Why We Need to Change


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Matty Roth says: Member:(186 comments) 21 June 2015 at 2:50 pm

Iā€™m not sure I have seen this new organisation discussed here before so sharing a few links for discussion..


Fans have been asked to settle for SFA, now they have SFSA to fight back…

When I first became aware of the SFSA I thought that it was a rebranding of Supporters Direct Scotland’s Scottish Fans initiative based on the involvement of Paul Goodwin.

Having looked at the respective websites of SDS http://www.supporters-direct.org/homepage/what-we-do/scotland Scottish Fans http://www.scottishfans.org/ and SFSA again it now seems more likely that the latter is a rival organisation set up by Paul Goodwin following his departure from his role of CEO of SDS.

The conduct of these organisations and their backers should be another topic for us on SFM and its successor(s) to focus our independent scrutiny upon.

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Why We Need to Change

My reply to a post by Matty Roth at 2:50 pm yesterday that I posted a few minutes ago appears to have “disappeared” into the ethereal cyberspace between our respective computers. If you can recover it can you please (re?) instate it. Cheers Sanno.

Why We Need to Change
Trisidium says: Moderator:(219 comments)23 June,2015 at 12:26 am

There is nothing wrong with members of our community bringing attention to potential pitfalls that will need to be addressed as we seek to develop our influence on Integrity and Honesty being the principle of Sports governance. We all share that goal and do what we can to further the blog’s aims.

Please bear in mind that most of us have not been party to the no doubt lengthy discussions amongst the blog’s moderators and can only offer comment based on their work and personal experiences as consumers. Critical analysis is the bedrock of our community and it is to be expected that this will be evident in contributions from each of us.

Everyone WAS party to discussions in as much as we have been soliciting contributions on these matters for quite some time. Some people did engage at that point, but there has always been the opportunity.

In my past I used to be an amateur football club secretary and rep to The Amateur Football Alliance http://www.amateur-fa.com/ which is the Football Association County FA for much of the amateur football across the greater London area as well as others throughout other parts of England.

During that time the AFA went through a rebranding exercise on incorporation promoted following an FA restructuring. One of the items rebranded was the County logo and badge etc. As these had to be approved by the football authorities the FA circulated these through their usual channels. What happened next was totally unexpected. The FA received a legal objection from the Argentinian Football Association regarding the use of the term AFA, which (if my memory serves me right)they had registered international property rights on the use of “AFA”. Where was their Ecobhoy in the AFA’s time of need. šŸ˜‰ It took almost a year for the dispute to be resolved following the involvement of the respective national FAs and their legal representatives.

It’s with this in mind and prompting from an earlier post that I decided to carry out the following internet search on “ISM” https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=ssl#q=ISM

I’m very concerned of the potential for you and your colleagues to be challenged by the lawyers of International Sports Management http://www.sportism.net/(or to a much lesser extent the other organisations with these initials) on the basis that they own the registered trade mark(s)for the use of ISM. If you have not already done so I suggest that you take professional advice on the above before investing any further funds in your venture.

We have no intention of using ISM as an initialism sanny, so there should be no concern on that score.

When responding, please remember that my post is intended to help avoid / overcome this potential hazard to your aspirations.

Taken in that spirit – and the input is appreciated

I also think that it would be helpful if you could share the outline timetable for the transition from where we are now to where you see our future with an overview of each stage of development so that we as your current investors (subscribers) can make an informed decision to back you financially and if so by how much.

I think we have already set out an outline, although it is difficult to be more specific. If our fund raising is successful, the content plan for the Internet Radio Chanel and the website will be commenced over the next tree months, and developed on an on-going basis in the next twelve months. The subject matter for the Radio Channel will not be as narrow as that of the blog (i.e. it will not be exclusively about Scottish Football). Further plans for expansion may or may not take place, but in either case will not affect SFM.

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