Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?


Having read half of Paul mcConville’s latest blog with the …

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Having read half of Paul mcConville’s latest blog with the excerpts from the tribunal evidence/findings I can honestly state that IMHO the law is an ass. For any group of learned people to hear and read what was put forward via written, omitted and verbal account beggars belief to t a layman such as myself.

Why the hell do ordinary working men pay taxes? Why not club together and fund an aggressive scheme to save a few bob?

If this is not appealed I will be disgusted. If this is not reversed on appeal I will be amazed. If the SPL commission does not find that the rules have been broken for a decade or more I will be astounded.

If none of the above happens I will not however be surprised.

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Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
Having read the wonderful coverage by BRTH earlier and a few other summaries of the FTTT findings I can only say I am astounded if it is the case that the judges who made the majority did so because the representation put forward by HMRC legal reps forced them to do so.

Next I ask myself if this is the case:

1. Was this representation put forward because the legal team believed they had no chance of arguing otherwise?
2. Was it put forward because it was felt it wouldn’t effect the tribunal outcome. The case was believed to be strong enough regardless?
3. Could the majority not legally have agreed with their fellow judge that the larger picture was of an obvious scam?
4. Where does this leave the possibility that an appeal would decide otherwise on a point of law?

Also I can’t help but search for Machiavellian manoeuvres behind the reasons for this result.

1.Does this result leave HMRC with more chance of collecting tax from future estates?
2. Does this allow BDO more scope to investigate the workings of previous directors?
3. What legal strength do the supposed side letters (many of which have not been uncovered) carry if HMRC attempt to recover funds?

I am no legal wizard. I have just enough experience of legal issues on a personal level to understand there really is no such thing as an open and shut case. As a football fan who has seen the evidence of side letters in old and new media I have my own thoughts on whether Oldclub calculated a decade or more of deliberate cheating regards SPL/SFA. Rules to which ALL members are signatories.

I look forward to the SPL findings on whether all payments have been disclosed as they have to be. If Oldclub are found guilty I look forward to a similar strong response by the MSM to that we have witnessed over the last few days!

Most of all I look forward to HMRC appealing the result (though many seem to think this unlikely) and a higher court getting to the nub of who actually killed Oldclub and what effect that had on taxation and the countries national sport.

Finally I look forward to someone in MSM growing a pair and stating the obvious:

1. Oldclub died because it did not have the funds to pay creditors.
2. HMRC were owed more than enough to vote liquidation given the money owed vial WTC,PAYE,NIC & admitted liabilities in the BTC.
3. The SPL did not send Newclub down. In fact they were doing all they could to circumvent existing rules re Newclubs until fan power stepped in.
4. Newclub should not be playing in professional football as it stands due to licensing criteria.
5. If/when Oldclub are found to have played non registered players then not only must results of 3-0 be placed on record, the resultant league position should leave Newclub open to compensation claims if it is the case the license was given upon acceptance of liability.

A portion of one battle appears to have been lost, the war has many more battles before peace is declared.

Disclaimer. This is my own rambling and questions given recent events and in no way reflects the view of RTC or TSFM. 😉

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
Has the FTT tribunal been clever? Does this mean they can now chase ex employees who may pay rather than a dead club who can’t pay?

Also, does the mention of not registering side letters leave the Oldclub without a proverbial leg and the Newclub holding the licence fighting financial claims?

Will the ex employees with side letters use these as a defence if/when taken to court for payments?

It appears to me that if oldco board had weathered the storm or Craigy not been let down by his coaching team that Oldclub would not have been liquidated and the money men who stood by while the club died could have managed to cover whatever the final bill determination may be. What is a fraction of the whole???

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
Why don’t the rangers trust just start a new club? That’s what sevco did and they have managed to build a decent number of followers in a very short history.

All they would then have to buy is a stadium, there is one in the south side which, going by it’s last cost at the change of owners, would cost a couple of million at most…….needs a lot of work done to bring up to 1st/2nd division standards though…..if the new club is targeting a quick promotion.

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Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
If the ultimate plan is to fast track sevco 5088/Scotland then I wonder how many representatives are truly disappointed with the outcome? Will it lead to a split with invite? If so then not for me guys.

Is SG fronting for his own fans or sevco? Time may well tell.

The majority of fans did not fancy the proposed structure and were wary of the speed and timing of the process. It has been voted down. If the status quo remains then it may well have been a well intentioned proposal by chairmen who see the bigger picture regards finance. If a rush is now made to kick of SPL1 & SPL2 then I know I will not trust the whole process.

I am still undecided as to whether my Clubs rep would surreptitiously go along with a plan to fast track sevco for financial gain. I may never know 100% but I know I won’t be spending my well earned cash following a corrupt league. IF that is what I eventually perceive it to be.

Time will tell. Oh and if it is all an attempt to circumvent fan pressure and fast track Newclub how ironic if after all their efforts there is no Newclub to invite?

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
chipm0nk says:
Sunday, April 14, 2013 at 12:31
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Someone asked about Rangers stating that the assets had been bought by Sevco 5088, I think this is the relevant thing.


Interesting wording from the club spokesman. Clearly stating that the assets are held by the company which IS rfc……obviously not up to speed with the people’s line.

Fair Play at FIFA?
What happens next season?

Can the SFA/SFL give any type of a licence to a club which no one knows who owns?

If no licence is given will the league place be re allocated leaving no slot for any Newco club?

I can’t help but think timing is of the essence. If this is some part of a great Machiavellian scam then it will be interesting to see how it pans out and with whom at the helm? If not and there is a hiatus caused by spivs mud slinging then any and all claim to history will finally end. We may yet see Scottish football free of all that Oldclub entailed which will lead to reconstruction.

Fair Play at FIFA?
What possessed CG to sit down for an interview at this time? Perchance he thought it was another opportunity to spout drivel without retort? If the MSM had started off in this fashion when wee Davy Murray first hit the buffers in the noughties rfc may still be alive.

They will all be on the bandwagon now. Time for some revisionist journalism methinks.

Fair Play at FIFA?

I realise that the general belief/worry is that he and his ilk have a master plan and that every twist and turn has a reason but, perhaps along the Occams Razor conclusion, he and one or two others just aren’t as clever as they and some among us think.

It is apparent that at the very least there is a falling out amongst chancers. I proposed on RTC long ago that all has and is not going to plan. If they were all financial wizards we would have either heard of them or things would be flowing much smoother.

I suspect that along the way they have referenced this and RTC when faced with problems and are winging it. What has helped them majorly is authority and media reticence towards negative reaction to the original rfc. The Whyte reporting in the media recently mentioned that CG was terrified of the Media scrutiny. Even I, not being a betting man, would wager he cannot believe how easy it has been to ramble on and fool the fans without any in depth questioning.

If/when it all goes to court with TRfc being in limbo regards ownership and legitimacy how will fans claim continued history and authorities hold a place in the leagues. It looks to be heading down this route.

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