Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?


I think it fairly clear that, with the return of …

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I think it fairly clear that, with the return of Smith to join the board of the new club, the end of the play is nigh…

To be absolutely clear, even as a non-executive director, he is still fully and legally responsible for all the goings-on down Ibrox way from now on. Non-executive just means he has no involvement in the day-to-day running of business but does monitor the executive (ie, officers). Non-executive directors’ responsibilities are generally accepted as (and are effectively codified in governance codes):

– constructively challenging and contributing to the development of strategy.
– scrutinising the performance of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives and monitoring and where necessary removing senior management, and in succession planning.
– ensuring financial information is accurate and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible.
– determining appropriate levels of remuneration of executive directors and appointing/removing senior management.

Take note messrs Greig, G Smith, et al – the “ah didnae know anything” defence doesn’t wash.

There is absolutely no institutional interest whatsoever in the IPO (do you think anyone could take Green seriously as the CEO of a plc?). Not a single football club has had a successful institutional investment and the City knows this. They learned their lesson a long time ago.

Seriously, it is not even being discussed in the City and the only hope for Green is that enough fans take up the offer which is why Smith has been “persuaded” to come in. It’s the last throw of a desperate man and it’s pretty obvious Smith knows this…

Two possible outcomes:

1. the IPO bombs and sevco go into administration and are bought out by new knights in shiny armour.
2. sevco fans take up the IPO and administration is staved off…however, I would fully expect Green to ride off into the sunset having “saved Rangers” to seek out new challenges. Share ownership will coalesce in the hands of a small group of wealthy “Rangers-minded” individuals and everyone (apart from the internet bampots) will pretend that nothing bad ever happened.

Whatever happens now, there will be a team playing out of Ibrox in blue calling themselves Rangers and laying claim to 140 years’ of history (except the bad bits of course which didn’t really happen except in some timmy conspiracy alternative parallel universe).

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Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
There is some talk on twitter about an investigation unit in north west england taking a keen interest in RFC and their tax case. I think I can now safely say that corsica passed some info privately to RTC back in January and I don’t think it ended up on the blog:

“It appears that xxx and others have been asked some very searching questions by HMRC, the Insolvency Service and City of London Police (not Strathclyde – apparently they are being kept in the dark for “political” reasons) about a certain football club’s affairs and one individual in particular. Apparently, there is some unfinished business and some fishy business that certain government agencies would like to put to bed. It would appear therefore that not only are the club being used as a test case but so too is that individual.”

To avoid the obvious rejoinder: the inference – when I spoke to corsica – was that it was felt that Strathclyde Police could not necessarily be trusted to act with complete impartiality and, at the time, he assumed it was Whyte they were referring to. Perhaps he was wrong on the latter?

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
neepheid says:
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 21:27

Agrajag says:
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 21:07
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neepheid says:
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 20:58

The ruling, in my views, sees the players as being debtors to the club which is being liquidated. If that is correct then it is very much a concern for BDO
Money was given to the trust by the club (or MIH, makes no difference). The EBT then “loaned” that money to the players and others.

The club (represented now by BDO) can’t claim the money back from the trust, they have no grounds to do so. That is the whole point of a trust. The trustees could, in theory, claim these “loans” back from the players, but they won’t. That, of course, is why the whole thing is a scam.
Agreed, neepheid. Some people keep banging their head against a brick wall here. We went over this time and time again on RTC and on here. The EBT funds due to be repaid by the players (ha!) goes back to the trust/trustees where in theory it would be recycled for some similar benefit (would need to see trust deed to make definitive statement on what repaid funds could be used for). It does NOT go back to RFC and the liquidators have as about as much call on those funds as you or I; that is just one of the reasons why it is an absolute scam and farce.

I take heart from the contents of the report which as someone pointed out above in a lengthy post really do not leave a huge amount of room for doubt. HMRC should (I would normally say “will”, but in this farce who knows?) pursue this and appeal if at all possible – they have too much to lose otherwise. Sevconians and Rangers fans will crow about this all night and for the next few weeks, however, be in no doubt that this ruling has no impact on the SPL investigation – it’s a bit like the ruling on club or company by Lord Nimmo (ie, SPL rules differ from law).

Furthermore, the MSM are already dancing to the PR tune. The very clear reality is that RFC did not win the appeal – paragraph 232 (pg58) is clear on that. They won on some elements of the appeal and lost on others. Call it a score draw if you like but they most definitely did not “win”.

