Why We Need to Change


Good Afternoon everybody , not been on lurking much past …

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Good Afternoon everybody , not been on lurking much past week or so because of work, could someone please point me in the direction of what John James has been saying about King…….Thanks in advance

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Why We Need to Change
hate to see the blog arguing like this because we must be focused on the immediate issues which is rid the game of the SFA and SPFL amateurs who are being paid good money to “govern” our game. One target at a time not scattergun approach . If we had genuine professionals running our game ( who actually cared about ALL the clubs and not following a cowardly agenda) there could be great improvements in our game in no time at all. There are some good teams in the lower division . Morton v St Mirren tonight is a tasty one , Im sure in years to come we could maybe have a bigger league if the lower division teams keep up the good work. What we dont want is our corrupt officials forcing it on us for all the wrong reasons. Sort out the TV deal , think out the box as many on here have said …………BUT….until we put real pressure the SFA etc I honestly dont think much will change. There are a lot of positives in the game just now but the SFA etc will never trumpet any kind of success until The Rangers are back in their “rightful place”. I just wish as a blog we were more focused in this one aim as Im convinced that is the key to Scottish football once again being a sport we can all enjoy………….off to watch the Ton pump the Buddies on Alba

Why We Need to Change
i know what you are saying scapa , but when it is obvious that lies are being told ( celtic xmas night out springs to mind) I would ban them . There are many times when the reportage of my club makes me mad but if they are only offering an opinion then thats tough s@@t for me. I would never want them banned for that . They have to realise that they carry a great deal of responsibility in what they print. No other business/ industry would be allowed the lee way that some of the so called “journalists” get away with, indeed expect . It is really a crying shame what has become of journalism

Why We Need to Change
Tin hat on here. I think that clubs DO have a right to ban certain journalists . Not if they are reporting uncomfortable FACTS but certainly if they are printing LIES about you and deliberately trying to tarnish the name of a club out of nothing else but malice. Liars should not be tolerated.

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Fergus McCann v David Murray
Just about everybody has a just point in their arguments to whether a club and/or players should / should not recieve a certain punishment. For me it always comes back to the fact  once again that the SFA are not  fit for purpose . How many more chances are these bufoons gonna get until clubs take action and give them a vote of no confidence and chase them out our game forever . They are  a cancer in our game . Until we stop paying thier huge salaries for being brilliant at imcompitence  our game will never move forward . SURELY the owners/ chairmen of all clubs must recognise this . Or do they think eventually they might get things right in the end , if so they will have a loooooooooooooong wait. They need chased ASAP

The Last Thing Scottish Football Needs Right Now ..
While Im here , Regarding Peter Lawell , as a Celtic fan I have many issues with the man , mainly the Res 12 Debacle . But I,ll tell you one thing, if we had people the calbre of Peter Lawell running Scottish football we would be in a far better place

The Last Thing Scottish Football Needs Right Now ..
Just been dipping my toe in and out of here because if Im honest Im totally scunnered with how all this stuff has happened over the course of Covid shut down . The country as a whole has united to stay sane and get through lockdown  but Scottish football has surpassed itself , with how badly they have behaved through this crises .We really are a backwater when it comes to running our game . I , like most people  would love to see the SFA and the SPFL chased out of our game once and for all. But we should remember the clubs sit on their hands and do bugger all about it , they have it in their power too change things but year after year they do the square root of  Feck All . The latest carry on with Hearts and Partick is just crazy . Anne Budge is a total IDIOT . I get lost with the legal stuff etc at times but even I knew that the crazy road she chose to go down was just madness and was always gonna end up in tears . If  I was a Hearts fan I would be shi@@ing myself that this woman is running the club. I hear she has now got Jim Jeffries in now as well . Jeeeezo . Personally I think the easy and most sensible option was a 14 team league but hey it was the clubs that indicated no apetite for it , so what was Budge thinking about with the latest charade . God help the Jambos

The Last Thing Scottish Football Needs Right Now ..
(Un)Reasonablechap , I swore I would nt bite but how you can come on here and spout supposed injustices  when you have witnessed your team CHEAT every club in the land for years and years . Have you no brass neck ? ( rhetorical question ) not just that but your team (Mk 11 ) were allowed to play in the bottom Leaugue which in itsef should nt have been allowed . Any other club would have been grateful that they  were indeed allowed to participate in the bottom league . Not your club or its fans , no because in your warped mind you Arra Peepul and you are entitled. ….. Your Club died …fact…can you acknowledge that ? Your club was never properly punished , can you acknowledge that ?  Again rhetorical questions . ……Now you are rabbiting on about secret meetings , Which I actually agree that nothing should be seceret in our game. But its not for you to try and take the moral high ground , you have no right to ask those questions … Why not you may say , I,ll tell you why . Your club and its fans are in complete denial about how the original Rangers have behaved . Your club along with your SFA cabal of friends had secret meetings all for the purpose to benefit ONE club only, your club or should I say clubs , Rangers  and  "the Rangers" . You even rigged a so called enquiry , set up in a way that the outcome was pre determined . Remember Super Ally with his cheeky wee grin telling everyone before the enquiry " They wont be stripping our titles " ….yes he knew the fix was in , he knew the SFA and "Lord" Nimmo Smith were in the blue corner. So dont come on here playing high and mighty with guys who genuinely want whats best for Scottish football . You have been on here loads of times under different names ….do us all a favour go on to the OCNC part of the blog and argue with yourself or get guys like Daryll Broadfoot to join you and you can let off steam with each other til your hearts content

Sweet Little Lies
I too think Celtic are desperate to get the footie underway because of the Euro quailifiers , Ive no problem with that. However I am very uneasy about the way Rangers have said before that they dont want to play games behind closed doors . I get that to a certain extent too as playing these games will incur costs , costs that they probably cant meet.  With all the fraud , cheating and down right lies that that club has been guilty of over the years I dont think it would be too far fetched for them to "claim" that a right few of their players have tested positive for covid and no games can be played ………..no footie , possibly not any form of meaningful games  for Celtic to prepare for a shot at the champs leaugue……… the Rangers fans would erect a statue for DP if that came about. … Ok maybe I am being paranoid but I have been guilty of not being paranoid enough in the past

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