Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?


(Sir) Dave might just hang on to his tainted hood …

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(Sir) Dave might just hang on to his tainted hood now but just to remind everyone, if you need to be reminded, that after the last failed share issue he did a paper transfer between RFC(IL) and MIH for £50m. This money is now owed to the British Taxpayer.

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Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 22:41
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Long Time Lurker says:
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 21:40
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Quick poll if you are so inclined: thumbs up if you think HMRC will appeal – thumbs down if not.
As was mentioned before, any appeal can only be on a point of law, can anyone throw any light on what grounds there are for appeal?

I understand that HMRC were represented at the Tribunual by a CA and not a lawyer. MIH/RFC(IL) were represented by 2 lawyers. I would imagine there are many points of law that could be challenged.

What’s the point though. They are a dead institution/club..

Better to send BDO chasing after the benefactors of the “loan” scheme to maximise the creditors balance.

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
The MSM seem to think that Mr Charles’ lies are of the comical kind. I happened to over hear an old guy in the pub tonight. He’s apparently already got his £500 in an envelope ready to hand it over to the cause.

God help them.

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
easyJambo says:
Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 22:24

Hearts have made an odd (and perhaps concerning) announcement on the official site that they will not be accepting debit or credit card payments for share purchases from tomorrow. There is no explanation why. Ticket sales via card seems to be ok for the moment.

It could be that they are unhappy with the card fees being requested by the merchant. Alternatively, it could be that Hearts are having trouble obtaining insurace cover for their (higher value?) card transactions and that the merchart is withholding more funds than the standard fees. I seem to recall that was one of the reasons for Globespan going into administration.

Not good news either way, as it is likely to deter some people from making share purchases if they can’t use cards.


Credit Card payments unlike Debit Cards are covered by an indemnity insuring that if the business goes into administration/liquidation they will cover the purchase. They won’t take a chance like that with a company in Hearts’ precarious position.

Hope all goes well easyJambo.

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Just listened back to BBC Sportsound there. Listening to Richard Wilson makes me just want to cancel my subscription with the BBC. If only that was possible without a criminal record for my Mrs. Houston made Tom English sound like Bamber Gascoigne.

I note that Graeme has taken over from Mr Park. I would be worried about my inheritance too.

More to follow me thinks.

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Naughty step for you. Come back when you feel like apologising to the poster you just abused)

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ecobhoy says: (2170)

January 4, 2014 at 3:39 pm

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I see this was apparently sent to Craig Mather on 7/10/2013. No wonder he resigned from RIFC as CEO a week later 😆
I would imagine Sandy’s old English teacher won’t be dining off his success at all those Greenock dinner parties anymore after that shocker.

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At first I thought this was the work of a “Timposter” but apparently not.

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Fisiani says: (56)

January 2, 2014 at 8:29 pm

The Rangrs bingo game rules are simple.
Choose the date when The Rangers administration is announced.
My pick is May 22nd 2014
By now Doncaster will have been asked the question of the points deduction when they fall into administration. Once they are leading their league by this amount plus 10 points I would expect it then.

My Bingo guess is 17th March.

One thing’s for sure if it’s going to happen it will be this season. They would have no chance of gaining promotion into the top tier if it happened next season.

Well done Hibs tonight. A great turnout also.

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