Whose assets are they anyway?


Phil’s latest is quoting a source stating that any Ibrox …

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Phil’s latest is quoting a source stating that any Ibrox plan Ashley did have, went out of the window when King appeared…and it’s now about revenge.

If that is indeed Ashley’s motivation now, then where will this take Scottish football ?

It can’t be good for King or TRFC in the short-term, and it might not be good for Scottish football in the short-term either…but it could prove to be beneficial in the long run for the game as a whole.

Don’t think I’d like to be in the sights of an angry billionaire – and the SFA better get it sorted ASAP as they/we can’t afford to be p!ssing away money on legal fees when we can’t qualify for the Euros or World Cup.  

Money which could be much better spent at grass roots level – to state the bleedin’ obvious !

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Whose assets are they anyway?
easyJambo 12th November 2015 at 9:17 pm #I’ve had a look back at King’s major shareholder claim in today’s staement 
“As the one individual who was a major shareholder and director throughout the period that gave rise to the HMRC dispute”

So a major shareholder  …….. no!
eJ, are you implying that Dave King has been economical with the truth, again ?!
For the pesky Internet Bampots / Keyboard Clatterers / etc, it’s just too easy, and the fun has almost – but not quite – gone from exposing these characters as being, erm, very inconsistent.  
The Internet Archive must be a source of much frustration for all the chancers and lamb munchers involved in Scottish football.
The Bampots just might have their day wrt the SFA/SPFL/TRFC/SMSM dodginess.  
It’s taking it’s time coming, but fingers-crossed…it will happen eventually.
And when that does happen, we can then all choose to move on in Scottish football – to a brighter, positive, truthful, honest future for the game.

Whose assets are they anyway?
Can we expect a late statement tomorrow/Friday…from either Hampden or Ibrox ?

Feels like the whole RFC/TRFC saga has been ratcheted right up to level 11 in the last week or so – and something has to give ?

IMO, King is the weakest link…  


Whose assets are they anyway?
Here’s one from left-field…
Ashley’s people could drop the court case…having secured the SFA’s support [& SPFL ?] to ‘re-calibrate’ the SMSM sport’s fraternity:
“King bad / Ashley not too bad” [but he does have money].
Media turn on King, who scarpers back to SA for good.
Ashley [or a placeman] is promoted as best option for TRFC ?

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Who Is Conning Whom?
I know I shouldn’t…
Extracted from Derek Johnstone’s p!sh today, with my highlighting;

“…It is a huge call for Derek to make and it is a slap in the face to the Rangers board after they took six weeks going through the process and then made a move for him on Tuesday…”

And just what was that ‘process’ Derek ?

Shirley, the recruitment process would only really have started when TRFC had handed over the contractually stipulated GBP1M: to open talks with McInnnes ?

Or, it took six weeks of relentless PR pressure – via the compliant SMSM including Derek himself – to unsettle and intimidate Aberdeen Football Club ?

Who Is Conning Whom?
Yes, on every Level, it looks like TRFC has got its tactics massively wrong wrt to appointing their new manager.

Even if they were sure they would get McInnes, they could at least have instructed the SMSM to copy/paste ‘rumours’ that a high Level, alternative manager(s) was also being considered ?

Just to hedge TRFC’s bets, so that if for any reason McInnes said “Naw”, then TRFC could then spin that McInnes was not in fact their first choice – or some such BS.

[It seems like the standard MO when a club is linked with a player: they communicate that they have other players to consider for the same position, so its not a negative PR story if the player doesn’t arrive at the club after all.]

And…TRFC / Level42 have had several weeks to plan for all possible outcomes.

Mibbees they just aren’t sharp enough to plan any better ?  22

Who Is Conning Whom?
Mibbees this manager shambles will produce an unintended consequence for the Blue Room?

It should now – finally – be clear to the bears that;

– the SMSM is crap, and is just an unpaid PR outlet for TRFC
– King and co are incompetent and the club has no cash.

And it’s a poor show that their youth coach is left to carry the can in the meantime.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Bloody long-winded TRFC statement, just to say;

“We’re still looking.”

Mibbees King will write a letter to Santa insisting he has been a good boy all year, and not told any lies either – honest! 😉

And top of his pressie list could be an accomplished manager / magician who can pull the title out of the hat with no money?

Who Is Conning Whom?
Could TRFC just sell the manager’s position to the highest bidder?

Would make a great stocking filler for a bear this Christmas?

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