Whose assets are they anyway?

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Is it only me who us astounded by the one-sided …

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Is it only me who us astounded by the one-sided reporting in the Herald and Record of yesterday’s court case?
Were it not for twitter I would barely have known that Mr Brown spoke on behalf of Green. Well done, James Doleman and STVGrant.
The Scotsman appear “unaware” of the proceedings entirely despite them telling us of the impending court proceedings a few weeks ago since the case doesn’t even merit a mention in today’s print edition. With them now being a regional paper, shame on them since the case was in their parish.
Also, should Peter Lawwell crack one of his wee jokes again at the expense of Rangers at next week’s AGM just watch the press come down on him like a pack if wolves for needlessly stirring the pot. In the meantime King can threaten all in a Scottish football with barely a critical comment. Or, indeed is this exactly what King is seeking to provoke with his ridiculous comments?
(Thank goodness he didn’t call anyone a f***ing fanny or that disrepute charge would have hit him like a ton of bricks.)

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Whose assets are they anyway?
It will be interesting to nite the reaction to Lord Dohery’s judgement – no matter how it turns out.
in the run-up to the first appeal the Record helpfully informed us all he was a Celtic season ticket holder so beware, Bears.
lo and behold he returned what the media informed us was a “victory” for Rangers in the appeal despite the fact he referred about 35 cases for review.

Now this poor man is in the firing line again with RIFC v Charlie boy.

i can just imagine the opprobrium from the Bears and the media should he find in favour if Charlie. Fun and legally costly times ahead

Whose assets are they anyway?
Imagine for a moment you were a national, state funded broadcaster and that the highest court in the land had issued a judgement last week that may or may not have suited your editorial wishes.
You’ve a show to put out. What do you do? Talk about football matters in general and repeat the fact that the law is taking its’ course or invite a guest who will directly challenge the decision made by three senior Law Lords only last week?
Can you seriously imagine anyone at the BBC, other than BBC Scotland Sports dept, openly invite the Law Lords being openly challenged? It just would not happen anyone other than the la-la land of the Scottish Media in general and Kenny MacIntyre and his cohorts on Sportsound in particular.
Surely the Controller of BBC Scotland will be hearing from his bosses for allowing such open contempt to be shown towards the officers of our Courts.
I am assuming, of course, that Mr Moynihan will not have changed his views over the weekend.

Whose assets are they anyway?
Like many I’ve listened to the Sportsound Podcast from last night.Richard Wilson’s contributions were beyond pathetic. They seemed to me to be defensive, partisan towards his team, Rangers, and just downright wrong on so many counts. The fact that a Graham Spiers skewered him says it all
However one thing I’ve noticed from both Wilson and, indeed, the entire press pack is a very different view of the Supreme Court’s ruling to previous rulings. All I hear now is we don’t yet have a final decision, there could be an appeal.blah, blah……
I then recall the sheer triumph from these same media people as they talked of the Big Tax Farce , as the Record described it, when the initial tribunal recorded their 2-1 finding in favour of Rangers. There was very, very little mention of this not being the end of the matter. Then it was simply job done.

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Good Try Mr. McKenzie

Some weeks ago the redtops went through a wallowing anniversary period with all sorts of nostalgic articles on the glorious return, 10 years ago, of Walter Smith to Rangers, as was, and the demise of Paul le Guen. Ah, such happy days!So I wondered what articles would appear today on the 50th anniversary of probably the biggest shock result ever in scottish football history? Berwick rangers defeated their Glasgow equivalents and perceived betters 1-0.I can still remember the shock today.
So in anniversary-land what’s been printed? From what I see absolutely nothing.Once again the SMSM shame themselves but that’s no great surprise.

Staying On The Problem
I see there was some comment earlier in Jock Stein being recognised for an awards, such as a knighthood.
The files released by the National Archive under an FOI request are revealing as it the original demand that the files should not be released until 2031!
There’s a fair amount of reading but the Civil Service speak is quite revealing and very Sir Humphrey like.

Make of the files and the decision/thought process witching Governement at the time what you will.


The Offline Game
Does anyone else remember the fuss kicked up by the SMSM when Alan Stubbs and Hibs did not provide a guard of honour when meeting Rangers immediately after the had secured their Championship win?It was petty, not the norm,spiteful and a hatful of other terms as I recall.
Isn’t it odd then that nowhere in the media is there surprise, comment or criticism that nobody from Rangers, be it their management or Level5, has had the basic courtesy to congratulate worthy winners.
Par for the course I suppose in Scotland where Rangers are concerned.

The Offline Game
RYANGOSLINGMAY 23, 2016 at 22:36
Why should both clubs be punished equally? How much damage was done by Rangers fans? How many Hibs players were attacked? How many back room staff? How many were spat on? How many had to be escorted from the pitch surrounded by officials for their own safety? How many Rangers fans ran to the Hibs end?
By all means punish Rangers for fans invading the pitch and singing prohibited songs, but to make out that they were, to coin a very popular phrase “as bad as each other”, is extremely disingenuous.
Good questions, Ryan, but ones you’ll never hear asked in our media. The agenda is set. Hibs fans were appalling. Some Rangers supporters braved the green tide and couldn’t walk away, and still not a quote from a single soul from anyone on the field about the trauma the endured on the pitch. Were any Hibs players traumatised by Rangers fans? I suspect not but it’s a closed question to our media. Not a word on David Weir’s fly kick from the touch line as the melees developed.
Thank heavens for a classy display from Kenny Miller congratulating Hibs – and his missus with heir tweets saying Kenny had not been attacked.
Level5 and the SMSM at their horrible worst. Rangers, as ever the victim.
what a tasteless lot they are.

btw, the Hibs fans were out of order but the media rewriting of events is every bit as bad.

The Offline Game
If Oldco  and Newco Eangers are one and the same who dis the SFL think were Club12 were when publishing a fixture list a few years ago? Why were thry not continuity Eangers?

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