Why We Need to Change


Why We Need to Change

Over the past couple of years, we have built a healthy, vibrant and influential community which recognises the need to counter the corporate propaganda spouted by the mainstream media on behalf of the football authorities.

The media have, not entirely but in the main, been hostage to the patronage of those in charge of the club/media links, and to the narrow demographic of their readership. Despite a continuing rejection of the media’s position by that readership (in terms of year on year slump in sales) there is an obstinate refusal to see what is by now inevitable – the death of the print media. The lamb metaphor in fact ironically moving to the slaughter.

The football authorities in Scotland, once the country that gave the world the beautiful game, are rigid with fear that their own world will fall apart – because they are wedded to the idea that only one football match actually matters. To that end they will do whatever it takes to ensure that it continues. They have long since dispensed with the notion that football is an interdependent industry, and incredibly, even those who are not participants in that match follow like sheep towards the abattoir.

The argument is no longer that one club cheated and got away with it. The debate that we need to have is one about what is paramount in the eyes of the clubs and the media . Is it the inegrity of sporting endeavour, or box-office?

For out part, independent sites like this have accelerated the print media’s demise, and there have been temporary successes in persuading the clubs to uphold the spirit of sport. However our role has up to now been to cast a spotlight on the inaccuracies, inconsistencies and downright lies that routinely pass for news. News that is imagined up by PR agencies and dutifully copied by the lazy pretend-journalists who betray no thought whatsoever during the process.

Despite our successes, it really is not enough. We have the means at our disposal to do more, but do more we need to change ourselves, because the authorities sure as hell aren’t gonna.

We need to provide meaningful insight into the game that removes the Old Firm prism from the light path. We need to provide news that has covered all of the angles. We need to entertain, inform and energise fans of sport and all clubs.

We need to do that from a wholly independent perspective. None of this refusing to tell the truth about club allegiances. There is no reason why intelligent men and women can’t be objective in spite of their own allegiances (although the corollary absolutely holds true).  Our experience of the MSM in this country is that the lack of arms-length principles in the media has corrupted it to such an extent that they barely recognise truth and objectivity. We need to be firm on those arms-length principles.

In order to do that we have put together a plan (with enough room to manoeuvre if required) as follows;

We will rebrand and re-launch as the Independent Sports Monitor. We have acquired the domains isMonitor.co.uk and IndependentSportsMonitor.co.uk, and those will be the main urls after the re-launch, hopefully later in the summer.

The change in name reflects the reality of our current debate which is not always confined to Scotland or football. It will also give us the option in future of applying the success of our model to other sports and jurisdictions through partner sites and blogs. This should also help in our efforts to raise funds in the future. However any expansion outwith the domain of Scottish football is some time away, and will depend on the success we have with the core model.

Our mission statement will be;

  1. ISM will seek to build a community of sports fans whose overarching aim is the integrity of competition in the sport.
  2. ISM will, without favour, seek to find objective truths on the conduct and administration of sport. We will avoid building relationships with individuals or organisations which would bring us into conflict with that.
  3. ISM will provide a platform for the views of ALL fans, and guarantee that those views will be heard in a mutually respectful environment.
  4. ISM will also endeavour to inform and entertain members on a wide range of topics related to our shared love of sport.
  5. ISM will seek to represent the views of sports fans to sporting authorities and hold the authorities to account.

We have estimated our (modest) costs to expand our role as per recent discussions. The expanded role will take the form of a new Internet Radio Channel where we hope to provide 24/7 content by the end of the year. It will also see a greater news role  where we will engage directly with clubs and authorities to seek answers to our questions directly.  And we will seek to contact the best fan sites across Scotland with a view to showcasing their content.

We have identified individuals who we want to work (initially on a part time basis) towards our objectives, we have identified premises where we want to conduct our business, and we hope to move into those premises during this summer.

To finance these plans there are a couple of stages;

  1. Initially (as soon as possible) we need to pay accommodation and hosting costs for the first year. To do so,  we hope to appeal to the community itself. Our aim is to raise around £5000 by the end of August.
  2. There are salary costs (around £15,000) attached to our first year plan, but these have been underwritten by Big Pink, and equipment costs (est. £3000). These will be reimbursed if the advertising campaign we recently started bears any fruit (we will not know about that for a few months).
  3. It will not be too discouraging if we make losses in the first couple of years, so if necessary we will seek crowd-funding to finance our plans if the resources of the community itself prove inadequate to smooth a path to break-even point.

Our first year may be a perilous hand-to-mouth existence, but I am certain the journey will be an exciting and enjoyable one. We will also need to search our community resources for contacts at clubs; players, officials, ex-players, local journalists etc. Please get in touch if you have any in at your club.

We also hope to tap into the expertise of our community for advice, comment and analysis of developments, and we will be looking for any aspiring presenters, journalists, sound and video editors, graphic designers (and lots of others) to help us find our feet. Any offers of assistance would be gratefully accepted.

We mustn’t lose sight of why we are doing this. It is because we love our sport, because we want to be able to continue to call it that, and because the disconnect we find in Scottish football, that of the conflicting interests of the fans and the money men, will never be addressed as long as the fans are hopelessly split.

The ultimate goal is to allow sport – not our individual clubs – to triumph over the greed and corporate troglodyte-ism of those people who run it. I am confident that we as a community desperately want to be able to make a difference. That is why I am confident we can achieve our aim of becoming a significant player in the game.


About the author

Trisidium administrator

Trisidium is a Dunblane businessman with a keen interest in Scottish Football. He is a Celtic fan, although the demands of modern-day parenting have seen him less at games and more as a taxi service for his kids.

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The Cat NR1Posted on9:54 am - Jul 30, 2015

andygraham.66 says:
Member: (284 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 9:31 am

Manager of third favourites for a league suggests 2nd favourites should sell best player to favourites

Does sell mean that Hibs would actually get paid real money, or are they suggesting a Wallace type buy now pay never deal?
A cash deal could be a club record transfer fee paid, although I doubt that the SMSM would report it as such.

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AllyjamboPosted on10:21 am - Jul 30, 2015

andygraham.66 says:
Member: (284 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 9:31 am

And we wonder how some Celtic players, and ex-players, can speak out in favour of ‘Rangers’ return to the top tier! What is it about professional footballers that turns them into media puppets for Ibrox fanzines? One thing’s for sure, if it were Hearts trying to sign a boyhood Jambo from Hibs, using the same tactics as TRFC, Ian Murray would be in the vanguard of those calling for sanctions against Hearts for tapping up a player, and he definitely wouldn’t be appealing on behalf of the player to be allowed to join his heroes!

“Scott has grown up supporting Rangers and now has the chance to sign for them. This chance might never come round again.”

So, is it now the case that players can go to their boyhood heroes, for a knock down price, just because…? Or is it just when their boyhood heroes played at Ibrox?

