Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?


I do wonder how foolish our friends in the MSM …

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I do wonder how foolish our friends in the MSM will look if HMRC decide to appeal
and win . The fat Lady has not yet sung only the 3 Degrees have performed as the back up act
and 2 of them were out of tune.

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Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
We were often reminded by Mr Traynor , Charles Green ,Ally McCoist and the rest of the gang that Rfc* hadnt been found guilty of anything as the case was under appeal .
If HMRC do decide to appeal the decision would it therefore conclude that Rfc havent been found innocent of anything yet either.

As for hiding evidence ,it reminds me of the official NIST report into 9/11
NIST “did not find any evidence that explosives were used to bring the building(WTC7) down,”
That would lead one to believe that the use of explosives can be ruled out,as it is a statutory requirement to test for explosives in instances such as 9/11
-however when asked if they had looked for explosives NIST replied No,because there was no evidence of that.”
“But,” asked the reporter “how can you know there’s no evidence if you don’t look for it first?” Newman replied: “If you’re looking for something that isn’t there, you’re wasting your time . . . and the taxpayers’ money.”
So when they tell us there are no side letters we must ask did you look for evidence of side letters ,if Rfc* then tell us that it was pointless to look for something that wasnt there and was a waste of time and money we should be sceptical
The highest level of punishment be applied to a club that deliberately withheld this information from its governing body but as with the case for NIST when the investigating body is in cahoots with the governing body then facts and evidence really dont matter

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
We are well aware how our MSM operates and uses language to mislead

1-“Officers confirmed the allegedly offensive material related to the Rangers tax case.”

2-“The Scotsman understands relates to a comment on the Rangers Tax Case blog”

1- Is a statement of fact verified by the poice themselves , many forums have been discussing the Rangers* tax case including FF and RM

2- Is the usual language used when the MSM want to implicate a particular individual organisation or in this case forum without making a statement of fact
I understand that a fat man in a white beard will visit me next month with lots of presents
my understanding may be misplaced however and he may not turn up

Considering the length of time it has been since any of us has been able to make any comment on RTC it seems to have taken a very long time for the police to act
In the meantime many will be extremely wary of making any comment that could have the police chapping our door
Operation silence of the trucculent lambs underway ?

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
corsicacharity says:
Its on a par with the Sunday Sport

The Daily Record has bigger tits tho

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The Immortality Project

The Immortality Project
The main reason for insisting Rfc* are the same entity as The Rfc* is to avoid acceptance of any guilt associated with their crimes. The club* is innocent of any cheating, they are whiter than Whyte a bad man
merely ruined the administration dept running the company associated with the club.
When the lady doth protest too much it is indicative that they know the truth, their level of outrage is relative
to the reality.They are well aware of the truth and the reality but to admit it is also to admit that for a decade they were cheating.This is an act of contrition to far for the supreme peoples council to swallow.
When Kim il Sung died in 1994 he was not replaced but instead awarded the title of eternal President
try telling the North Korean people that he died and was replaced by the son of Kim il Sung and they will be quick to say
Kim il Sung then , Kim il Sung now, Kim il Sung forever.

The Immortality Project
Ecobhoy, every river starts as a stream that eventually runs into the ocean
When you can recognise water and you know where its going you dont have to
wait for the tide to realise that the source is relevant.
We may not be marching down Sauchiehall St in jackboots , well not since the
12th anyway but peel away the layers of our society and fascism is alive and well
and ready to goosestep into the breech when required

The Immortality Project
The definition of fascism is the merger of state and corporate powers
When we look at our state broadcasters ,our legal institutions, our national associations for sport and charities ,the main stream media and our poltical representatives and their collusion with Rfc* (the fabric of our corporate society)
There can only be one conclusion, we are living within a fascist state.
In a democratic capitalist society there should be no such reality as too big to fail
RBS and Rfc* are telling us that the democratic capitalist society we claim to be is a sham
As Jim Spence recently discovered ,”in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”
vive la revolution

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