Whose assets are they anyway?

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That celtic statement quoted above is wrong…… the outcome of …

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that celtic statement quoted above is wrong…… the outcome of LNS was no UNFAIR sporting advantage…… the fact he had to use the word unfair is ridic but he was meticulously precise here in his judgement….. his tenet of legal ebt’s has of course been smashed as things stand.

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Whose assets are they anyway?
Daily Glib and Shameless


is old steerpike dck’s new pro bono statement o’clock man…..

Whose assets are they anyway?
i have sat in every wriggle room in the house and as things stand its impossible for lord no surrenders ” no unfair sporting advantage ” to stand.

at the time the phrase was ridiculous anyway in that it conceded a sporting advantage had been gained by rfc and suggested 41 other clubs were daft not to have gone down the tax avoidance route. a law lord basing a decision on a nations football industry avoiding reginas shilling. cheezo

Whose assets are they anyway?
how many barrells do trfc have the governing bodies over given the supreme confidence they have in issuing their  p off , move on statement…….. hello darkness my old friend sang the sfa….

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The Offline Game
if you were a proper referee  and you had been chosen to referee your national FA’s cup final and your brother had played for one of the finalists you would turn down the appointment surely… a mean sister or aunty as a former player would be ok but not brother

LNS – A Summary
all bears should be concerned re this warburton for fulham rolling granary loaf…….. if the breadman goes south its not difficult to predict that…..

1. the future england goalie wont want to enhance his engerland chances up here
2. tavernier is bound to develop a craven for cottage life
3. waghorn will be lured by the prospect of his swapping tales of life at the new club with ross mccormack who will reply with his experiences of the old club
4. kenny millery is bound to pop up and say he can manage another season in englands top flight or he aways wanted to win a johnstones paint medal and it would be right up there !!
5. lee w is bound to hit freedom of contract and his rasping freekicks and crosses will look great floating down the thames.
6. as a few breadcrumbs of comfort warbs may offer to swap jason holt for a man who can fix a roof that he knows.
7. the london boys will prefer to head back to the london fleshpots having failed to score in the glasgow ones.
8. the rest can try and cling onto fifth place to make the championship play-offs.
9. and negotiate the tricky home cup tie v cowden or arbroath, which will be televised LIVE by the beeb.
10. spears,irish and dick wilson will state they all along thought the court of session guys were right and were forced to support ‘ the appeal’ …. and fulham have always been their english team…
11. its not really gardening weather, the roses are pruned and he’s ready to get back to managing and adding to the blackpool beach taxis in the january sales……..

LNS – A Summary
on the day that the scottish income tax letter blew in my tent flap is it only me that gets thedrift that spiers, english and that dick. wilson would want us all to lob in 50 quid to cover the hole rfc would have blown in scotlands finances with their ridiculous dos and ebt schemes. its beyond belief that these three clowns fervently want herbert konterman et al to evade/avoid paying pro rata tax with every jock tamson………..

its beyond further belief that these three climb into a bbc wheelchair every time there’s a ‘ nervy moment’ on the tax evasion and take this line……. is denying these side letters existed AND it taking a ‘ foreign’ police force RAID to discover said sides not the least bit embarrassing and worthy of comment by these three Lambs….. baaah……

LNS – A Summary
The West Lothian Question

Is it right that Livingston FC had to pay their breach of rules fine because thay didnt have an ‘ old club’ to pass the fine onto whilst TRFC havent had to pay their breach of rules fine because they did have an ‘ old club’ to fine ?

on the subject of LNS ‘ amazing’ decision to fine the old club, DCK states he raised £5m in an hour from ‘RRM’ thats £250k every 3 mins, why didnt he add 3 mins injury time and pay the LNS fine ?….. maybe its been ‘collected’ and its been missed or not mentioned……

LNS – A Summary
if say 60k non trfc fans lobbed in a tenner each to crowd fund a jud rev of lns …. would the sfa send along a man or woman to say who the hell are they, we dont have to answer to 60k fans !……..

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