Whose assets are they anyway?

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Tykebhoy 13th November 2015 at 10:55 am # “but JJ should …

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“but JJ should not be implying that it is he that is reporting it first hand.”
Purely in the interest of clarity I would humbly suggest that he isn’t.
1st article of 3 so far, first sentence.

The Wolffe of Parliament Square
“This article is predicated on the live tweets from James Doleman. I thank James for his excellent court coverage and his insights that have underpinned several articles and contributions to this site.”

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Whose assets are they anyway?
With thanks to Andy  November 9, 2015   PMGB The Ibrox Code
Sportsmail Reporter
Published: 23:14, 19 June 2012 | Updated: 23:14, 19 June 2012
 Former Rangers director Dave King has said sorry to Scottish football for the EBT scandal which has plunged the game into civil war.

‘I think we should be sorry – and I certainly am sorry,’ King told Sportsmail. ‘We owe both the Rangers fans and the Scottish footballing public an apology.‘Some of the representations made have betrayed more of a victim status. But I think somebody needs to apologise.‘Clearly, that is not for Charles Green to do. But I am happy to say that I really believe we should be saying sorry and I think there is something to be sorry about.‘And as a former director when these things were going on, I am minded to do so.
‘With regard to EBTs, I was on the board so I have to take some responsibility.
‘And I follow the logic of the argument that if we lose the tax case then we probably gained some competitive advantage.
‘I believe that, on behalf of myself and most of the board members who were with me and probably agree with me, that we should apologise for that.
‘I know that the Murray Group might not say that, because it might be tantamount to admitting it.
‘But I am happy to say it as a director of the football club. And, having been there for the last couple of days, and getting a sense of the anger and anxiety, that it is absolutely appropriate for the previous regime to be sorry.’

Insisting there was no attempt to gain a deliberate competitive advantage from the use of a Murray group EBT, King added:

 ‘No one on the board, when I was there, would have had any intention of gaining an advantage.
‘But the fact is that I can understand the perception out there now.
‘And the way that Rangers have treated the authorities – instead of having a conversation with them around reparation – has been regrettable.
‘One of the things I would have looked at as part of a consortium in terms of funding is to try and fund them so that they could make some sort of commercial reparation to the other clubs.
‘But let’s do it in a way whereby it is seen to have happened and we come out of it strongly.’

The GSL one should have employed a stenographer to record all his utterances to ensure consistency.

Whose assets are they anyway?
Daily Record  5 11 2015
Alan McEwan and Craig Robertson

But it’s not known what impact the whopping tax bill will have on those owed cash-including Rangers chairman Dave King , who ploughed £20 million into the Ibrox side when Murray was in charge and already faced getting back just £1.4 million.

Herald Scotland  12 09 2015
Martin Williams

RANGERS chairman Dave King has had a claim for millions from the £18 million club oldco creditors pot thrown out by liquidators.The Herald understands that Mr King has accepted the position of the oldco liquidators BDO and there has been no challenge.”

Ok which one is correct?
My money is on the Herald. The Record never gets anything right
Messrs McEwan and Robertson do not read the Herald, and a large number of people do not read either. Now you know why.03

Whose assets are they anyway?
We will now see articles and, comments asking why this was allowed to continue, questioning the costs, was it worth it?
In my opinion it was, and is. This part of the document linked to below is why.

The vast majority of UK individuals and businesses pay the tax that is due. However, there is a small minority who don’t.This imposes an unfair burden on the honest majority and prevents money from reaching the crucial public services that need it. We want to stop people cheating the tax system and collect more of what’s owed.The difference between the revenues that in HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) view should come in, and the total actually collected by HMRC, is known as the ‘tax gap’. Tax evasion and tax avoidance by businesses and individuals contribute to the tax gap, along with error, failure to take reasonable care, non-payment, legal interpretation, the hidden economy and criminal attacks on the tax system.The tax gap in the 2010 to 2011 financial year was estimated to be £32 billion – 6.7% of the total tax that HMRC estimates was due – and tax evasion and avoidance together accounted for £9 billion of this.

The UK Government has  committed  £1 billion to ensure that tax evasion and avoidance are investigated and challenged for as long as it takes.
What is the word again, deterrent.
“a thing that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something”
Lastly,  Sir David Edward Murray, on the 4th July 2007 when you were receiving your honour, it was being given by the Queen, who in 1992 volunteered to pay income tax and capital gains tax, and since 1993 her personal income has been taxable as for any other taxpayer.

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