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Presumably Neil Lennon is currenlty on the phone to Messi, …

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Presumably Neil Lennon is currenlty on the phone to Messi, Ronaldo etc to get them to turn out against Juve in the return match.

When questioned how they managed to take to the field in Hooped shirts he can say it was just an adminiistrative error.

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Everything Has Changed
neepheid says:
Friday, March 8, 2013 at 09:51

Agreed, but thats what happens when a ‘decent’ guy gets thrown into situations they are not capable of dealing with.

CO couldn’t handle or stand up to SDM and he doesn’t know what to do with Green.

The decent thing to do would be to go and acknowledge that being decent just isn’t enough. You also need to have a strength of character and a degree of conviction as to what you are doing.

Everything Has Changed
I have said before that friends who have met Campbell Ogilvie say he comes across as a decent guy.

When Stewart Regan came on board he seemed to be full of bright ideas and appeared to have a game plan for Scottish Football.

Now people may have conspiracy theories but usually when things go pear shaped it is because people don’t take responsibility or make clear cut decisions.

Say what you like about Charles Green but he has a game plan and is trying to stick to it.

Ogilvie and Regan are merely rabbits caught in the headlights.

There is no great plan.

These two are just a couple of lads who have been promoted to a few levels above their degree of competency.

Afraid to make decisions, afraid to take responsibility for current and past actions, afraid to rule without fear or favour, afraid of transparency.

That is why they should go. They have been found out over the last few years as not being up to the job. Not only in relation to T’Rangers fiasco but on a number of major issues affecting Scottish Football (reconsturction, national team management etc etc)

It is as simple as that.

Everything Has Changed
For sharewatchers

Looks like the interim results may have stirred up a wee bit activity on T’Rangers shares.
One ‘big’ buy yesterday of 125k shares but two sales today of 50k each with 52k not disclosed as sell or buy.

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Moving On Time?
StevieBC 22nd December 2020 at 12:26

bect67 22nd December 2020 at 12:50

Agree, if people aren't happy with six goals in a cup final encounter that went to extra time and a nerve wracking penalty shoot out then what is it that floats their boat?

Thinking back, by the end of it I had forgotten there was no crowd in Hampden and was wholly absorbed unlike some games I've watched in these strange times.

OK so the quality was questionable and the result didn't go the way of my team but for me this is what sport should be about. If Celtic had taken it to 3-0 in the second half and strolled to the end of the game, no-one would have even remembered the game next week, let alone years to come. 

Quadruple trebles, Hamilton winning F1 at a canter, etc  are to be admired and respected but I'd say it isn't always 'entertaining'.

Moving On Time?
Nice to see the thumbs back on the site.

18 thumbs down for a fairly innocuous post re the cup final and 1 person responding negatively to Cluster One's post re  the BBC's  half time tribute to a 36 year old footballer being struck down by MND!! 

I know people say the thumbs are not the be all and end all of the site, but come on guys, really?

Moving On Time?
Very entertaining cup final today.

Penalties a bit of a lottery, as usual,  as both teams could claim they were worthy of the win.


Moving On Time?
bordersdon 7th December 2020 at 20:23

paddy malarkey 7th December 2020 at 18:36

Would hope by the September rounds there may be a chance to get to games if the vaccine roll out goes well. However in terms of away games can't see any great attraction other than Austria, don't really fancy the rest. Would consider Denmark if I can get a bank loan for a pint!!

Moving On Time?
Re The recent punishments for St Mirren and Kilmarnock, I have merely scanned the ruling for Killie and read a bit of commentary re St Mirren

It seems there are two parts to case. Killie were deemed to have not operated social distancing protocols on the bus to an away game and at a pre-game meal. To put is simply, they probably need to have two buses to keep all players and staff appropriately distanced and at the hotel where the meal was served,  the tables had too many people around them.

In St Mirren's case it seems the same applied but they were also guilty of letting players car share. There seems to be questions about not imparting covid related information to players and staff in an appropriate manner.

I may be wrong but I get the impression the cash fine is for braking the covid protocols and the loss of game and the 3-0 award to opposition is based on sporting disadvantage, given the result was that due to Covid issues the offending team were unable to put out a team and thus placed unfavourable conditions on their opposition that would otherwise not have occurred.

The linking of these two cases to earlier one with Celtic & Aberdeen seems to be 'apples and pears' in that both those clubs were willing and able to play their fixtures. The SPFL seem to also be saying that the Scot Gov cancelled the games but I am not sure that is strictly the case.

However, if a team were to fall foul of a bout of food poisoning as a result of their own catering operation and could not fulfill a fixture, is it not the case that precedent for teams being unavailable due to  'illness' within the squad is that the games are rescheduled.

Clubs would not be fined for breaking hygiene protocols and no points would be awarded to the disadvantaged opposition.

I can see why the SPFL have taken the stance they have, in these most difficult of times,  but not overly convinced they have the powers or precedent to take such action. Perhaps it is a gloves off approach as opposed to being more accommodating in 'normal times'.

While not so fussed about retrospective action on Celtic and Aberdeen, I am more concerned that the same SPFL seem willing to disrupt an already jam packed league fixture list and allow a certain team to needlessly go to a winter training camp (which presumably will be abroad), when there could be a higher probability of people straying from protocols and covid controls. 

If Celtic or any other team are unable to fulfill fixtures due to 'covid mistakes'  then 3-0 it will be, no?


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