could start asking questions of the English FA then it may be one way of finally getting the SFA to finally provide answers. 

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
Cuddly bear

With all due respect, when you start quoting Neil Doncaster as a means of supporting any argument, then the credibility of that argument is significantly undermined and subject to scrutiny. 

Two wrongs and a right
Amazingless at 2pm

The comments on that AFC forum are brilliant….from farmyard animals to the Yorkshire Ripper in a few lines. 
Although, I am slightly concerned about the person who referred to thinking about getting jiggy with the farmyard animals….not the first comparsion that would automatically spring to mind. Given the forum, was he, perchance, thinking about a certain type of woolly farmyard animal? 
I’ll get ma sheepskin

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