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
darkmoon63 says:
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 11:19

Hi Corsicacharity,

Thanks for a great post. Here is a good website for the information you require:


If you click on results on the left hand side, you can check various dates on a calender for that season to see results. It is a good site to wander about in now and then.
Thanks. It’s like another world.

Had a quick look…fascinating(!) and one set of results stood out immediately – 13/4/74:

Arbroath 3 – 2 Hibs
Dundee Utd 0 – 2 Celtic
Rangers 1 – 2 Dundee

4 weeks later the final top three was:

Celtic = 53 pts
Hibs = 49 pts
Rangers = 48 pts.

Recent Comments by corsicacharity

Everything Has Changed
It is a con, pure and simple. We have all been cheated and are still being cheated. The ONLY solution is absolute reform with a complete regime change (including the underlings who cling to their masters wishes like lickspittle lapdogs) and due punishment to anyone who breaks the rules without fear or favour.

The only way this will come about is if we all take a stand now and boycott SPL, SFL, Cup and international matches until they listen. It worked with Celts for Change, it worked in the summer of 2012 and it will work again because they know they are nothing without the fans.

Yes, it will hurt our clubs, but that is short-term for long-term gain. If we continue as we are, we are simply putting short-term gain in front of the long-term benefit of all in Scottish football (even sevconians) and we will be no better than Murray, Ogilvie, Regan, Doncaster et al.

I will continue to pursue the charity angle because I have concrete, irrefutable evidence that Sevco, RFFF, the Rangers Charity Foundation and RFC have broken laws – not SFA regulations which can be manipulated by unscrupulous lawyers, spivs and cowards; Charities Act (Scotland), Companies Act and Licensing Regulations (Scotland). I’m still trying to work out which Act it comes under, but there is also concrete, irrefutable evidence of tax evasion linked to this.

Other than that, I will never personally put another penny into Scottish football until there is real change, truth, honesty and justice. I will always support and love Celtic and, by God, it will hurt; but I will no longer take part in this charade.

This afternoon, I will be posting my shares certificate to Peter Lawwell with the scarf I have had since 1976, to express my utter disgust. Thank God, Corsica did not live to see this.

It’s time to stand up. Stuart Cosgrove, if you’re reading this; you have the platform, use it for all our sakes.

The Real Battle Begins?
Quick points::
Both corsica and I have posted before on Supporters Direct having had conversations with both board members and senior staff. They are a waste of space and have failed spectacularly to live up to their public obligations.
The RST still hold £650,000 of RFFF monies, is this going to shares? Where is the public accountability for these funds which have been collected illegally?
Normally I would support a supporters trust but RST is merely a personal vehicle for a repugnant and sectarian individual. The RST are not the decent fans; the decent fans are the ones who humbly accept the club they supported cheated and are embarrassed by it and in all likelihood are staying away from Ibrox.

The Real Battle Begins?
This is the details from the land register for Ibrox as at end-July 2012 (I have had to cut and paste as there is some data that could identify individuals):

Application Number – 12GLA16376
Date of Application – 15/06/2012
Application Status – Confirmed
Consideration – Implementation of Agreement
Title Number – GLA210958
Application Type – First Registration
Parent Title Number – Not Available
Granter(s) Name and Address – RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB PLC
Agent No. – 5907
Deed Type – Disposition
Additional Information – THE RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB PLC/ SEVCO SCOTLAND LIMITED – pp application not on bops

Afraid that is all we could find and don’t ask me to interpret it. I THINK it means that sevco scotland own Ibrox.

The Real Battle Begins?
paulmac2 on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 16:55
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corsicacharity says:
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 16:34pm

Think corsica had a copy of Ibrox title deeds . Will see what I can find/procure and post this evening. Don’t think there was anything unusual although may be slightly dated.

He didn’t have when I asked him back in Feb March time I think it was..he was gonna try and find out…but I never did see him produce anything regards this.
I’m fairly certain he did have something (perhaps in response to your request?) although I dont have copy. I’ve asked his son to have a look so hopefully have something this evening.

The Real Battle Begins?
Think corsica had a copy of Ibrox title deeds . Will see what I can find/procure and post this evening. Don’t think there was anything unusual although may be slightly dated.

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