This past week has given us all an example of what we were missing without a ‘Rangers’ in the top tier, and TRFC still haven’t made it there, what’s to come if they ever do?

Prepare yourself to bow to a manufactured god!

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AllyjamboPosted on10:23 am - Jul 30, 2015

Just realised, I haven’t read one report that even suggests that the price offered by TRFC is ‘fair’!

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MoreCelticParanoiaPosted on10:25 am - Jul 30, 2015

andygraham.66 says:
Member: (284 comments)

July 30, 2015 at 9:31 am

Manager of third favourites for a league suggests 2nd favourites should sell best player to favourites

Why is the manager of the 3rd favourites even being asked about a situation concerning the 1st and 2nd favourites? :slamb: :slamb: :slamb: :slamb: :slamb:

I suppose they can’t ask him if he misses the new club now St Mirren are in the same division

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MoreCelticParanoiaPosted on10:31 am - Jul 30, 2015

Allyjambo says:

July 30, 2015 at 10:21 am

“Scott has grown up supporting Rangers and now has the chance to sign for them. This chance might never come round again.”

Very true, and perhaps not for the reason Murray no doubt means to suggest ….

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neepheidPosted on10:59 am - Jul 30, 2015

Homunculus says:
Member: (151 comments)
July 29, 2015 at 11:15 pm

“THE Company has in August and September 2013 sent requests under section 793 of the Companies Act 2006 to funds and nominee shareholders of the Company, including Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Holdings asking for details of their shareholdings in the Company.

These funds and nominees, including Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Holdings, have properly responded to these requests.”
The above extract from an AIM announcement, presumably issued in October 2013, can surely only mean that Blue Pitch etc were asked for details of their ownership by RIFC, and provided the information required. So RIFC already have details of ownership. How can they justify asking for the same information again? Can’t Blue Pitch etc just reply that you have already been given the information you are asking for?

Anyway “Radar” has been on the case, you will all be relieved to know.


“Rangers Exclusive: ‘You won’t drive us out of Ibrox’ – Mystery shareholders middle eastern frontman warns Dave King”

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high beeswaxPosted on11:02 am - Jul 30, 2015

interesting emergency golf council meeting recently….. a player had been ‘ wrongly registering’ his scores…. kinda sat there thinking bryson will walk in , in a minute and say ” mind once a wrongly reg has got past my eagle ye canny change the historicals ” followed by a wigged buffoon telling us there is no unfair sporting advantage in wrongly registering an 8 as a 3 on a hole, to be followed by a chief clerk waving a 5 way agreement ( secret)saying ” ye canny strip any titles lads “…………

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Gym TrainerPosted on11:43 am - Jul 30, 2015

Interesting article here – http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/07/30/extra_beneficiary_trusts_hmrc_crackdown/ – HMRC pursuing those who chose to pay themselves via interest-free loans from offshore trusts as remuneration to avoid PAYE.

I wonder if Messrs “Northern Towns” have bums twitching like rabbits’ noses yet?

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AllyjamboPosted on11:51 am - Jul 30, 2015

neepheid says:
Member: (703 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 10:59 am

“RECORD Sport tracked down Lebanese lawyer Mazen Houssami”

Interesting development, that, that someone at the DR has learned how to dial a phone and to speak to someone, rather than to just cut and paste or regurgitate PR bumf!

But wait a minute, what’s this?

” But yesterday Houssami broke cover from his base in Beirut to reveal he has had no contact from the Ibrox hierarchy – and to insist Blue Pitch may attempt to buy an even bigger slice of the club in the future.”

‘Broke cover’, that doesn’t suggest any tracking down was done, sounds more like Houssami contacted the DR, the ‘go to’ newspaper for dodgy characters with something they want said!

‘Want said’, as in PR! In fact, on re-reading, the whole piece looks like something Houssami wanted to say and wanted the DR to publish. There is only one part of it that looks like an answer to a direct question – where he refuses to name the beneficiaries! Might have been a good opportunity for a real journalist to ask if Blue Pitch provided the beneficiary details requested by the SFA, and if they did, why it might be a problem to do so now!

Of course, that might open up another can of worms, if he said they hadn’t previously provided the information, and it’s not as though newspapers are meant to do that sort of thing!

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AllyjamboPosted on12:07 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Gym Trainer says:
Member: (59 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 11:43 am

Always amazes me, how these people, having admitted they’ve used a scheme to avoid paying the tax they admit was due, seem to think it’s unfair that they should have to cough up after they think they’ve got away with it!

On another note, and pure speculation, I wonder if this new campaign by HMRC to recover these monies is any way related to the expected (leaked?) result of the MIH/Rangers EBT appeal!

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HomunculusPosted on12:53 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Form the Record

“Record Sport yesterday tracked down Lebanese lawyer Mazen Houssami”.

Do they mean they phoned him. They did run a front page interview last year so presumably have contacts and really wouldn’t need to “track him down”.

“But yesterday Houssami broke cover from his base in Beirut …”

Was this when they phoned him.

This bit made me laugh …

“Rafat Rizvi – a convicted fraudster”, do they always point out when they are reporting on a “convicted fraudster”.

It really is astonishing.

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bfbpuzzledPosted on1:01 pm - Jul 30, 2015

The EBT development appears not to relate to the Rangers situation because the alleged loans were to so called contractors.

If the EBT in the Rangers scheme were like that it would suggest the can of worms of third party ownership of players.

I may be completely wrong and am so often.

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HomunculusPosted on1:04 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Apologies, I didn’t realise that particular phrase was banned here as well.

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paddy malarkeyPosted on1:11 pm - Jul 30, 2015

blu says:
Member: (206 comments)

July 30, 2015 at 9:17 am

Paddy, Homunculus provided this link: https://www.supremecourt.uk/cases/uksc-2014-0179.html

I trawled through that only to find at the end of the videos , the judge says “We will consider our position and let you know in due course ” !. I hadn’t read the last line of the Facts section . which gave the decision .
It was the link within the link to the appeal which gave the answer as to where we are now . Judgment appealed

[2014] EWCA Civ 640

Obviously not my calling .

On a lighter note, does anybody think some or all of these could end up wearing 32 red tops ?


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AllyjamboPosted on1:38 pm - Jul 30, 2015

bfbpuzzled says:
Member: (244 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 1:01 pm

The EBT development appears not to relate to the Rangers situation because the alleged loans were to so called contractors

I think the whole point of the scheme was that the contractors had become employees and received a wage which attracted minimal tax and NI. The article, itself, doesn’t make it clear whether the loans were made to the ‘contactor’ as a contractor or as an employee (though he uses the word ‘contractor’ but this might just be to refer back to the original person who was, in reality, a contractor due to pay the full whack) and it may well be that, as far as HMRC are concerned the contractor and employee are one and the same – as, in fact, they are.

