Whose assets are they anyway?

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Football in Scotland were told is in a bad way. …

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Football in Scotland were told is in a bad way. In desperate need of help to lure investors and sponsors to our shores. Don’t know if that is correct or not. Suppose it could be debated for days by fans with differing viewpoints. What is certainly NOT up for debate is this: The thought of any assistance that the game may require coming from Ibrox is absolutely mind boggling. The thought of the villains of the piece who have dragged the game through the mud for years, cheating all and sundry along the way somehow seeing themselves as the saviours of our game is vomit inducing. The arrogance and threatening language displayed by the last 2 statements from Ibrox should be the noose that eventually hangs these people.

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Whose assets are they anyway?
Having re-read the latest statement attributed to DCK over and over again I have come to the conclusion that Mr King did not write this guff. It really looks to me to have the fingerprints of a certain 1 day director all over it. The fact that he had a tweet threatening Football Club Directors if they didn’t pay attention to what was being said published almost immediately after the official release of the statement seems to strengthen the case.

Whose assets are they anyway?
There is a lot of noise booming around Scotland at the moment ALL emanating from the SMSM. All are singing from the same hymn sheet. ‘Trophies and Titles must not and cannot be stripped’ is the roar. The agenda is to ignore the player registration rules that were breached and focus on the EBT’s and how the SFA do not have any sanctions in for employing these tax evading schemes. All utter nonsense of course but there is a far more sinister narrative now being peddled and that is to turn this debacle into a Celtic v Any Rangers spat. This narrative totally ignores all the other equally valuable supporters of all the other teams in the land and their thoughts on the issue. You see its easier to tell the world that all is well and any voices of dissent they hear is just Celtic fans being their usual paranoid self. The SMSM spent years cultivating the view that everyone from the east end of Glasgow were always crying out about perceived injustices. Especially when it came to matters relating to the SFA or RFC(IL). So what would be the point of nurturing this belief then not using it when the opportunity to do so, on a large scale, presents itself. If it was portrayed as a Rangers(IL) v The rest of Scotlands football supporters then they know that the nonsense that they spout would never stand up. However, having decided to go down this route and completely dismissing the relevance of ALL other fans in the land they have undoubtedly created a large rod not only for their own backs but also the backs of TRFC and the SFA. Please continue lads. 

Whose assets are they anyway?
I think Mr Jolyon Maugham smells an easy money payday in Scotland.

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The Vice Closes
Good evening all. Haven’t written here in a while but still follow avidly for any morsel of information that the SMSM seem to ignore but SFM always seems to find interesting enough to initiate debate. I am compelled to write this evening as I have just seen that TRFC Military Charity day raised the sum of £4800 for a local veterans hospital.
Now. The episode that I find hardest to swallow throughout all the shenanigans at Ibrox was the re directing of the charity funds raised when a charity game between TRFC and AC Milan was arranged. The proceeds were to be split evenly after expenses were deducted. However someone at Ibrox decided that the club/company were more in need of the funds and so the money was ‘redirected’. Utterly disgusting episode and although condemned by the charities commission etc. the funds were never properly dispersed.
So to todays wonderful news of the money raised recently. I find it really hard to digest that £4800 pounds were raised from a crowd of almost 50’000 fans. If you bear in mind that there was a £1.00 added to the programme price hat was to go directly to the charity. There was also a bucket collection on the day plus the sale of charity merchandise.
So how many programmes do you think were sold to a 50.000 crowd especially knowing that £1.00 from each sale was going to their favourite charity? 1000,2000,5000? I am sure you can have a reasonable guess.
Bucket collections at a venue this size would normally generate around £10,000 alone.
Merchandise sales generating around £4000 is not out of the question.
So. Whilst every penny sent to the hospital will be gladly accepted I am afraid I cannot for the life of me see how so little could have been raised by so many for so few.

The Vice Closes
Looks like the gloves are off. Celtic Statement today.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Andrew Black‏ @BBCAndrewBlackSir David says it was about being able to buy players which they may not have had the money to buy otherwise

James Doleman‏ @jamesdolemanMurray on EBTs: “Gave us the opportunity to get players we otherwise couldn’t afford”

Note the subtle difference in the wording By the BBC Reporter and James Doleman.

May not have the money versus ‘Couldn’t afford’.
James seems to be quoting verbatim whilst the BBC guy is adding in his own words.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Good Morning all. Haven’t been on here for a while but recently noticed that the revelation of the Sevco v Celtic match date post split had been announced. I wondered if, Like me, anyone found this rather peculiar? Why release this date until all qualifiers were finalised. No other dates arranged yet. Was there a desperate need to let someone know that a decent sized cheque would be in the post at around that time? Someone somewhere needed financial comforting. The line about giving Scotland’s Finest plenty of notice is just hogwash regurgitated by the usual suspects. So who/what needed to know that payday was around the corner? UEFA maybe? I am just guessing at the reasons for this anomaly but I am sure the guys on here will be able to put my troubled soul to rest on this matter. 
Sorry in advance if this has indeed been covered.

The Day I was on the Scotland U-23 Bench
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