A Sanity Clause for Xmas?


Not sure I follow your logic or argument here at …

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Not sure I follow your logic or argument here at all EasyJambo

What Hibs appear to be doing is converting some debt to equity, and some (more expensive) bank debt in to a mortgage. This is being done for a number of reasons including increasing fans’ ownership of the Clumpany.

Unless I’ve misunderstood you, you appear to be advising caution at this ‘good news’ as the quantum of the mortgage has increased by £1.5m. in fact you go on to say, that increasing the mortgage by this value will now require ‘serious cost-cutting’ at Easter Road. One would expect that Hibernian FC can afford this additional mortgage AND the cost to the service this debt is the same, or less than current costs. The investment by fans is for equity, the additional mortgage doesn’t have to be repaid in the same way as Bank debt, nor does it have to be repaid immediately.


I’m sure Hibs will continue to try and live within their means and having resisted the urge to achieve success through reckless borrowing and spending, will, slowly, over time reap the benefits of their own stadium and training facilities. Today’s news is another positive example of Clubs and fans coming together to create long-term, and realistic, sustainability.

Talk of ‘serious cost-cutting’ and ‘keeping the lights on’ using fans investment seems inaccurate at best and at worst, scaremongering.

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A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
Sorry, but I can’t let this go, having just read the excellent blog over at https://dfr10.wordpress.com/2014/12/27/rangers-nil/. A few commentators above seem prepared to give the piece qualified praise, with the following remark appearing to cause the most contention:

“. . . I now think it would have been preferable for the club to have ceased to exist before it entered the lower leagues.”

Now, I may have this wrong but I seem to recall a number of different people consistently suggest exactly the same thing, over the past few years; that ‘Rangers’ took some time out before re-forming and working its way up the League ladder.

Of course the ‘offensive’ words in that sentence are ‘ceased to exist’ and it can be inferred that as it ‘would have been preferable’, ergo, his view is that Rangers have not ‘ceased to exist’.

I’m not going to attempt to summarise the logic for both sides of the OC/NC debate, however I would offer the following, on this the last day of 2014; Rangers have ceased to exist while simultaneously continuing to exist.

The Rangers we all knew are gone, gone for a very long time, if not, most likely, for ever. The ‘continuity Rangers’ created by Charles of Normandy (I do love that moniker!) are not a continuation of the old, despite wearing its clothes and living in its house, but the danger was always if Rangers as a Club, as a team, did NOT cease to exist and, by association, its fans and supporters didn’t ‘do walking away’ then as the saying goes, ‘all it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing’.

The very thing that Rangers fans, the majority of the SMSM (it would seem) and, of course, the SFA/SPL wanted – a return to the comfort of the long-held ‘Old-Firm’ status quo cannot now be achieved precisely because of the way RIFC/TRFC was created.

Blogs like the one linked to here are the ‘end of the beginning’ in my view. Sane, articulate people are starting to realise what has happened and what the implications of this are.

The only constant in life is change and Scottish Football as a whole has changed since Rangers went bust.

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
Quite off topic I know but can anyone enlighten me as to why Leggoland isn’t doing the blog thing anymore??

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
Pete Lambie says:
December 30, 2014 at 10:20 am

Because it’s business editors managing coverage of CityLink story, where it’s sports editors managing reporting on rfc/sevco story.

Apologies this is the superficial nonsensical answer that’s put forward by SMSM churnalists.

You may recall that when Celtic were in their darkest hour the Record sent a Hearse round to Celtic Park.

The problem many folk have with the idea of Rangers having died is that this would mean the end of the “world-record breaking, 54 league titles” schtick that those with brogues, cardigans, a sense of entitlement and a superiority complex need to justify their existence.