The article itself is just a ‘poor me’ greet by a tax dodger warning similar dodgers that the taxman is out to get them, and doesn’t attempt to give the legal argument nor detail how the scheme worked, probably accepting that his target audience would know how it works.

It’s often been discussed how HMRC are going all the way with the Rangers/MIH EBTs to open the door to other EBT schemes. They are probably all slightly different in the details, but I would suspect that success in one high profile case would embolden HMRC to start issuing these notices, while failure would probably have the opposite effect.

All conjecture, of course, but maybe the decision is close to being announced 😉

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Corrupt officialPosted on1:44 pm - Jul 30, 2015


“Key points:

– The Scottish FA has received all necessary information and documentation from Sevco Scotland Ltd, including details of the company structure, shareholders, financial projections and business plan.
Maybe they should just ask the SFA

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AllyjamboPosted on2:14 pm - Jul 30, 2015

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(2 minutes and 12 seconds)

Corrupt official Corrupt official says:
Member: (108 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 1:44 pm

Now that the intrepid reporter, Keith Jackson, has learned how to track down a story, he should maybe keep up the good work by asking the SFA if they did get the required information, then ask the RIFC board if they still have it. He could even get back to Houssami and ask him if he can confirm Blue Pitch received this previous request and responded accordingly!

There’s actually the potential there for a much bigger story than the one published by the DR today!

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woodsteinPosted on2:18 pm - Jul 30, 2015

For the avoidance of doubt.

[2014] EWCA Civ 640 is the:-
England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Decisions ( EWCA)

The summary is for [2014] EWCA Civ 640) .

Which has now been referred to The Supreme Court on appeal Here:-

https://www.supremecourt.uk/cases/uksc-2014-0179.html ( from Homunculus)

The Supreme Court. Case ID: UKSC 2014/0179 (UKSC) which is hearing EWCA Civ 640 [2014] on appeal.

Hearing start date
18 May 2015
Hearing finish date
19 May 2015
No information yet on this decision. (That I can find)

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TrisidiumPosted on2:19 pm - Jul 30, 2015

I have written to Houssami and asked him some questions – and also invited him to take part in an interview with BP. As someone said earlier, one thing we can be sure of is that the MSM will not cover this story impartially. Nor will they ask pertinent questions (see KJ’s bumbling attempt at an “interrogation” of Houssami).

It would be good to have OUR questions answered – since nobody else appears to be doing that. I know that some of our number have pointed out Houssami’s alleged less than glorious past, but I am concerned that, in the MSM there is more than a hint of xenophobic stereotyping going on. Is he any less glorious for example than Andrew Dickson or Dave King, or David Murray, or Jack Irvine?

It may well be down to who is most adept at picking a carcass clean, but there needs to be some balance in reporting. Keith Jackson will be neither willing nor able to provide that.

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Corrupt officialPosted on2:49 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Allyjambo says:
Member: (1128 comments)

July 30, 2015 at 2:14 pm

“There’s actually the potential there for a much bigger story than the one published by the DR today!”
Indeed Ally !, And it takes us into the smelly territory of the secret 5-way agreement.
I also noticed this in the statement.
“Following the completion of all legal documentation, the Scottish Premier League will conduct the formal transfer of the league share between RFC (IA) and Dundee FC on no later than Friday 3rd August 2012. At this point, the transfer of Scottish FA membership will be complete.”

It states the league share will transfer over from RFC (IA)
I am pretty sure Rangers entered liquidation in June

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woodsteinPosted on3:06 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Sorry for the rant, but The Register article, gets up my nose.



Strengthening the Tax Avoidance Disclosure Regimes
Consultation document
Publication date: 31st July 2014
Closing date for comments: 23rd October 2014


The majority of hardworking people in this country pay the tax they owe and do not try to bend the rules – they quite rightly expect everyone else to do the same. But the behaviour of a small minority – both those who seek to avoid and those who devise and promote tax avoidance schemes – undermines the honesty of the majority.

[ three cheers for that!]

As a key part of our long term economic plan, this Government has taken significant strides to make the UK’s tax system one of the most modern and competitive in the world. To maintain the integrity of this tax system it must apply fairly and consistently to everyone.

[ and again]

This Government has taken strong and robust action to tackle avoidance. Since 2010 we have introduced 42 changes to tax law to close down avoidance loopholes and make strategic changes to prevent and deter tax avoidance. We have continued to make good progress this year through the introduction in the Finance Act of new measures – the High Risk Promoters rules and the Accelerated Payments and Follower Notices regimes. These put in place tougher monitoring regimes and penalties for high-risk promoters of tax avoidance schemes, and give HMRC the power to collect disputed tax bills up front, so **putting those who try to avoid tax on the same footing as the vast majority who pay all their tax up front.**

[ again heartily agree]

Given these recent changes, as well as those in the ever-evolving avoidance market, it is vital that the Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes (DOTAS) and VAT Disclosure Regime (VADR) rules keep pace and support HMRC’s wider counter-avoidance work.
In order to support the new Accelerated Payments measure consistently, it is important that DOTAS detects avoidance that is being designed or marketed now and that promoters cannot rely on features of the regime originally intended to target what was new or novel to get round disclosing what are really new schemes or old schemes that they continue to market that may not have been disclosed previously.
DOTAS has been in place for 10 years and has been revised at various times. We believe that now is the right time to look at its hallmarks to see whether they still work properly or whether they need updating. We also want to look at how compliance can be updated.
The proposals in this consultation send a strong message that we are committed to retaining and strengthening the disclosure regimes as key tools in tackling avoidance. We are clear – we will not stand for a minority of taxpayers continuing to seek out unacceptable ways to reduce the amount of tax they pay, and we will ensure HMRC has the tools to robustly tackle such activity.

Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury
Well done ! I for one am tired of hearing:-

Tax avoidance is not illegal, as an excuse.

Directors etc have a duty to minimise Tax

HMRC are conducting a witch hunt.
Etc etc.
I have paid my taxes in full, and still do, for the last 47 years 11 months and 2 days since the first day I started working. No arguments, no moaning, NO cheating.

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neepheidPosted on3:09 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Corrupt official says:
Member: (109 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 2:49 pm

It states the league share will transfer over from RFC (IA)
I am pretty sure Rangers entered liquidation in June

In the normal course of events, RFC would have gone into liquidation shortly after the CVA was rejected, on 14 June 2012. Lord Hodge intervened to delay liquidation until 31 October 2012, allegedly on the basis that he wanted Duff & Phelps themselves to report back on any potential conflict of interest involving themselves. And, as my old granny would have said, the band played “believe it if you like”.Surprisingly, most people do.

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SmugasPosted on3:10 pm - Jul 30, 2015


No my recollection of events was that this was Lord Hodges doing, delaying liquidation (was it not because he was on holiday?) until the agreement was drawn up. Crucially the club/company/whateverdontreallycare in administration can transfer its membership, one in liquidation cannot.

