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July 17, 2015 at 10:03 am

There was similar acceptance of Brian Dempsey as the “fans choice” when there was the campaign to remove the Kelly’s and Whyte’s from control at Celtic.

Thankfully Fergus knew exactly when to jettison Dempsey, and saw through his attempts at personal enrichment .

While I agree with most of the post regards King it shouldn’t be forgotten the ”Fergus” made a serious amount of money from his 5 year stint at Celtic.
He reshaped Celtic and rebuilt the club but he wasn’t it purely for the love, he hadn’t set foot in Celtic park for something like 30odd ? years before taking over the club.
I’m sure if internet bampots had been about in those days we would have discovered a lot of jiggery pockery and back stabbing going on behind the scenes as people protected themselves and their investments.

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The Offline Game
AllyjamboMay 30, 2016 at 12:28 
An article in the Sun showing that a ‘Rangers’ have benefitted the lower reaches of Scottish football financially. I think we already knew that, well most people who can add up without using a calculator would know that without thinking about it, everybody else needs to read it in the Sun.
I bet, though, that the Sun didn’t mention the money all Scottish clubs had to stump up (via the SPFL coffers) to BT to have TRFC’s games covered on live TV in an effort to make them appear relevant!
More supporters = more money Supporters like to drink – a lot = more money in the community via the pubs Extra police on duty = more overtime = more money to spend in the community Lots of bears come to town, with lots of songs and unpleasant behaviour made worse by a new chip on their shoulder = there’s a price to pay for more money
£4.5m over 4 years; not much of a windfall, really. Most clubs wouldn’t make enough to take Campbell Ogilvie on a good night out

Does this report take into account that during much of the same period the ”lower divisions” also benefited from the inclusion of Hearts and Hibernian ?

The Offline Game
AllyjamboMay 24, 2016 at 13:23 
This tweet is from someone who describes himself as a Manchester sports writer for the Forest Echo News. If it’s genuine, then it portrays quite a comparison between the big signings at either end of Glasgow, one uniting the whole support, the other, well, doing what we might expect under the circumstances. (for those unaware, Joey Barton has had some tweets re-tweeted showing him to be a Celtic supporting, IRA supporting…everything the bears hate, in fact!)
“Simon Rowntree ‏@Simon_Rowntree 23m23 minutes ago Ibrox Stadium I am outside Ibrox Stadium and #Rangers fans are protesting against the signing of Joey Barton. Season tickets and scarves are being burned.”
This is the same guy who claimed there was a banner at an Ireland games saying IRA AND ISIS comrades in arm against Britain, which was later discovered to have been photo shopped
Guy is just an attention seeking Muppet, if you do a search on him you will find numerous stories and headlines that are pure nonsense.

Journey’s End?
tayredApril 7, 2016 at 11:25  
Could somebody please ask Mr Doncaster a simple question – how can he state that we will have 4 Celtic v TRFC games next season?
Surely if it is a true sporting contest the number of games is an unknown until the league split has been decided? Or are the rest of the clubs irrelevant to Doncaster and the SPFL/SFA? Unless the risks to Doncaster et al are just to great to rely on those stuffy old “sporting” rules.
The direction Celtic have been going recently he was maybe suggesting they will BOTH be in the bottom 6 ! and therefor guaranteeing the 4 games? 

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
jimbo 28th January 2016 at 7:25 pm #
Just to make my point clear, I really hate the bad element of Rangers.  The bad element of Rangers.  How many of us know good bears?  
I know plenty.  and unfortunatatly some  RIP
I also really hate the bad element of Rangers but I equally detest the bad element of my own club who continue to honour the IRA.
We/our fans claim our songs are political and not sectarian which may be true but they are still being sung in support of terrorists who murdered innocent civilians, and for me Celtic have never done anywhere near enough to distance themselves from this element of the support. 

Two wrongs and a right
Allyjambo 19th December 2015 at 12:09 am # John Clark 18th December 2015 at 10:38 pm
 It will almost certainly be held in the solicitors name at their bank with a designation, such as ‘I P Squint LLB Client a/c TITS’. This is perfectly normal and many of us will have had money held by solicitors in this way without knowing it, pending the purchase of a house or similar. In this instance I would expect to find there is documentation held by the solicitors, copied to all involved, releasing the funds to TRFC should SD agree to repayment, but returned to each donor in the event that the intended repayment to SD fails. This is actually a proceedure aimed at protecting clients in the event of their solicitor’s bankruptcy and will protect the donors in a similar fashion.
I’d go as far as to say, if they haven’t protected their money in this, or a similar, fashion, then they trully are idiots.
Well the donors of the 5million must a bit anxious about the documents prepared to protect them if its held by the same solicitors firm who ”made the mistake in court” I would be a bit concerned handing over 5million pounds to someone who cant even get a few simple facts right when talking to a judge in a court of law!

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