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LNS – A Summary
Smugas 6th December 2015 at 8:02 PMG 
Not sure I follow you at all Smugas, I’m afraid!
Sure King could bring down the SFA, but just as FIFA officials find themselves looking at the inside of a Swiss police cell at this time of year, this is because of the unholy mess they and (The) Rangers have got themselves into, together.  As JJ says, it’s mutually assured destruction.
If my thinking is wishful then it’s only that the SFA is on borrowed time; either Ashley will expose them or King will.  And I don’t think anyone has seriously considered what *might* happen if every ST holder across Scotland, said sort the SFA or there isn’t any football next season…
Our new governing body should represent every Club in Scotland, and would have to make it a priority to ensure that Rangers fans are able to rebuild and move forward too, without the spivs, crooks, PR cronies and placemen at Hampden contriving to ignore the truth.

LNS – A Summary
King was passed fit and proper and that was absolutely no surprise to any of us.
When he was caught outside Hampden the other day he said that he’d never met the SFA.  While that was probably a lie – it was also a public pronouncement, said for a reason.
What JJ is pointing to is King’s knowledge, intimate, explicit knowledge from Oldco days, through the whole Swiss meetiing around the Sevco time, to today. He knows what the SFA have said, done and – more importatly – not done, over the years.
The SFA are hopelessly, permanently and fatally compromised.  King is a crook and it will be his crookedness, that the SFA have been drawn in to, that come April and a judicial review will – finally – expose what’s been going on.
King can no more make Ashley go away as Canute could turn back the tide. 

LNS – A Summary
The Ungrateful Dead 6th December 2015 at 2:39 pm 
He’s not been sued, and nor has PMG, because a) as you can’t be slandered in a Court of Law why would Regan, or King want the role of Plaintiff IF, b) the allegations were based on a truth?
The very last thing Regan and/or King want is time in Court where their previous actions can come under real scrutiny… from very intelligent people, with a great grasp of the facts?
However, ladies and gentlemen, does anyone else feel if James Doleman can reach his crowd-sourced target of £1,000 in about 40 mins, then the day when a crowd-sourced judicial review of this whole sordid business takes another step to becoming a reality?
I saw that Chris Graham, the 48 hour Director and committed Islamaphobe made a(nother) sneering remark about crowd-sourcing on Twitter.  What he doesn’t have the intelligence to realise is that either a genuine, bona fide, real billionaire will either expose the collusion between the SFA and especially King, or the rest of us will.  The SMSM will esssetially become a total irrelevance in all of this; they have an agenda and they have Level5 but I doubt that will save either of them.
King is a crook, a convicted crook.  He’s just attempted to try and rip off one of the Easdale brothers, which is, even by his standards, a very, very stupid thing to do.  Having also tried to rip off MA… which is reckless even by his own standards.
In any war of attrition the side with the greater resources will eventually win.  Which therefore pits Sevco/RIFC/TRFC against Mike Ashley and/or supporters of any and every Club in Scotland.

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
There have been suggestions made elsewhere that some of the Onerous Contracts also include bonus payments TO suppliers in the event of promotion to the Premiership.

If this is the case, would they not have to be shown as Contingent Liabilities in the Accounts?

It’s a nice scenario though, promotion – rather than securing additional income – putting yet another hole in th life raft.

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Finchleyflyer says:
November 21, 2014 at 9:40 am

“Why are such patently untrue statements not challenged? Why don’t journos have the bollocks to ask a simple questions and expose these sort of idiots idiots for the ignorant, badly-informed, reactionary morons they are?”

I offer three excuses, or if you prefer reasons.

1. They don’t understand themselves – or the truth/reality is too difficult to comprehend and/or accept

2. The SMSM actually DO miss the OF games as they sold copy/created interest

3. There are many Rangers sympathisers or supporters in the media who want TRFC to ‘get back’ to the Top Division pronto.

What happened to RFC was seismic for Scottish Football, folk like Kelly are from a bygone era now.

However, this blog exists to educate and inform people AND to also ensure that nonsense like this is exposed, and wherever possible the right to reply or correct is demanded.

The point about Scottish Football having less debt than ever before is at the crux of the matter. Whatever money RFC brought to the game – outwith attendances – wasn’t theirs, so the money they paid in transfers to others Scottish Clubs, whilst welcome, was in reality put on a credit card, a bill which they never paid.

This wasn’t and isn’t sustainable.

The truth and the reality will prevail if enough people challenge nonsense like this and continue to make the case for ‘living within means’. There, literally, is no other way.

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