Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?


Only found out this morning, single word response, gobsmacked ! …

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only found out this morning, single word response, gobsmacked !

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Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
Agrajag says:
Thursday, November 22, 2012 at 23:36

I knew the’d merged but didn’t know the in’s & out’s of it, thanks

AllyJambo, nice 1, bartin main, lol & the bloke with the same name as an ex centre half.

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
re why Trident was more amenable as trustees, in the findings in fact of Dr Poon she states
“The Murray Group’s main Trust and the 100 sub-trusts taken over by
Trident was the largest group of trusts managed by Trident, ‘the only one of this size’,
according to Mrs Crimson”. Also “She said at one point: ‘most of the remuneration trusts that
we have are Baxendale Walker advised clients. ”

Equity weighed up the pros & cons, ditching old rangers as they wouldnt tighten up the appearance of the sham, as baxendale-walker said something along the lines of I built a bus it’s not my fault they tried to drive it like a ferrari.

So to my untrained eye Trident was specifically set up or engineered to play ball with all the baxendale tax avoiders as the previous mob was getty fidgetty. it does make the decision seem strange given that the majority agreed that it was set up correctly even though the administration & record keeping of the trust was lax, the evidence she gave was formulaic, admitting that the loan applications weren’t vetted properly, sub trusts created & money immediately paid into them & magically a loan request for that exact amount, no credit checks, who gives a loan for real & doesnt do a credit check, thats the arguement accepted by the majority that these loans were real, there are so many aspects of evidence that Trident were just playing the role of trustees it’s evident they exercised no discretion & responded to every whim of MGH.

What I don’t quite grasp is what obstacles are in Trident’s way if they decide to call in the loans & Mrs Crimson & her gang pocket the money ? , mention was made “The trust indemnity was
“bullet proof” from the viewpoint of the trustee, and had been so deliberately drafted
by Baxendale Walker to ensure the trustee’s compliance.”
If there are potentially millions of loans due & remember these players were well paid & definitely worth the sheriff officers / debt collectors chasing, what’s to stop Trident pulling a fast one ?

Is Mr Blue Al Johnson ? I thought I’d read he was a CA

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
ekt1m says: Thursday, November 22, 2012 at 22:42

Yes because for MIH employees there are no side letters or the danger of a side letters being discovered, for them the EBT scheme was applied correctly even though morally tax avoidance is wrong. Thornhill like all good QC’s won’t lead evidence that could come back to bite him.

As were starting to realise the devil is in the detail, I havent finished it yet page 83, but it’s no victory, except for the MIH execs, with the exception of Mr Red, if he was so obstructive why didn’t HMRC use their powers to start a criminal investigation & apply for a warrant to seize records ?

Who is Mr Scarlet & where are the mysterons ?

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I worked for a company who wnt into admin, mass layoffs, statutory minimum payout, 2 days notice period no 90/30 day notification (for which the administrators paid a paltry £5000 fine) , all contracts subjected to renegotiation (if we still needed you then we attempted to pay something, if we didn’t need you then yer bumped).

So an ideal way to shed the staff & any contracts that are detrimental, it’s a psychological thing especially as its becoming a serial MO for rfc/trfc/arfc & always a risk you don’t actually emerge from admin falling towards the blender.

The Blind Men and the Elephant, a cautionary tale
In regards to shareholders of rifc & creditors of trfc,

Who are the creditors, well we know rifc were owed 16 million in the summer & this has likely increased. Even at best hmrc, utilities etc can only be owed a couple of hundred thousand, what voice does this give them in a CVA/admin event ?

Alienation, what makes anyone assume the rules will be applied to trfc, they’ve managed to ride roughshod over pretty much any laws so far !

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Ecobhoy, AFAIK its the same COMAH regulations which make tynecastle unattractive to housing developers, MacFarlane & smith have a shedload of ethanol & other flamables stored onsite along with the distillary on the Westfield side of the ground, I think that’s why the new school was built on the grounds of the old highways depot which is slightly further away.

Reflections on Goalposts
Is it credible that BS was behind the 2.5 million shares sold yesterday ? Cashing in his chips before resigning ?

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
Eddie Rice
My kids play for Spartans they run about 20 teams from 5 upwards, my cup of tea on a Sunday costs 1.25
How many fans come from the local area that support hearts,hibs, rangers, Celtic etc so I’m not sure what your point was on the amount of local fans attend the senior team games.
The shiney new stadium came as a result of the old ground being shiney new flats now. I realise on this forum Spartans get mentioned a lot as losing out on a potential league place but there are a few more clubs who could easily have taken a slot. Gala, forres etc
I do agree that Scottish football isn’t big or strong enough to lose 40000 fans so allowing rangers to start In div 3 was a sensible decision it was the way the SFA handled the whole sordid affair that sticks in most peoples craw.
TBH I fell out of love with footie a long time ago, but I do love a conspiracy which keeps me reading this forum

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