Reforming Scottish football – some initial questions


Reforming Scottish football – some initial questions

This is a reblog of an excellent post by
TSFM will be posting a new blog tomorrow dealing with the continued intimidation and threats that seem to follow New Rangers everywhere.

Thanks to Glasnost and Pair of Strikers for their permission to reblog. I am sure we will be hearing from them for some time to come.

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campsiejoePosted on10:55 pm - Aug 24, 2012

Over on RTC someone did a chart showing how all of the MBB’s companies and his business associates linked together
I haven’t got the know how, but would it not be a good idea to start a new one showing the same information for Green and his associates
Obviously it could be added to with each new revelation

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midcalderanPosted on10:58 pm - Aug 24, 2012

This may be a bit off topic (it’s not really if you think about it). I posted this on August 21, 2012 at 23:16

“My pub’s name has stayed the same, has had many different owners over 30 years and each successive owner has succeeded in lowering its standards to the extent that it now has 6 customers at 9 o’clock on Friday night. Could this happen to a football club that doesn’t change its ways?”

Well, would you believe it, I was down the pub tonight and the last few good men standing got some really good news. It was reported – “not a Daily Record source says” – that the landlord has been legally removed, the locks have been changed and we have the assurance of a good honest publican taking over who promises to bring back all the genuine good old faces that have moved elsewhere in the village. There is hope. I’m ecstatic, no kidd’n!!

Could this happen to a football association or football club that does change its ways?” Having thought about it, I hope Charles Green’s not bought the lease.

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jimbo milliganPosted on10:59 pm - Aug 24, 2012

That would mean mccoist has ponied up 500k to charles green – doubt it very much .

Hes been chucked that by sevco to help get the hordes onside.

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campsiejoePosted on11:10 pm - Aug 24, 2012

jimbo milligan @ 22:59

Jack will be most disappointed that his sterling efforts for the cause have not merited a 4.5% stake in Sevco
After all he has spent more time than McCoist getting the hordes on side

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jimbo milliganPosted on11:14 pm - Aug 24, 2012

Theres quite a lot of shares unnaccounted for joe .

BTW has anyone had a read at duff and phelps latest admin status report ?

Anything of note ?

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jonnyodPosted on11:15 pm - Aug 24, 2012

campsiejoe says:
August 24, 2012 at 22:55
I think RTC tried for months to advise ragers fans to start looking at what was going on at there club to no avail .
I used to get irrate at thing Minty was doing that were not being reported by the MSM and my anger was aimed at the hacks for not printing negative stories about ragers ,as time went on though I realised that Minty could never have taken ragers to oblivion without the help of the MSM .
So if DM is found out and brought to book I will raise a toast to the MSM for their blind allegiance

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campsiejoePosted on11:19 pm - Aug 24, 2012

jimbo milligan @ 23:14

That is true, and after all as he is a creditor of old club, he may yet be bought off in kind
Do you have a link for the updated report ?

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nowoldandgrumpyPosted on11:31 pm - Aug 24, 2012

jimbo milligan says:
August 24, 2012 at 23:14
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Theres quite a lot of shares unnaccounted for joe .

BTW has anyone had a read at duff and phelps latest admin status report ?

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midcalderanPosted on11:33 pm - Aug 24, 2012

Danish Pastry says:
August 24, 2012 at 21:17

The pattern repeats itself. One poster swamps the blog with posts containing a mix of fact, fiction and spurious tales. Different name, same show.
Just catching up and can’t readily see the poster to whom you refer. Help!

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TallBoy PoppyPosted on11:39 pm - Aug 24, 2012

jimbo milligan says:
August 24, 2012 at 23:14

13.7 Premier Property Group
13.8 Close Leasing
Both the above companies appear to still have security over some of the assets but
Mr Whitehouse, despite many months of very long lunches with colleagues, has been unable to establish the exact quantum of the liability.

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Itsagoal!Posted on11:42 pm - Aug 24, 2012

From Duff & Phelps 24 August 2012 report:

“Two deferred transfer fees of £300,000 and £503,947 respectively are now overdue. The Joint Administrators are continuing to pursue the debtor football clubs in respect of payment of these amounts.”

tsk tsk – someone has not paid transfer fees owed to Old Rangers – who are these people? we the (taxpayers) creditors want our money back!

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JJPosted on11:52 pm - Aug 24, 2012

Text doing the rounds

“Reported today that Lance Armstrong will be stripped of his tour de france titles. I have decided to now call myself The Lance Armstrong, buy his old bike, claim his titles and demand entry to next years tour. If anyone objects I will call them a b1got. Lance Armstrong then, Lance Armstrong now, Lance Armstrong forever. We dont do cycling away !!!”

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TSFMPosted on12:01 am - Aug 25, 2012

New blog from StevensanPH with some exclusive “actual” news 🙂

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