Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?


RTC saved Scottish Football. If Minty Moonbeam’s succulant intergluteal cleft munchers …

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RTC saved Scottish Football.

If Minty Moonbeam’s succulant intergluteal cleft munchers had had their way the terminal decline would have become irreversible. RTC drew a line in the sand.

RTC’s response to Irish Tom:


If the link doesn’t work it’s RTC’s Grauniad article.

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Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
Are EBT’s still as legal now as they were when MIH/RFC(IL) used them?

I’m asking because I think Mure and Rae may have just shown all the clubs in Scotland how to shoo away those financial armageddon wolves from their doorsteps.

Club Chairmen give players loans instead of wages and watch your armageddon overdraft reduce as if by magic.

I’m surprised that Mr Traynor and his succulent ilk haven’t seen this decision to be the answer to our problems. Surely now there’s no need to kiss goodbye to sporting integrity by shoehorning the Sevconians back into the top flight. It’s win-win for everyone, the tribunal have shown us the way.

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
The ultimate reason Rangers were destined for the broth pot is that their supporters failed to rally, there were a few false dawns (“We Deserve Butter” etc etc) but ultimately they damp squibbed.

Murray was always able to pull a rabbit out of a trustee’s hat and The Bunco Booth was spared the scrutiny that could have eventually saved it.

I’m seeing the same thing happening now to Scottish Football as a whole.
Fans of all clubs know or feel that we are at a critical point in the history of our game…. OUR GAME.

We know we deserve better, but will the latest conjuring trick do to us what it did to those fans who felt the same way about their club. If we lose heart and become enthralled by the propaganda then the house that Jack builds will not be one in which I’ll want to live.

TSFM is riding his horse back and forth in front our ranks and asking us what will we do with our freedom and if i was more eloquent I’d be able to change the Braveheart script to suit our current predicament, but I hope I’ve made my point.

Are the MSM “too many?”

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
Will Marc Daly have to hand back his BAFTA?
Will HMRC have to give Celtic back the tax on Juninho’s EBT?
Will all Scottish Football Clubs (or is it holding companies?) be kicking themselves they didn’t take their tax advice from a porn star?
Will Dannybhoy ever reply to Broadsword?

I doubt any non Rangers supporter from the West of Scotland will be surprised at the ruling today.

I have very limited forensic skills but I wonder if a FTTT hearing could be carefully choreographed and if so could such choreography be evident from it’s ruling? I wonder if any dissenting voices could be from those not invited to the dance lessons. I’m not referring to any FTTT in particular.

How can it be that learned and legal minds see the same evidence as proof of different things?
I’m not referring to any learned and legal minds in particular.

Hi Broadsword, it’s me Dannybhoy,,,,

“I’m feckin’ finished with Scottish football, over and out!”

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Why We Need to Change
Big Pink says:
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August 4, 2015 at 1:14 am

Thanks for replying Big Pink, the clubs wouldn’t be allowed to be so cynical and we’d not be having this conversation, and tsfm wouldn’t exist if we had proper journalists.

This story is screaming out to be told.

Why We Need to Change
If we really had sports journalists would there have been an RTC?
If we really had sports journalsts would Auldheid’s work on Res. 12 be needed?
If we really had sports journalists….. the list is endless.

Sports journalism in this country has become a permanent embarrassment and a level 5 disgrace.

Apologies to IA, but it is in defference to him and others like him, sadly gone, that I intentionally misquoted.

Why We Need to Change
Calling those who report on sports in this country journalists is as accurate as calling ‘Where Eagles Dare’ a docudrama.

Why We Need to Change
For all the years Rangers deliberately witheld the sideletters and therefore obtained a pecuniary advantage by deception I was cheated and I should get my ****ing money back for every match I attended.

Why We Need to Change
Eddiegoldtop says:
July 9, 2015 at 11:57 am

Well said Eddie.

This is supposed to be the monitor of Scottish Football not the Scottish ‘wrestle with a chimney sweep’ blog.

At a time when the court reports on here demonstrate why this blog is a cut above the rest, it shouldn’t be getting dragged down a cul de sac.

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