Why We Need to Change


I suppose Barry Ferguson not only did not write but …

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I suppose Barry Ferguson not only did not write but did not read his own opinions.

One would hope that what he is doing can not get Clyde into bother.

His extra curricular activities go too far and should cease so that all his attention is on getting Clyde back where we belong.

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Why We Need to Change
I find Derek Ferguson’s verbal tics rather off putting he has a range of them Tell you what must occur 100 times per hour. Mark Wilson just said Celtic done something that should be sufficient to disbar him from the BBC. You can take the man out of academia but not academia from the man, forgive me.

Why We Need to Change
If they knew what he meant when he asked if they were mental and have staff safety concerns but still take on the work then the answer must be yes they are mental. The safety concerns are real and the staff is a best being put into an invidious positionand at worst being sacrificed for no real cause. Where should the loyalty and duties of care lie? Is there some professional duty compelling the carrying out of the work?

Why We Need to Change
The Chico Young list is certainly counter what most on here believe. To be fair to the list maker he does not say that what he says Mr Young is against are necessarily bad things. But lumping being against anti Irish racism with being anti Rangers would suggest so. To be in favour of the fictitional tour of Japan why ever it is does suggest dementedness of some kind. I am in favour of Tolstoy’s fiction but would hope that no one would regard that as counting against me.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Anent the “assume the shares are worth 20p”-there is the rub. There is no market where there are sufficient trades in proper arms length transactions to come to a sensible valuation. Nor is there enough information to come to a justifiable view on underlying asset value to generate a price.
(Homunculus you will like this) I did a lot of day and short term trading in shares and bought some wild and woolly stuff including shares in property companies in emerging markets in Eastern Europe and could extract enough information not only to come to sensible views on value but to make good returns.
Even having done that, I would not have a clue on the correct value of a TRFC/RIFC share, yet every man and his dog of the blue persuasion can confidently assert that the value is not 20p but 27.5p. 
All of that is before considering the record of DCK both commercial and criminal.
What could possibly go wrong? 

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
IN addition to what Jimmy Bones said I am taken by the use of the quasi-equity chimera. I can already hear the claim that “we’re no in debt but in quasi-equity”. Equity sounds like a much more positive word than debt. Max Bialystok can be seen selling this quasi equity to the aficionados passing the ownership of the loans to them. Ridiculous, yes impossible, no.
How much value does this quasi equity hold? There is some merit in the saying that “the only way to value something is to sell it.”

I shall send a pm- but I am getting spooked by Govanhill Bedsits, Fitzgerald Lodge Management and John James as a pseudonym-things are strange enough.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
And if someone blew up the moon there would be no more moonbeams 

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
The reference to a protruding lug is quite telling and suggests detailed knowledge. Perhaps you could complete the following litany Pat Jim Oweny…
The conversion of loans to equity wheeze is eternally puzzling. The underlying asset values are hard to pin down and many of the values attached might be described by an unkind person as specious. Looking at discounting future profits to get a value would not give positive value on any realistic assumptions.
To convert loans to bits of worthless paper seems to be the modern equivalent of Weimar Republic hyperinflation and money in barrows.
I cannot understand it 
The idea of leaving Hampden behind seems to be gaining traction the plain fact is that Murrayfield is better Stadium. Hopefuly using Murrayfield with its long history of unsegregated crowds and good humour might remove some of the more ludicrous behaviour of certain football fans.  It really is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the super partisan grounds.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
I have a brother who was mistaken for me recently, something to do with lugs and beards-someone thought I had given up my freelance theology activities to work for a living, I near took a bad turn.
If you need any square go assistance I am quite happy to provide my bear chewing a wasp face in support as required
The umlaut is much mangled by football commentators when reading German names  Hassler for Hessler comes to mind

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