Did the MSM learn anything from the Rangers saga?


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While we are on about MSM so called journo’s that two faced Gonk Spence should go as well, ever read his blog on Dundee when they went bust and then compare it to Rangers, idiot of a man.

As a genuine born and bred citizen of the Kingdom, if your nom-de-plume is true, may I say you don’t half give the place a bad name.

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Journey’s End?
Cant wait for Wednesday.
Game over, three days of post-match non-analysis, no more non-articles by Sounness, Smith,McLeod, McAvennie, Johnstone,Johnston,Konterman (is that enough?)).
Pure bliss.
Purgatory = a replay and the whole charade starts all over again.

Journey’s End?
Oddjob @ 14.01

If the SFA were to adopt such a policy there would be no referees available to officiate at RFC fixtures.

Look Back to Look Forward
Finloch -great blog and your Wikipedia idea is first-class. My only reservation would be the security of any content-it seems too easy for unauthorised individuals to revise entries at will.
Turning to the current refereeing controversies and “it’s who you know” attitude that seems to prevail in all things SFA, I had an old friend who was a referee in the 70s-80s. My friend (henceforth MF) had worked his way up the leagues from junior to senior football and in the early 80s had reached the required standard to take charge of Division 1 games as they were called in those days. It was a labour of love. Twice weekly training sessions and all for a pittance of a fee. MF used to look forward to games at Stranraer or Q.O.S as he made more money on the generous mileage allowance than he did on his fee.
In those days, all new Div 1 refs were assessed on every game they took charge of. Most were happy to receive a 6 or a 7 out of 10 as that was deemed an acceptable performance.  In all the games MF was acceptable bar two. On each occasion he received a marking of 2 from the assessor who was also president of the Referees Association at the SFA. Suffice it to say this individuals 2 sons were also referees, and although barred from assessing their games, he simply gave atrocious marks to those he felt were inexperienced or were not likely to rock the boat. The 2 marks of 2 were enough to see MF downgraded to linesman’s duties in the lower leagues the following season with no right of appeal. Needless to say he tendered his resignation rather than accept his public humiliation. By never receiving any adverse markings they deserved on occasions the careers of the two sons flourished.
Anyway 2 stories to illustrate that all was not doom and gloom in those days. MF was picked by a well-known referee to accompany him as linesman to a UEFA cup match in Stockholm. As was the norm in those days, the local referees association  used to get two or three of their members to take the visitors out on the town the night before the game. So it fell that a party of 6 or 7 referees Swedish and Scottish, visited this rather exclusive strip club in the capital. The management in the club could not understand how this party were getting merrier and merrier as the night wore on having bought only one round of drinks, until on their departure they found a stack of empty miniature bottles of whisky underneath the table. I forgot to mention MF’s f/t job was as a Custom’s official in a well-known distillery.
The other tale involves a match at Tynecastle at  which MF officiated. A goalmouth collision in the opposition box, involving John Robertson and the away goalkeeper resulted in both lying flat on their backs with ball bouncing near them. MF indicated for them to play on and although still on his haunches Robertson made contact with the ball but unfortunately skied it over the crossbar. MF awarded a goalkick and ran back to the halfway line, with the home crowd going ballistic. As he neared the dug-out area, Alex McDonald, the then Heart’s manager, gave him dog’s abuse claiming it was an obvious penalty. MF, swore to us afterwards that this is what he replied to McDonald, “look if he cannot score from six yards, he’s hardly likely to score from twelve”   

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
Liverpool fans have won their dispute with the Club’s owners tonight. After the walkout on Saturday over the introduction of the £77 ticket” for next season, the Club have withdrawn that ticket, frozen all prices for the next two seasons and introduced a £9 ticket for seats at certain matches.
Are there lessons we can draw on here in our fight against the SFA?

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
On the biscuit theme, surely the whole saga reeks of Jammie Dodgers!

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