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I think it’s fair to say that PMG has his …

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I think it’s fair to say that PMG has his head screwed on when it comes to lawyers and libel. If a recording does exist (perhaps a more extraordinary claim) then a legal challenge to his “offered shares” claim would be reckless and ill-advised. I assume he feels confident enough to put it out there and dare them to deny it. Who knows – he may have a transcript or an mp3. All’s fair in love and war.

I like to believe the onus of proof lies with the claimant,and one cannot consider an extraordinary claim to be true just because it has not been proven false or denied.
If i recall Phil has received a legal threat before and failed to advise his readership until months later,i remain skeptical awaiting extraordinary evidence.
All humans suffer from cognitive bias and journalist are human,i did say we should be consistent with regard to any input,but you seem to feel Phil should be an exception to this rule.

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Why We Need to Change
Evening Barca,

I think the investors would prefer equity shares but this may not be possible without buying up 10% of the opponents shares.

The alternative is an existing shareholders share issue and if needs be a long term loan to replace the 8 million in short term loans.

The fact these conditions have come out persuades me the SFA may have sought some financial assurances from DK as part of the FPP.

Why We Need to Change
So he may well have cash, lot’s of it. However so far he has only talked about putting it into the club.

I concur,we are in total agreement,there is no debate on this issue.

Why We Need to Change
DK knew about the retail contract and the massive losses before he planned the takeover.

DK knew how much was needed and he knew how much his fellow investors were committed to before the takeover.

DK knows what he can legally invest.

Conclusion,if DK has no cash to invest then he is into public humiliation and shame,and his behavior since and now would be classified as crazy as a bag of snakes.

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Dk lodged a 20 million claim against RFC,it was based on the “deliberate non-disclosure by Sir David Murray of transactions that he had committed to on behalf of the club that were both risky and to the sole advantage of the Murray Group.”

The claim has not yet been ratified by the BDO and may well be contested.

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