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bfbpuzzledPosted on3:28 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Paying proper tax is as it should be . However that does not impose any obligation to pay beyond the minimum imposed by tax law nor does it oblige not using tax planning. The state uses some of that tax to do things which I find repugnant and that justifies my position to me if not to anyone else. I am far from a libertarian my communitarian instincts do not deflect me from my position.

Hopefully AFC conquer today and get as the saying goes “back where they belong’ smiley emoticon thing

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HomunculusPosted on3:28 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Trisidium says:
Moderator: (260 comments)

July 30, 2015 at 2:19 pm

I agree, it is abundantly clear from the tone of the article, using phrases like “tracked down” and “broke cover from his base in Beirut ” that it is intended to cause acertain mindset in the reader.

I’m quite sure if the technology was available one would hear sinister, James Bond villain, music playing in the background whilst reading it.

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Gym TrainerPosted on3:34 pm - Jul 30, 2015

News in from Berwick Rangers – the tie against Arbroath on August 29th will be free entry

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scapaflowPosted on3:36 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Homunculus says:
Member: (154 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 3:28 pm
Trisidium says:
Moderator: (260 comments)

The Beanoesque reporting aside, lets be under no illusion, these chaps are not by any stretch of the imagination, on the side of the Angels. :mrgreen:

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HomunculusPosted on3:39 pm - Jul 30, 2015

bfbpuzzled says:
Member: (245 comments)

July 30, 2015 at 3:28 pm

The Government actively encourage proper tax management, things like ISAs are specifically designed to reduce tax bills.

It is when someone uses a legitimate scheme improperly, with the only intention being to reduce their tax that it becomes avoidance, which is not “legal” as some would claim.

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scapaflowPosted on3:52 pm - Jul 30, 2015

The line between Tax Avoidance & Tax Evasion can be very thin. Directors have a number of duties towards their shareholders, their fiduciary duty is usually regarded as being the primary one.

I have come to the conclusion as a result of various experiences, that our approach to directors duties need to be re-balanced, or maybe just balanced. The fiduciary duty is too often used to justify all sorts of behaviour, some of it border line criminal, and on occasion simply criminal.

UK PLC needs root and branch reform, in its legal and ethical frameworks. The Rangers/MIH story is simply a symptom of a much wider systemic problem, which needs dealt with.

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StevieBCPosted on4:04 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Trisidium says:
Moderator: (260 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 2:19 pm
I have written to Houssami and asked him some questions – and also invited him to take part in an interview with BP…
Great idea Tris.

And it would be even more ideal if the SMSM lifted/plagiarised some info from the SFM site from any responses received !

Hope Mr.Houssami uses this opportunity.

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AllyjamboPosted on4:11 pm - Jul 30, 2015

I just cannot understand why the onus to prove a ‘tax management’ scheme as legitimate is not placed firmly on the shoulders of the beneficiary of the scheme, by making all such schemes illegal until proven legitimate! In other words, it would be illegal to use any tax management scheme that has not previously been legitimised.

Seems quite simple to me, though I suspect those charged with forming the laws of the land might not like such simplicity! Or at least their backers might not. Imagine trying to get such an act through the House of Lords!

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Bill1903Posted on4:16 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Not looking good for Aberdeen sadly as we are 2-0 after only 20 minutes 🙁

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weescotsmanPosted on4:39 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Wee bit off topic but I’m wondering if wee Stevie in I.T. is finally getting some assistance, as I’ve just come across an advert for a Support Analyst for Rangers. Or maybe he’s had enough and heading for pastures new…. ?

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StevieBCPosted on5:00 pm - Jul 30, 2015

weescotsman says:
Member: (7 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 4:39 pm
Wee bit off topic but I’m wondering if wee Stevie in I.T. is finally getting some assistance, as I’ve just come across an advert for a Support Analyst for Rangers. Or maybe he’s had enough and heading for pastures new…. ?
Wee Stevie in IT has been the rock behind the scenes, keeping it all together at Ibrox…it seems.
Mibbees Hibs realise this, and perhaps TRFC have offered a swap deal: Wee Stevie for Scott Allan plus cash – so that TRFC can also boost their bank balance on the deal ?

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StarmanPosted on5:06 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Daily Record headline (5 July 2015):
Dundee United refuse to be bullied into selling striker Nadir Ciftci to Celtic

Fast forward…

Daily Record headline (24 July 2015):
Ibrox target Scott Allan pleads with Hibs to let him join his boyhood heroes Rangers

One club is a bully; the other a saviour. Guess which is which?

Three weeks ago Dundee Utd – God bless their wee cotton socks – were heroes for holding out, however short-lived, against the relentless forces of darkness casting a foreboding shadow from the east end of Glasgow.

Hibs – heartless buggers – are deaf to the humanitarian pleas from the UN, Amnesty International and the British Red Cross to release the bairn Scott Allan (age 23yrs and 8mths) from this hell – an employment contract freely entered into by both parties – to allow him to be part of a new club that was created in 2012 and which he has worshipped since he was a toddler (aged 20yrs and 8mths). Who can forget those giddy halcyon days? That inaugural match against Brechin City! 2-1 in extra time to The Rangers!! That magical wand waved by the new pioneers Lee McCulloch, Ally McCoist and Charles Green!!!

Dundee United and Celtic got into a tug of war over a player, Ciftci. He ended up at Celtic for a fee of £1.5m, after an initial paltry bid of £900,000 was rejected. Hibs and The Rangers are in a tug of war over a player, Scott Allan. That’s life. In a no-holds-barred display of Dave King’s “over-investment” model, The Rangers slapped 175 big ones down on Hibs’ table. To an incredulous press, Stubbs rejected £175,000! The Rangers, generous to a fault but with the steely determination of a club secure in the knowledge that their chairman has lots of wine in his cellar, made Hibs an offer that no club could refuse for their best player: 225 big ones!! Let me spell that out for you dear reader: £225,000!!! An unbelievable increase of FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS!!!! I ask you, what do the mighty The Rangers need to do to get their man? Even over-investment has its limits.

When Scott Allan was leaving Dundee United he had an opportunity to join his “boyhood heroes” but chose West Bromich Albion instead. When he was leaving WBA, The Rangers were once again interested but he opted for Hibs. The argument that Scott Allan is being prevented from fulfilling a life-long dream does not hold water. He had chances and he will have other chances. He could even join them next year at the ripe old age of 24yrs and 6mths.

Scott Allan is entitled to enquire about termination of his contract. Hibs are entitled to insist that he honours his contract. The Rangers are entitled to submit derisory bids. Hibs are entitled to treat those bids with contempt. The predictable emotional appeals that favour one club should be set aside. The death threats are another matter, as Neil Lennon knows only too well.

