A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!


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Everything Has Changed
Having read the LNS decision during lunch, I have to say it is both fair and balanced. I am not a lawyer but he seems to have applied the law as it stands, which is precisely what one would hope for and expect of a judge.

The sanction is questionable but the decision is fair and balanced, based on the evidence he cites.

The same thing may also be true of decision by the FTTT (subject to appeal).

The shenanigans of the SFA / SPL (and to a degree the SFL) in admitting the Rangers Newco to the Third Division were most definitely not fair and balanced. Our sporting authorities and the MSM sought the corrupt avenue at every stage until it was closed off to them by those that refused to accept it.

The victims in this whole sorry episode are many.

I suspect that various rules – commercial and sporting – will be rewritten in the aftermath of what has taken place. If so, such a revision will be carried out for a reason. The reason being to never allow “what Rangers did” to happen again. That is a badge of shame I would not wish to wear.

Some people on this forum and throughout Scottish football may disagree with some or all of the above and may feel that an injustice has taken place.

I refer them to those three words inside quotation marks above. Those who helped expose it should feel proud. Those who feel it is something to be ignored or celebrated should feel deeply ashamed.

I will continue to support my wee club. My conscience is clear.

Everything Has Changed
It would appear that Rangers spent the last ten years actively hiding from the authorities (tax and sporting) something that was actually not illegal (as things currently stand).


Everything Has Changed
Headline in sports section of today’s Daily Record:

“Shamed ex-Rangers owner Craig Whyte is in a “constant state of denial” says top sports psychologist.”

Yeah – there’s a lot of it about.

Everything Has Changed
From Twitter:


Nothing I have ever said @bbcqt has been edited out. EVER. Why was Rangers tax dodge censored? And by whom? #bbcqt

Everything Has Changed
From Twitter:


I called on Glasgow Rangers to pay the tax they owe to the country. Was that edited out of tonight’s show @bbcqt?

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