Whose assets are they anyway?

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Id just like to add, what about all those foreign …

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id just like to add, what about all those foreign players deadco bought by inflating the market with their underhanded use of EBTs ,this obviously stifled our youth from breaking through and producing a better international side as well putting many clubs in great danger in the process. then there is all that money wasted by fans over the years in an obviously rigged competition. just saying.

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Whose assets are they anyway?
hello tykebhoy, thank you for pointing out the wriggle room that fifa have given to our authorities, the problem with that is that deadco withheld the payment information for 11 years approximately  as you well know and never at any point did they clarify their position,instead they went straight to the shredder knowing full well they had cheated.so hopefully our clubs will step up and make this clear to the SFA.

 a reminder to some. LNS  was quite clear in saying that we move forward on the basis that the use of the ebt scheme was used correctly or words to that effect, which has now been proven to have been used incorrectly.

glad that celtic have made a statement ,i only wish it were some other club that did it first to quell the kaflic conspiracy that i come across when dealing with certain individuals of the blue meannie kind

3 years ,i can now see light at the end of the tunnel
thanks to all with deeper knowledge,keep it coming. 

Whose assets are they anyway?
apologies for my over the top reaction, am not trying to steer the conversation into a frenzy in case anyone thinks am a provocateur that’s the last thing we need here, i just want to show how some of us are feeling at this point. . am simply  coming from a laymans position that loves the game .i also think that celtic should be given the league titles.as for the cups,thats simply to difficult to navigate .

i just hope the fans of all 41 clubs can remain united until we bring this episode to it’s obvious conclusion.

Whose assets are they anyway?
hello everyone,  i still cant get my head around the pigheadedness of the govan kids and the media. VALENTINESCLOWN, i can tell you there are many like you and me that want to see this vile club and it’s supremacist attitude kicked into touch once and for all, but the main culprits still bury their heads, the SFA.
why are our clubs so silent at this point?, they should be going apoplectic at this stage, or are they keeping their powder dry until the appeal time has passed?,hope so. 
 the only thing i can think of is that the govan brats have something over the sfa  and our clubs. am so angry, so so angry  that if given a button to push to eliminate these horrible creatures,i would not hesitate at this point,such is my anger. these people are seriously taken the piss.
ok, breath deeply,now the affirmation, justice will prevail, justice will prevail, justice will prevail.

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
dear jean ,[removed]

tris.you havent walked in my shoes. i know some of them were scots i went to school with them.

Sorry M – still not buying the accents thing. Too bizarre for words.

embarrassed?. they are supposed to be scottish,[billy mc neil] but more importantly it feed’s into the ibrox hate narrative.do you get it now.the rest of your post comes across as regressive waffel .so  why not shed the colours and leave the hate at sevco’s door,wouldnt that be something.

It appears to have fed into something else M. If you can’t differentiate between political rabble-rousing and an affection for something, you are part of the problem that you claim to be trying to fix. BTW we all now Bill McNeill is Scottish, but I don’t see what that has to do with it.

by the way am a big basher of hateful supremacist ideaologys[islam in particular] and the far left are closing down free speech which IMO is giving rise to the far right. before anyone starts i also pity the muslim. boy is this going to get some of you hot under the collar. cue, racist ,islamophobe,bigot,then the christian squirrel  get’s released . 

Yes that’s what it sounds like. I am sad at your decision to deliberately insult Jean – and other folk of faith – needlessly, although those comments have been removed. Nor even myself for that matter. It is not the way of our blog to treat people like that, whatever your view of their ideaologys (sic). Sadly I have had to move you to moderation. Perhaps it’s been a bad day, but it is rather dispiriting to see.
No doubt you will see this as an act of Irish subversion. So be it.

hitchens. [Removed]

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
BAWSMAN.If Celtic’s ancestry were Black, Jewish, Islamic, etc. this would not be an Issue. In fact anyone denying the Celtic fans the right to be proud of their roots would be called out for the racists and bigots they are.Irish and /or Catholic is an issue for Scots. Deal with YOUR problem.

mmm, well if they were jewish or islamic i certainly wouldnt like it, it dont like religion,its basically for people that are gullible insecure or have had the fear of some invisible sky daddy hammered into them when they were children. claiming the irish as a race,yes, fair enough,if its the same race on race that point falls down. if celtic fans wish to hold on to there roots like say hibernian fine. just keep your rebel songs/religion at home or go over in the ferry to ireland for a sing song.
i actually meet some scots/celtic fans talking in an irish accents on match day once, whats that about?

you try explaining to people that celtic are  a scottish club abroad when all they see are irish colours,not easy if your being honest.

btw i quite like the irish its the plastic ones that make me cringe and no doubt many others.
this is an uncomfortable topic for celtic fans but from our side of the fence it really is cringeworthy. somethings need to be said, deal with it.

hitchens..Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it..

STANDFREE from sky daddys.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
irish thing?. yes i wasn’t very clear admittedly. am talking about the connection and the need to constantly sing rebel songs that have absolutely nothing to do with football or scotland.  many celtic fans see this as there identity, if they feel so strongly about this then perhaps celtic should apply to the irish league and embrace all things irish instead of reminding the people of scotland that you’d rather be identified as irish rather than scottish of which there are many of them, as i have came across such a large number of celtic fans  that feel this way and the new club should probably go to the other side of the border as they are as good as anti scot’s in my eyes..  .or you can tone it down and embrace all thing’s scottish. 
its a while since i have been to game, so am assuming  nothing has changed as the club from ibrox will constantly bait you in that direction,leaving celtic fans to pull out the rebel songs.i used to live with a celtic supporter who constantly played tape after tape of rebel songs,i soon moved out.

even billy mcneil said that it were more affiliated to ireland than scotland or something along that lines. personally id be happy for celtic to stay and stop all this nonsense and get away from the hate

let the avalanche of irish TD begin.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
thank you homunculus. i was going by celtic receiving a full end at ibrox which seems to be filled,so figured about 25% at both grounds.  so corrupt official i may well have got this wrong. one thing for sure, the dons get nothing like the dead club used to get.

to up the hoops. i must say i do use the term arse cheek when talking to the zombies as i will be deemed a taig otherwise and not taken seriously as everything is a kafflic conspiracy to them. i have no ill will against celtic, if the new club passed away id like to think celtic would let go of the irish thing to a certain extent and become more like hibs in good time.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
my last post on this being an aberdeen site was just a bit of fun obviously.
i float around youtube and  post my thoughts to new club fans and its always one big kafflic conspiracy in their eye’s. this really gets up my goat  which ends up with me playing the neil simpson card ,only then do some get it,though many still refuse to see past the media narrative. . id also like to say  thank you j clark ,you are the one who has at times stopped fellow celtic fan’s from getting too carried away, am sure there are many fans that appreciate your intervention as i do.this is a scottish football site of sorts after all.

keep up the good work folk’s.

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