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StevieBCPosted on5:16 pm - Jul 30, 2015

From The Guardian, requesting readers’ inputs;

“Do you remember the 1966 World Cup in England? If so, we want to hear from you”

I think every Scottish football fan could rightly respond with something like;

“Unfortunately we have never had the chance to forget about the 1966 World Cup ‘north of the border’…as typically c.30 seconds into every England game – and presumably repeatedly during the upcoming WC qualifier games against Scotland – ’66 is mentioned breathlessly by the English commentator !” 🙁

And to quote that fab Irn Bru advert;
“I had an Irn Bru in 1966…but I don’t go on about it !” 😉

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MercDocPosted on5:34 pm - Jul 30, 2015

You have probably seen this, apologies if you have!
Rangers Constitution
No2- Worked well
No3- Broke that
N05- Hows that going!
No6 -Hmmm
Big Dave words not mine.

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HomunculusPosted on5:39 pm - Jul 30, 2015

The club is always in Europe.

It is based in Glasgow.

Every Scottish club is in Europe.

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upthehoopsPosted on5:48 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Bill1903 says:
Member: (78 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 4:16 pm
Not looking good for Aberdeen sadly as we are 2-0 after only 20 minutes 🙁

I see it’s 2-1 now Bill. You can’t underestimate that away goal, or the clean sheet at home for my team last night.

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BarcabhoyPosted on6:50 pm - Jul 30, 2015

The announcement yesterday by Rangers that they were suspending the rights of 4 shareholders made me revisit a post i wrote on July 7 2014 for TSFM. I have reproduced it in full below for anyone who isn’t fully aware of the background to Rafat Rizvi.

3 Months after my post on TSFM The Rangers Standard produced an article which quoted from emails between Imran Ahmad and Rizvi . The article is worth a read in light of yesterdays announcement .


One quote by Ahmad about Rizvi strikes me as an extreme example of Karma , when you consider who is currently Chairman of RIFC.

“I don’t see how you think you can be anywhere near Rangers even in a limited capacity. You’re a convicted felon as far as the outside world is concerned”

“All you have wanted to do is try and control Rangers with a minority group of investors.”

Now that was Ahmad on Rizvi , but it really should be anyone at RIFC acting responsibly with regards to King.

A further intersting comment was with regards to Cenkos ( The Nomad at RIFC at the time)

“If you go anywhere near this they (Cenkos) will run a mile and I will then report what you are doing to all investors not just Arif.”

“Blue Pitch and Margarita are having to be kycd again and money laundered again due to change in beneficial owners at their request.”

Now regardless of what anyone thinks about Ahmad, he does understand the workings of the market. He knows that convicted felons will scare away any and all potential Nomads. Mike Ashley also knows this, hence Llambias’ comments of ” where is your Nomad Mr King , where is your money”

The Rangers Standard in October 2014 were quite rightly worried over a convicted felon having anything to do with their club. This is what they said at the time :

“Any attempt by any member of the Plc board or the so called ‘football board’ to encourage Rivzi’s ongoing involvement in the club should be of huge concern to every Rangers fan”

Their position seems though to vary depending on which convicted felon is involved. It is little wonder that prominent Rangers supporters spokesman are ridiculed by fans of ALL Clubs , when they so clearly operate such double standards.

Either convicted felons are unacceptable or they aren’t . It shouldn’t be an issue to be decided on the basis of potentially being bought off with a Club Blazer. Representatives of supporters groups need to be beyond even a suspicion they are pliable when offered personal incentive or opportunity. David Murray’s non exec board were a collection of individuals who never raised a single red flag in public whilst they were in office. Given the losses suffered by creditors and fans , they should feel shame for their inactions during a decade of profligate behaviour by Murray.

The question though is why the RIFC board now decided to act against shareholders they clearly view as hostile to the Kingco cartel. I suspect this is related to a move to pass a motion to disapply pre-emption rights. This can be done without a stock market listing, and if successful would enable King , Taylor , Letham and Park to convert their current loans to Equity.

Once achieved , and without the oversight of a listed exchange, Kingco would be more than confident of being able to pass any resolution they wanted.

Original post from July 2014 below. I believe much of this is still highly relevant to the current situation at Rangers


Apologies in advance. This is long, but it sets out to show in detail how the SFA did not act on numerous red flags when dealing with Sevco Scotland.

I think its worth reminding the blog about matters i first wrote about on RTC and also in the early days on here. Others have commented also on a number of related issues, however I hear that the relevance is still significant, and the influence has not gone away.

Lets start with Chan Fook Meng (CFM) He was in charge of Orlit, who issued a winding up order served on Rangers. This was over disputed invoices totaling £400,000 . These invoices appeared to be a fee for services provided in raising funds. The winding up order never crystalised and the matter appeared to have been settled without recourse to the courts.


CFM had a connection to Charles Green, through Nova Enterprises. Green was Chairman in the company reported to be “owned” by CFM. Brian Stockbridge was also reported to have a connection to CFM when Orlit was known as Tembusu Investments.

The London Evening Standard reported in May 2011 , before any of this would be of interest to Scottish Football, that Rafat Rizvi was previously Chairman and CEO of Tembusu when it was listed on AIM.


This should have been red flag #1 for the Scottish Football authorities. A clear link between Green and a man on Interpol’s most wanted list

Another interesting fact about Tembusu is that the Chairman prior to Rizvi was Jonathan Rowland, who’s father David “Spotty” Rowland was the finance provider behind David Duff and James Gray’s disastrous ownership of Hibs. Rowland owned 30% of Hibs when Duff & Gray had control. The very real fear for Hibs fans was that Rowland was reputed to be happy to sell the assets and allow a merger with Wallace Mercers Hearts. Tom Farmer stepped in and that piece of madness was avoided.



That was Red Flag #2 for the Scottish Football authorities.

The Nomad at Tembusu resigned when Rizvi was found guilty of defrauding an Indonesian bank of $600 million. They resigned because although Rizvi quit his roles he was replaced by his wife and the Nomad believed Rizvi was still controlling the business. The new Nomad was Allenby Capital, which was founded by Imran Ahmad, with Brian Stockbridge on board at Allenby as well.

This is red flag #3 for the Scottish Football Authorities. There are now clear links between Rizvi and Green, Stockbridge and Ahmad, and between Rizvi and the guy who had been a significant shareholder and provider of finance to those responsible for Hibs darkest hour.

Next we have the intervention of Charlotte Fakes

The emails leaked by Charlotte Fakes seemed to show that initial funding for Sevco came from Rizvi.



Red flag #4 for the Scottish Football authorities

Next we have proof of the closest link possible between Chan Fook Meng and Rizvi. This link is through a trust called the Bunny Foundation Trust. This trust has been set up to benefit Rizvi’s family. Rizvi is the Settlor ( he puts the money in) and Chan Fook Meng is the Protector ( he ensures the trustees act as directed) .

