Whose assets are they anyway?

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@Gym Trainer I agree. The problem is, most fans find the …

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@Gym Trainer
I agree. The problem is, most fans find the overspending thing easier to grasp and be outraged about, whereas the intricacies of player registration can seem ore of an administrative and therefore boring infraction.
It suits many to characterise the Title Stripping argument as based on overspending and tax liability (subject to appeal) and even alleged sporting advantage, none of which have concrete rules to outlaw them as far as I know, rather than the specifics of registrations and hidden contracts which are provable and forbidden.
The problem is we are dealing with football, where people focus on the results on the pitch, whereas actually that is irrelevant to the question of whether Rangers broke rules on player registration and contracts.
Sporting advantage, cheating, tax evasion/avoidance, illegal tax arrangements, overspending, players they couldn’t afford, other fans’ sense of outrage. All irrelevant. If you want to pursue a legal/quasi legal case to remove titles from Rangers, it’s the contracts and player registrations. Everything else is a counter productive waste of time.
If the Nimmo Smith verdict is seen to have settled this issue, it’s game over on that front. So, if you want titles removed, LNS’s verdict need to be set aside or superceded somehow.

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Whose assets are they anyway?
In addition to my last post, I now see Paul Brennan, Celtic Blogger, agrees.


Whose assets are they anyway?
An unpopular thought.

Dave King is right! Well, about one aspect as inferred by today’s article in the Record, anyway. In particular that there is a threat of title stripping due to the large debt Rangers Of Old accumulated…

Record Sport understands that would put Hearts in the firing line, as Gers would attempt to have their Scottish Cup Final wins over Gretna in 2006 and Hibs in 2012 wiped off the history books, using the argument that they too claimed success based on a regime of reckless spending that forced the club into administration.

I think that is fair enough. No titles should be stripped because the team doing it were “overspending”. Anyone pursuing such an approach is being unreasonable. To go down that route would open a Pandora’s box of reassignment of cups and titles. It’s fair enough to spend more than you’re taking in (within FFP) so long as, if that particular strategy blows up in your face, you suffer the consequences without favour from the authorities, football and creditors.
It might stick in the craw of rival fans to lose matches and trophies to someone spending more than they can afford, but that’s life. So long as it’s above board, no undeclared payments, no third parties involved, no secret contracts, then overspending is hunky dory, no problems, go right ahead.
So, well said Dave King, case closed, and let us hear no more about stripping titles because any team spent more than they could afford.

It’s frustrating to see the threat of questioning whether Rangers won things legitimately being undermined by justifying this because they have ended up with a large tax liability (subject to possible appeal). This allows King, and many in the media, to portray any attempts to remove titles from Rangers as being unreasonable. If the main justification is because they overspent and may now have a large tax debt, I agree that such arguments are unreasonable.
Any move to strip titles should be based on other associated infractions. See Auldheid for that.
Crying about the tax debt proving they cheated just undermines much stronger arguments and I long to see such anguished claims desist.

Whose assets are they anyway?
Before the Ibrox hierarchy issue another statement, I’d recommend they listen to this recent episode of Analysis on Radio 4 – “Will they Always Hate Us?”.


I think it would be really helpful to them.

Which is why I’m posting it here.

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LNS – A Summary
Interesting prediction of events.
How much of that is what you hope happens, irrespective of what you think will happen?
It sounds like the ideal scenario of most interested non-Rangers fans to me. I’m therefore sceptical without a lot more justification for such a sequence of events.

LNS – A Summary
I think it’s very easy to understand why the SFA would continue to stonewall on that one.
It’s harder to understand how they are allowed to or able to do so.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Really sorry to hear about Turnbull Hutton. Brave and principled in the face of mass cowardice.

Can’t say I bother about people expressing their opinions by clicking a thumb icon, but some of the sentiments expressed on Twitter have been despicable.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Good work nawlight.

I’ve engaged Mr Broadfoot a few times on social media and in person, and had a similar experience to you. A rather glib series of replies that seem to wilfully ignore the nub of the question, with particular emphasis to rulebook references that he doesn’t seem to have read or fully understood whilst airily dismissing the prospect that I might have read and grasped perfectly well whatever he was quoting at me.

Once any such misapprehensions on Mr Broadfoot’s part have been cleared up in the course of the exchange (oh no, you’re very welcome Darryl) and it is clear what I am getting at, the communication channel on Mr Broadfoot’s side seems to go dead.

I would be delighted if Mr Broadfoot’s abilities were as high as he apparently assesses them to be, but for now there does seem to be a significant gap between the two. I salute your efforts to help Darryl close it, and I hope his employers are equally impressed.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Thanks for confronting the tedious idea that New Rangers should pay Old Rangers debts. It’s never going to happen, and if anyone spends a second thinking about insolvency and what the best outcomes from it are, it should never happen.

Going on and on about it, just because it involves the word “Rangers”, is a terrible waste of time.

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