A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!


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Friday, January 18, 2013 at 18:29
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We have also explained that people who deliberately and repeatedly flout the policy of the site will have posting privileges removed.

In today’s circumstances therefore, I infer that either people cannot or will not abide by those very reasonable rules.

If, after explicit requests, posters decide to disrespect those rules, then I don’t see how they can complain when we take precisely the course of action we said we would.



So, you are saying that you have clearly stated rules, and are applying them, without fear or favour ? And you expect this to be OK in Scotland ?

Good grief, what the hell are you thinking ?

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A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!
angus1983 says:
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 13:19
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More news from RM:

“Charles Green said at a meeting this weekend we have two testimonials against Premier League teams, one play in blue and the other play in red.”

What scrimping Premier League team would stoop to inviting a Scottish Third Division team for a testimonial?


Angus, what he didn’t say was its the Blue Square Premier League…. Hyde and Dartford 🙂

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Now this should be interesting; in particular the reference to Holyrood having a policy review, rather than legislation – I think safe standing areas will be a very popular move for all teams who had to introduce all seated stadia. Would certainly generate a better atmosphere at games.


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upthehoops says:
September 22, 2013 at 2:32 pm
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Personally I think the Ramsdens Cup should be kept in the context it is intended, which is a lesser competition for lower league clubs, with the final played at a neutral lower league ground.

Indeed, and that does not rule out Ibrox at this time 🙂

The Immortality Project
…. with all the tradition and history from 2012. How can anyone argue that the Sevco name is not important… inexplicable IMO.

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So its not a 10 match ban at all… unless of course he’s so stupid as to bet again.
A 3 match ban…. for betting against your own team…. extraordinary.

However, there is a bright side… obviously he is fully supported by Sevco, and will continue to draw a handsome wage from the coffers (which he can use for betting on anything other than football, obviously), and… his case will only add weight to the growing feeling that corruption in the game is confirmed; the more that feeling is re-inforced, the more likely it is that the dam will burst… given time. And finally…. he is not exactly the most fair-minded of players (this is not an just an opinion… check his disciplinary record), and will therefore be spending some time out on a self-ban.

I feel better already 🙂

The Immortality Project
RE the old/new issue with Sevco; in reference to John McClelland, for example, what’s wrong with saying the following;

“John McClelland, former chairman of Rangers Football Club PLC, who, it is being suggested by some, could soon be on the board of The Rangers Football Club Ltd”.

Its merely stating a fact isn’t it ? No mention of Old, or New, etc… if anyone challenges this, or complains, it can be pointed out that people are Board members of Companies, and they are separate companies, called Rangers Football Club PLC, and The Rangers Football Club Ltd. Personally, I find it hugely amusing that the companies have the name Club in their name, and are therefore 2 completely separate Clubs.

I’d love to see anyone in the MSM print a simple fact such as this… mind you, its getting a bit late in the year for gardening leave 🙂

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