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Regarding the new direction for RTC/TSFM/ISM etc. My brother is a …

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Regarding the new direction for RTC/TSFM/ISM etc.

My brother is a tiler. He says ‘measure twice, cut once’. Do not jump into any decisions, especially if they cost you money.

24/7 content is a terrible goal. I work with companies who spend billions on marketing and can’t get ‘content’ right. DO NOT GO THERE.

Think about how you can wring the most value from other people’s content (like calling out the succulent lamb dish of the week) and work from there.

When you have no resources, you should use your enemies resources against them. We all know there is no shortage of appalling lamb munching in the Scottish media on a daily basis. Start from there…and never under-estimate the value of humour. Think about the Rotten Tomato awards or the Golden Raspberries. Small investment, but big impact.

Good luck.

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Why We Need to Change
I am not a fan of the franchise system employed in American sport, but it does have a few clear advantages.

In the US sports franchises are generally restricted from advertising or marketing outside of a defined catchment area. This stops them ‘poaching’ fans from other clubs.

Also, the draft system guarantees that less successful clubs get access to the most promising young players.

Finally, there are generally caps in place to ensure some level of consistency in payment of players.

I’ve always found it funny that the sports environment in the most capitalist country in the world employs measures which are essentially socialist in nature where wealth and talent is redistributed and equality is enforced. I think most Americans would be appalled if you described their sport in those terms.

However, the US sports codes have understood for a long time that a healthy sport requires healthy competition and that the collective wellbeing of the whole sport is more important than the success of individual clubs.

As a fan of a smaller club in Scotland (albeit one that has averaged 5 goals per game in our unbeaten start to the season), I would welcome some structured redistribution to help make the whole of the Scottish game more popular.

Why We Need to Change
I had a look at the teams participating in the Champions League – Qualifying Second Round last night. It gives an interesting perspective on the status of the Scottish game.

Lincoln Red Imps from Gibraltar are in the same round. At least they are champions of Gibraltar.

Interestingly (according to Wikipedia) it seems like all 8 clubs in the Premier League in Gibraltar share the same stadium and games are played from Friday to Monday/Tuesday across each weekend.

It must be quite funny for every game of the season to be a home game for every team.

And to think we can’t even get two teams on the same street in Dundee to share a stadium.

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On Grounds for Judicial Review
Two posts on one night.  Suddenly I’m prolific!

I noticed that “Five men have appeared in court to face criminal charges relating to the deaths of 96 people at Hillsborough, more than 28 years after the disaster.”

A lesson in the value of persistence in the face of dishonesty, corruption and establishment cover ups.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
I’m a regular reader of this site and occasionally comment.  I’m a Pars fan.

Ross McArthur is a Pars fan, as are all of the people on the board of Dunfermline Athletic.  Almost all of the people working at the club are volunteers.  The club is run as a Community Interest Company and lives within its means.  The current set up at Dunfermline Athletic could well be the ideal set up for provincial clubs in Scotland.  When Dunfermline Athletic nearly died, I donated all of my life savings (a fairly small amount) to help to keep the club alive.

I would like Ross and the club to be more vocal about governance of the game.  However, I totally understand their decision to focus on getting our house in order and keeping it in order.  There was no love lost during the process of wresting control of the club away from Gavin Masterton.  Dunfermline Athletic was hours away from liquidation, but was saved.  Gavin Masterton nearly killed us.

The statement that Ross made acknowledges that the previous regime brought the game into disrepute by the way in which they ran the club.  Other clubs in Scotland have been close to oblivion.  Some have died.  Not many have been as open about how shameful the actions of their predecessors were.  The Pars have just been beaten 6-0 by a team where the previous board are back in charge of a new club.  The contrast between the two clubs could not be clearer.

When you parse the statement made by Ross, please look at it from the perspective of a fan who fought to keep his club alive and is now working tirelessly, on a voluntary basis, to rebuild its reputation through actions and not words.  Dunfermline Athletic is solvent and fan funded, with fans involved in the decision making at all levels.  This is still the very beginning of the story of the rehabilitation of Dunfermline Athletic, but it’s a story that’s worth a look, if you believe that the future of the game in Scotland needs to have fans at the centre.

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
It’s been a while since I last posted.

I know this won’t happen, but the timing of the tax case result and the disaster in Europe last night gives the football authorities a unique chance to draw a line under the whole thing and make some kind of amends for their actions over the last few years.

Admit that Rangers cheated, now that the tax case result is undeniable.  Strip the titles.  Stop bending over backwards to placate the blue pound and start to treat the new Rangers on the same terms as every other team in Scotland.

End of the Road for King?
Coral’s position is that Rangers were demoted, not relegated.  That does not imply any stance on OC/NC.  That’s a pretty smart place to be to keep their prize money and their blue betting money.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News

I think you’re being too rational.

Finloch puts this situation in the context of people who run businesses that give them bonuses.  I think it’s a very smart way to think about what happened.  Almost all of the decision makers that he has referenced will get MORE BONUS MONEY SOONER with Celtic and Rangers in the Premier League, regardless of whether they are the ‘real’ Celtic or Ranger.

While I have some sympathies with grand conspiracy theories, it does seem like almost everyone that we complain about gets paid more when Rangers and Celtic are in the same division.

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