When setting up this type of arrangement you really need a Protector in whom you have 100% trust . The Protector can make or break any or all plans if he goes rogue. When you have this level of trust then you have someone who could front anything for you, especially if there was very good reason why you would want to remain out of sight.


So now we have Red Flag #5 for the Scottish Football authorities.

Rangers supporters have been failed by Regan & Co with regards to ensuring Rangers , after a period of extreme trauma, would be in the hands of credible , untainted and honest owners who would play by the rules. After the behavior of David Murray and Craig Whyte the very least they were owed was an ownership group who wouldn’t deceive , rule break, cheat and tax evade. They were also entitled to expect owners who would’t risk further trauma by helping themselves to what should have been important working capital.

The Scottish Football authorities may have extended a helping hand with regards to the LNS scope of enquiry and the issuing of a Euro Licence, but they showed they were weak and ineffectual or disinterested in the matter of who was “fit and proper” as owners of a very important Scottish Club.

A recent interview with Mazan Houssami had Houssami claiming that he was the sole shareholder in Blue Pitch Holdings. He claimed never to have met Green, which must make anyone of an enquiring mind , ie not Regan, wonder how on earth he became aware of the investment opportunity. Remember Blue Pitch were in prior to the Aim IPO, so this was a private placing at that stage. Houssami has no connection to UK business’ of which we or companies house are aware.

It may or may not be true that Houssami never met Green, however if a Lebanese lawyer is the only shareholder in a company who own part of a company in Glasgow, it does not necessarily follow that he is the ultimate beneficiary.

Lawyers and clients are able to count on client privilege which keeps their dealings secret. It is entirely feasible, and not uncommon, for a Lawyer in some jurisdictions to have a contract to act for a client , under client instructions with all benefits and entitlements passing to the client, even though the lawyer is the sole shareholder.

Quite frankly i have a huge problem believing a Beirut Lawyer who never met Green is the ultimate beneficiary of Blue Pitch Holdings shareholding. Everything points to Rizvi, who has provable connections to Green , Ahmad and Stockbridge, as still pulling the strings. More than probably using his close friend and trust Protector Chan Fook Meng

Red Flag #6

This brings us to the Easdale’s. Now if I was a respectable Beirut Lawyer , with a genuine investment using my own money, who wanted someone to act as proxy , then i would use a respectable Scottish Lawyer or Accountant. What i wouldn’t do is hand that proxy to a local West of Scotland businessman, especially one who had spent time in jail for financial fraud.

Someone of an enquiring mind , again not Regan and certainly not Ogilvie, might question under what circumstances a Beirut Lawyer would even know a Greenock bus operator . Or in fact if they actually had never met.

Here is where logic takes me with this.

Blue Pitch and Margarita are ultimately beneficial to and controlled by Rizvi & associates through Chan Fook Meng having appointed Houssami as the investment vehicle. He wants someone on the ground who won’t be phased by threats from supporters or enquiries from the media. Green was fine, but he is getting off the scene having let his mouth run away once too often.

Rizvi / Chan Fook Meng gets Green to recommend someone for the role of Proxy who won’t ask too many questions and can see the “good side” of someone convicted of financial fraud.

Green has the very people. He had previously met the Easdale’s when he was looking for committed funding to support the IPO. He knew their background and their personalty and character , and deemed them perfectly fit for purpose . There is every possibility the Easdale’s have never met or spoken to Rizvi or Chan Fook Meng, in fact I think it extremely unlikely they have . All that was required was an agreement with Houssami.

We now have Red Flag #7 Any more and we would have the audience for a military parade day in Beijing.

Laxey have appeared on the scene as opportunist value investors. Nothing wrong with that. It is precisely what they are charged to do by those who’s money they manage, including their own. They get their way by installing a credible and honest CEO in Wallace, however the damage has already been done contractually by previous executives.

Nothing can happen moving forward without the agreement of BPH and Margarita . It appears to me to be checkmate. Either pay Rizvi , if indeed my logic is correct, and you can then unwind the contracts draining the lifeblood out of the club or accept the fact that they will, even with new equity raised, continue to get an incredible yield on the initial investment.

A forced insolvency event would be incredibly risky all round. And then there is the possibly tenuous , and possibly not , connection to the guy who saw Hibs as a property play.

Which of these red flags have the SFA investigated, any of them ? What answers have they received, and now that all these connections have been pointed out, as we know they monitor TSFM, and i suspect occasionally respond under nom de plume , will they ask the questions they haven’t already asked .

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RyanGoslingPosted on7:33 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Genuine thanks for that Barcabhoy.

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RaymacPosted on7:33 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Barcabhoy, that is what I call an expose!

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Carfins FinestPosted on7:36 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Re the latest comments from the Current board at Ibrox. There are still unknown investors in place that put up the cash to buy the assets from the Dead Rangers FC and use them to start up Sevco. Now renamed The Rangers Football Club. It seems to me that the board has deemed thet the identity of these guys is now very important. I agree. These people, ‘The Institutional Investors’ were much heralded back in the day. They should be seen as the modern day ‘Gallant Pioneers’ or ‘The Founding Fathers’ The current behaviour of the TRFC board toward their ‘Fathers’ seems a wee bit disrespectful. You cannot just tell your Father that he no longer has a say around the house and will not be entitled to a share of any housekeeping money left over and expect him to be OK with it. Can you?

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RyanGoslingPosted on7:46 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Barcabhoy, any chance you fancy moonlighting under the name of Barcager for example and getting that information to the rest of the fans?! I would but I’m banned from Rangers Media for “being a t***”.

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StevieBCPosted on8:06 pm - Jul 30, 2015

So, is that it ?
A strange RIFC statement and then King is jetting back to SA ?
[Did he just go back to stock up on black pudding and haggis ?]
Has the de facto chairman, [but not Comapnies House registered TRFC Director], done anything else of note during his visit ? Anyone ?

I suppose with the delisting and the lack of external auditors, King can utilise the ST income up front – i.e. not matched/released as the league progresses.
This buys a bit of time now, but apparently the current funds will not see TRFC through to the end of the season, according to Phil’s latest.

And the only person we know – for a fact – who has the required levels of cash is MA.

The ‘Beirut’ connection does sound a bit too convenient, and could be useful misdirection for whatever reason ?

The new SFA President and Regan must be twitching in the bunker with the latest nonsense emanating from Ibrox.

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Cluster OnePosted on8:07 pm - Jul 30, 2015

If the ibrox board are saying they don’t know who is behind the shareholdings.
Why has no one asked the SFA why they have not imposed sanctions in relation to any breach?
13.4 The Scottish FA is authorised to request full disclosure of the identity of all of the shareholders of a member and details of all beneficial interests represented by any such
shareholder and all members and other relevant persons under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA will be required to meet all such requests without delay. Failure to do so will
constitute a breach of these Articles and the Judicial Panel will have jurisdiction to deal with any such breach and to impose sanctions in relation to it.
Asking the SFA would show what a squirrel. It all was.

