Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?


It might be timely to remind people on here that …

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It might be timely to remind people on here that the SPL inquiry has been set up by the officials of the SPL, who in turn are the representatives of the twelve SPL clubs. If the cheating is not dealt with in an transparent and appropriate way then it is goodbye to the SPL. The future of the game is in the hands of these twelve apostles.
Giving what was disclose at the FTT, Lord Nimmo’s hearing should be short and sweet ……… cheating on a grand scale!
On a different tact It will be very interesting if not highly embarrassing if the HMRC appeal is upheld at the Upper Tier hearing and the findings of the FTT is overturned. The stakes are high for certain learned gentlemen?

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Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
BTW the more I dissect these findings the more fascinating they become.
How come the majority decision commands approx one third of the document and the descenting voice approx two thirds. Either the original draft was nobbled or the two learned gentlemen were lazy, bordering on flippancy.
I venture in the fullness of time that lady, who was not for turning, will have her say.
The original draft would be very interesting, somewhere in the region of three hundred pages.
I find it well nigh incredible that the two learned gentlemen based their findings on verbal testimony, which, in their own words, they called obstructionist, and questionable whereas the good Lady based her conclusions on the the written statements submitted, as it should be.Of course the paper trail is much more revealing than an emotional verbal testimony.
In conclusion I will say this Lady has gone some distance in restoring my rather sceptical faith in the judicial fraternity.

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?

‘If it’s a loan then in theory you pay that all back. Not a proportion, all of it’
Correct me if I’m wrong (it hasn’t happened yet!) but if they haven’t paid the loan back then it would be considered a gift and that in turn would trigger gift taxes or as it is called here Capital Gain Tax, circa 40%?

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
In my opinion Huddle Malcontent’s contribution is the key. If they, having admitted, received x amount of money by way of a loan and not inform HMRC of these loans then revenue has a duty to pursue these outstanding payments. The fun starts when HMRC send the bill in the post, it’s at that point the dam will burst and all of a sudden these loans were not really loans at all but under-the-table contractual payments. When this happens there will be egg all over the faces of two learned gentlemen, and the barrel of worms will be opened.
The big question will be, will HMRC fulfil their statutory obligations and follow each and every one of those lucky souls who could access interest free loans without any necessity to repay the loan………….after all if it was you or I, or any other five eight we could expect the brown envelope with the crown on top to drop through the letterbox post haste.
All eyes will now turn to HMRC’s next move..

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