A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!


Gazpops post at 9.50 “I would think the next step would …

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Gazpops post at 9.50

“I would think the next step would be Green meeting up with Conference representatives and seeing how they feel about it. For the clubs down there, it would increase their revenues and have major spin-offs.”

If the “conference representatives” require The Rangers to pay a one off entry fee, put me down for a donation of £50 towards the cause.

There’s no denying The Rangers currently have a huge support, but for how long? is the question. Based on what we know about the cost of running such a big operation, it’s going to be a long time, (I would estimate at least ten years) before they could even come close to seriously competing with Celtic, (even allowing for honest mistakes!). I would expect the attendances to gradually fall away and they will be lucky to be getting 20,000 gates in a couple of years time. If Charles Green is still at the helm and keeps to his promise to only spend 33% of income on player wages, the numbers could be even lower.

The other thing I take issue with is the myth that The Rangers and their predecessors RFC bring a lot of money to other clubs. Yes they bring a lot of money into the game, but the vast majority of that money is spent on players wages and the running of Ibrox. While a few thousand away supporters coming to your ground from time to time, or an away cup draw at Ibrox is a welcome bonus to other clubs coffers, (especially smaller clubs), it is wholly wrong to use this an excuse for special treament.

Judging by the Old Clubs trail of financial destruction over the last 3 decades and what we’ve witnessed from the new club since June, I honestly believe that Scottish Football would be better off without them. This is not from a “Rangers hater”, I have many good friends who have been Rangers supporters for many years. I used to really enjoy the banter and rivalry between the two clubs and looked forward to the regular contests between the two. However having considered all that has gone on behind closed doors, I have no desire to ever see a Rangers team play again.

I have sympathy for their fans, although they have “had their moments” none of this financial demise can be laid at their feet. I also have sympathy for the man/woman in the street employees of this new club and would strongly suggest the have redundancy insurance in place. Again it’s not their fault.

Saddest of all, I think there could have been a way out of this mess via one simple word, Truth. Had everyone involved with decisions regarding the New Rangers been honest and followed the rules, there could have been a way forward. Instead we’ve had the opposite and the closest we’ve had to truth has been silence.

For me the “infection” that was RFC was removed from the Scottish Football body, unfortunately the surgeons performing the operation had their hands infected and forgot to wash them before transplanting the heart of the Old Club to the New Club, leaving the infection to grow within the new entity. So far the surgeons have not been struck off, but there’s always hope!

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A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!
Here is an alternative, less sevco friendly, report on season tickets;


Despite slashing the cost of the season tickets for 2012/2013, the omnipresent millions of The Rangers worldwide family have failed to support the new club in their vulnerable infancy. Season ticket sales of 38,014 being only 0.5% higher than the previous two seasons.

An “unnamed source” has said that the new club board is bewildered that despite having a reported 500 million fans worldwide, the club has only been able to raise £8,000,000 from sales of these tickets, which is the equivalent of 1.6p per fan.

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Enough is enough
theredpillNovember 7, 2017 at 07:44 
Sevco  is gonna love this.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-41857222
AND, the beeb also described Celtic as Scotland’s biggest club!
While we know this to be true, the Klan will be raging.

The Vice Closes
JOHN CLARKOCTOBER 4, 2017 at 16:41 
The ‘Scotsman’ has a wee piece reporting that if Cataluna ‘secedes’ from Spain, and gets kicked out of La Liga,  the Catalonian sports Minister thinks they could get into the English premier league.Arsene Wenger, though, opines that ” We have to invite the Scottish clubs before we go for the Spanish”Who’s been biting his ear?
My understanding is, historically Catalonia included parts of South Eastern France, where many inhabitants of the border towns and villages see themselves as Catalonian, rather than French.

Therefore a more suitable “home” for an exiled Barcalona team would be the French League. Unless of course, money is more important?????????????

The Vice Closes
Despite the blatant need for a thorough review, with proper retrospective punishment and re-setting of results, for me as big an “issue” is the fabrication of continuity.

Not looking to open up the OC/NC debate again, but the upcoming Sevco v Celtic game at Ibrox on Saturday week may open up an opportunity to put this lie to bed for ever.

I am not sure what the Celtic allocation of tickets would be for this game, but say 5,000. Now the match will be promoted and tickets sold on the false pretence of Sevco being the historic cheating club born in 18 canteen rather than the true birthdate of 2012.

My question is, would it be possible for a group, (the more the better) of fans attending/buying these tickets, to go to a “small claims” court and request reimbursement of the ticket price based on the legal status of the club being falsely promoted?

There are many in the game and associated organisations, for whom the lie suits their agenda. However anytime this nonsense has come in front of proper legal scrutiny, it has been shown to be the sham we all know too well.

We know Sevco would not settle out of court as they are desperate for cash and of course are “no surrender peepul”. I’m sure many fans across the country would be only too happy to crowd-fund the challenge. Could this be one option to finally debunk the myth????    

The Vice Closes
Time for a statement from Celtic supporters association.

To all those clubs, who fail to support Celtic’s demand for an extensive review and restoration of integrity to the Scottish game. Don’t expect the support of Celtic fans at your stadia in future. Why should Celtic fans support spineless, gutless boards who prefer to turn a blind eye to blatant corruption rather than join in the fight for truth, transparency and justice.

You’re going to reap just what you sow. 

The Vice Closes
Oh and while I’m logged on, I thought I’d add my tuppenceworth to “Brown-toe-flick-gate”.

Anyone who has played the game will know, Scott Brown could easily have avoided his foot making contact with the Hamilton player’s face. So should he be given a ban for the offence? Yes. However I’m sure the compliance officer is only too aware, any ban could be appealed and it would be very difficult to prove the minimal contact was not accidental.

In other words, I believe he would win his appeal and because of this there will be no action taken.

I am not a big fan of Scott Brown as an individual, but realise he has the physical attributes to make him an integral part of the Celtic team. A bit like Leigh Griffiths, he often lets himself down with silly impetuous antics, which detract from the positives in their games. I also believe he will feel he has unfinished business with Neymar, (as possibly does Lustig) and a bet on Scott Brown to be yellow-carded in the match is as near a certainty as you will get. I only hope the red mist doesn’t descend in which case Celtic could well be facing and already Herculean task, playing with a man short.

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