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CastofthousandsPosted on8:15 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Concerning the recent request for disclosure of the current Ranger’s shareholders and specifically Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Investmants, CharlotteFakeovers disclosed an interesting document that seems to concur with previous comments that the SFA should already be in possession of this information.

The document was dubbed SFA-1 by Charlotte and was taken off her twitter feed due to a legal intervention from I think, lawyers representing the SFA (Biggart Baillie?). Of course possession of such a document might lead to similar pursuance by the same legal firm, so I will have to rely on my handwritten notes, which of course cannot be subject to legal removal as they are a verbatim record of a document that at the time I made them, was in the public domain.

So if I can just make out my writing…Ah yes.

From Biggart Baillie to Brian Stockbridge and cc’d to Andrew Dickson. A request for information to be provided to the SFA. Now let me see.

Item 6. Full Details of all Sevco shareholders. My notes are comprehensive on this point. “I have names and percentages.I know that you will be keen to keep addresses confidential but perhaps we can confirm the occupations of the individual investors. This is the one the SFA are most concerned about (They appear to be convinced that one of the shareholders is Craig Whyte in disguise). The more information we can give the better. The ‘nature’ of the investment needs to be specified.”

I wonder what information the SFA was supplied and if they carried out any checks to verify such information. They were obviously on the look out for mis-information. So you’d imagine they would have done a double check. If so then they will have satisfied themselves as to who these mysterious investors were. Perhaps they could fax the information back to the new Rangers board. Would seem a simple act of kindness.

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Danish PastryPosted on8:25 pm - Jul 30, 2015

briggsbhoy says:
Member: (68 comments)
July 29, 2015 at 11:57 pm

I went there last summer to take in the Celtic friendly. Hamburg always interesting. Same impression as yourself of the atmosphere. They even had a bagpipe band playing outside the stadium. Btw, I was puzzled by that huge WWII concrete structure to the north of the stadium. Extreme brutalism! Can’t remember who told me (someone on here?) but apparently they can’t knock it down as the exposives needed would damage much of the local infrastructure. Some sort of community place now, where bands, among others, can reherse. ‘And they shall beat their swords into guitars, amps … and ploughshares’ 🙂

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Big PinkPosted on8:34 pm - Jul 30, 2015

I don’t see anything untoward about Rangers wanting to know the identities of shareholders. It seems intuitively obvious that the rules on dual ownership for example can be circumvented easily if the identities of shareholders are not known.

Is it even legal to own shares anonymously? And if it is, why did the SFA let Green away with it?

There may well be other motives driving the RIFC board’s latest move, but in the interest of sporting integrity it is something that we should welcome.

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HomunculusPosted on8:41 pm - Jul 30, 2015

StevieBC says:
Member: (809 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 8:06 pm

Using figures from Rangers themselves the season ticket money is likely to be around £8m.

Given that the expenditure averaged around £2.5m in the last two sets of account (June 2013 and June 2014) then if they are relying on season ticket money alone you are talking about 3 months.

Clearly there will be other income like matchday tickets, sponsorship, TV money etc. However to an extent that will depend when that money comes in. There certainly won’t be enough to see out the entire season without either a share issue or further loans.

As someone said, when a business is in a state like this then cash flow is King. The question is, will King be cash flow.

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HomunculusPosted on8:45 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Big Pink says:
Moderator: (330 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 8:34 pm

I absolutely welcome it, the idea that people can own PLCs through nominees etc and can be totally anonymous makes me really uncomfortable.

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scottcPosted on8:52 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Homunculus says:
Member: (157 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 8:41 pm
StevieBC says:
Member: (809 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 8:06 pm

Using figures from Rangers themselves the season ticket money is likely to be around £8m.


Remember that one sixth of that has to be paid to the VATman

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paddy malarkeyPosted on8:59 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Is the “family trust” which bought shares in RIFC and is represented by DCK transparent in that we know the identities of the trustees involved and the source of the trust’s funds ?

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MercDocPosted on9:06 pm - Jul 30, 2015

It looks as if, this was Paul Murray’s plan from 2013


Strange nobody actually done anything about it! The Media seemed to go along with whom was in power at the time.

Luckily enough for us, Charles Green told us back in 2012 everything is spiffing!!


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HomunculusPosted on9:10 pm - Jul 30, 2015

scottc says:
Member: (203 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 8:52 pm

I was working net of tax.

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Cluster OnePosted on9:16 pm - Jul 30, 2015

scottc says:
Member: (203 comments)

July 30, 2015 at 8:52 pm
Using figures from Rangers themselves the season ticket money is likely to be around £8m.


Remember that one sixth of that has to be paid to the VATman
Also remember £9.5 mill of that has to be paid to loans 🙂

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ianagainPosted on9:37 pm - Jul 30, 2015

I’m not too sure about every outfit needs to know its investors names reasons for investing etc.
I’m an investor in a 21£ bn fund and a shareholder. I know for a fact we had money in at least 4 of the big players around the sevco débâcle.
It’s called the RPS. And even if dck came round my house in person I won’t tell him how or why or when or how much we have in sevco. Because I don’t know. Neither does any other pension fund holder. ❗

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HomunculusPosted on9:40 pm - Jul 30, 2015

paddy malarkey says:
Member: (79 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 8:59 pm

You’d probably have to ask JIM Nominees Limited.

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sickofitallPosted on10:01 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Is there a sevco press conference called for tomorrow

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jimlarkinPosted on10:17 pm - Jul 30, 2015

Another BBC reporter (who masquerades as a journalist)
getting it in the neck from the Sevconians.


Maybe he should start stating the truth about ‘Sevco’ when publishing information about them

(If they want the truth, he could start buy calling them ‘Newco’ Rangers all the time)?!

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Madbhoy24941Posted on11:16 pm - Jul 30, 2015

scottc says:
Member: (203 comments)

July 30, 2015 at 8:52 pm

Using figures from Rangers themselves the season ticket money is likely to be around £8m.


Remember that one sixth of that has to be paid to the VATman


Ha ha, don’t be silly, that VAT stuff is only for the little clubs.

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ianagainPosted on12:02 am - Jul 31, 2015

Barcabhoy says:
Member: (196 comments)

July 30, 2015 at 6:50 pm

The announcement yesterday by Rangers that they were suspending the rights of 4 shareholders made me revisit a post i wrote on July 7 2014 for TSFM. I have reproduced it in full below for anyone who isn’t fully aware of the background to Rafat Rizvi.

Succinct quintessentially Barcabhoy and a timely reminder of the effort some of the more determined diggers do for the community of folk who find it difficult to get into the dense machinations of the CG money making machine.

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briggsbhoyPosted on12:02 am - Jul 31, 2015

Danish Pastry says:
Blog Writer: (1329 comments)

July 30, 2015 at 8:25 pm

Danish, funny you should mention that building within a stones throw from the stadium. I spotted it and immediately turned to my son and said ” what is God’s name is that monstrosity, tell me that’s not a block of social housing flats” . Later that evening I asked the question and was told by my cousin’s eldest daughter that as you say a former WW11 bunker and almost impossible to knock down. She added that it was a concert venue and had a nightclub in it amongst other things. A bunker at the bottom of her street has only recently been dismantled. Maybe these folks from BPH & Margareta are holding up in that bunker 🙂
What I found strange about the supporters flag roll out before the start of the game was that nobody could possibly see what it all looked like as we were all covered in a canopy on all four sides. My son thought whilst the atmosphere and singing was great it was all rather limited, he thought they didn’t have enough songs 😀 he enjoyed his experience that much that he bought a strip, a T shirt and a scarf, me ! I’ve got two beer mugs.

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briggsbhoyPosted on12:05 am - Jul 31, 2015

ianagain says:
Member: (634 comments)

July 31, 2015 at 12:02 am

Re Barcabhoy

Succinct quintessentially Barcabhoy and a timely reminder of the effort some of the more determined diggers do for the community of folk who find it difficult to get into the dense machinations of the CG money making machine.

I couldn’t agree more, it’s what’s makes this site different.

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ianagainPosted on12:16 am - Jul 31, 2015

Well on the footie front I’m optimistic that our top 2 will go through.
Good results both and look forward to both return games.
And another hike in the rankings.

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John ClarkPosted on12:59 am - Jul 31, 2015

I watched a considerable portion of the Supreme Court’s proceedings discussed earlier today ( it was Woodstein’s link that I first spotted, and I can say what a difference it makes when you can hear people and see their faces.The girls behind the bench in that court-room must find it a dawdle to take notes!)

I watched from a mixture of motives: I saw it was a kind of EBT situation, and heard the chappies using the word ‘purpose’, which made me think of ‘purposive’ as used in the arguments of Dr Poon, and Mr Thomson, and Mr Ghosh… and I saw that my lord Hodge was one of the judges.

And I also read Barcabhoy’s quite masterly bringing together of the strings of connectedness between the death of RFC by Liquidation and the birth of a new hugely exploitable football club from a perverted 5-way union of the disgraceful charlatans with our football governance authorities, eagerly watched and salivated over by those in the SMSM who long ago prostituted themselves.

I make absolutely no connection between my viewing and my reading.

( As a footnote, learned Counsel on both sides in those televised proceedings were upstaged by the ( of course,non-deliberate) scene-stealing of their female ‘people behind them’. Or is that just me?)

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John ClarkPosted on1:20 am - Jul 31, 2015

Castofthousands says:
Member: (271 comments)
July 30, 2015 at 8:15 pm
‘..I wonder what information the SFA was supplied and if they carried out any checks to verify such information. They were obviously on the look out for mis-information…’

Another view, of course, is that is that, perhaps like the LNS scenario, the SFA was simply going through the motions, so that the record would show that they were going about their duties responsibly.

By the damnable 5-way agreement, and the continuation in office up until recently of a highly personally conflicted boss,the SFA is not to be taken on trust.
They deceived us for their own ends, dressed up in the most extravagantly ludicrous ‘armageddon’ nonsense.

They must perforce continue to deceive us, or be shown up as what we know them to be:dead set on catering to the mob, regardless of truth or sport or sporting integrity, or integrity of any sort.

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easyJamboPosted on2:24 am - Jul 31, 2015

Barcabhoy says: July 30, 2015 at 6:50 pm

There is every possibility the Easdale’s have never met or spoken to Rizvi or Chan Fook Meng, in fact I think it extremely unlikely they have .
Barca – I’d just question this single point in your excellent summary.

Sandy Easdale and Rafat Rizvi were pictured together in Glasgow in September 2014


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causaludendiPosted on3:12 am - Jul 31, 2015

easyJambo says:
Member: (718 comments)
July 31, 2015 at 2:24 am

eJ, that part was originally posted a couple of months (July) prior to the ‘leaked’ Luncheon meeting.

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causaludendiPosted on3:59 am - Jul 31, 2015

Auldheid, you have mail.

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jimboPosted on6:47 am - Jul 31, 2015

From the FIFA website this morning:

Rangers’ failure to see off Motherwell in last season’s Premiership play-offs means the Ibrox club face another year languishing in the Championship. However, there is an air of optimism around Ibrox not seen since the club was forced to start life in Scotland’s bottom tier following liquidation in 2012.

Good to see the truth being told for a change.

I wonder how long it will survive before an edit.


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AllyjamboPosted on8:31 am - Jul 31, 2015

jimbo says:
Member: (47 comments)
July 31, 2015 at 6:47 am

Despite being couched in a manner least likely to cause offence, the meaning is clear;

“…the club was forced to ‘start’ life in Scotland’s bottom tier following liquidation in 2012.”

“…the ‘club’…following liquidation in 2012.”

It is clear FIFA are referring to the club and not any ‘holding company’ or such nonsense, and that the ‘club’ was forced to ‘start’, not re-start, in the bottom tier…in 2012.

A few words sums it up quite nicely.

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jimboPosted on9:10 am - Jul 31, 2015

Allyjambo, and they used the never to be mentioned ‘L’ word! 😀

Scottish media folk and the SFA will be furious.

ps Good luck for next season.

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HaywirePosted on9:13 am - Jul 31, 2015

briggsbhoy says:
July 31, 2015 at 12:02 am

Danish Pastry says:
Blog Writer: (1329 comments)

July 30, 2015 at 8:25 pm

Danish, funny you should mention that building within a stones throw from the stadium. I spotted it and immediately turned to my son and said ” what is God’s name is that monstrosity, tell me that’s not a block of social housing flats” . Later that evening I asked the question and was told by my cousin’s eldest daughter that as you say a former WW11 bunker and almost impossible to knock down.


Gentlemen, The things which pop up on SFM! its a Flak Tower for anti-aircraft guns, not a bunker (although some of them did have bomb shelters incorporated in the structure). There are still two in Hamburg, with others dotted about in German cities and one in Austria. Not all have survived, so they did manage to knock down one or two. Google Hamburg Flak Tower for more details and photos.

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HomunculusPosted on9:16 am - Jul 31, 2015

I see the Daily Record are at it again, using emotive language in order to push one agenda.


HIBS are refusing to deny that they are reneging on a verbal agreement by killing Scott Allan’s dream move to Rangers.


What was actually said by the chief executive.

“I would never discuss the content of a player contract or the discussions around a player contract so I won’t confirm or deny any of that.”

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