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Everything Has Changed
One thing I should have said. When the dust over this clears, our national game will be in a different place, with a different ethos and a different atmosphere.

The success or otherwise of this new entity, forged in the coals of an electric fire by the geniuses who have steered this trainwreck will depend on what the fans voting with their feet decide.

Does anyone think there will more turning up?
What about the same?
Or less?

Rhetorical question :mrgreen:

Everything Has Changed
torrejohnbhoy says:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 21:20 (Edit)

The governance of our game should be the responsibility of the governing bodies, who we should not forget are made up of the clubs themselves. As far as I’m concerned, the clubs, by their inactions are 100% complicit.
Eventually fans will just say no more to paying all this cash to be treated like sh*t.

I’m not so sure the fans will draw a line. There is too much emotional investment for some. Having said that, it’s fine they are happy enough to go along with the sham. I’m certainly not gonna criticise anyone who is steeped in the traditions of going to the gemme and finds it difficult to walk away.

For me it is simple. Like you I agree that the clubs have the power to deal with this appropriately if they so choose. If my team choose not to make a stand then I conclude they are happy to be cheated and treated like bit part players in the Big Bear Ego-boosting exercise that Scottish football has become. Their participation will validate the history of cheating and malfeasance by Rangers, and by default they will have lost my financial support.

I will still watch out for their scores, but if this episode has taught me one thing it is that my disappointment in defeat in the past was unjustified – especially since the outcome was almost certainly pre-ordained.

My reaction to any defeat in future will be;

1. Quelle surprise!
2. They walked into this with their eyes and wallets open. Hell mend them.

Everything Has Changed
Carfins Finest. (@edunne58) says:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 16:53 (Edit)

Apologies for the barely tangential on-topic-ness.

I am ambivalent on the Independence question. It certainly has intrigued me over the years and even more so as the referendum nears. I reckon on balance I was veering towards a “yes”, but the scale of the mobilisation by the establishment in Scotland to assist Rangers has compelled me to re-assess.
The media, the judiciary, the football authorities have all been actively engaged in operation parachute – and the politicians have turned a blind eye to the goings on.

The question we need to have answered is “Why?” Why have these pillars of our establishment felt the need to defy logic, and argue that black is white on such a persistent scale?

Just for a football club? As a sceptic on the Masonic conspiracy theories most of my life, my conviction still holds that such a thing is unlikely. However even those who like me are forever on the lookout for more pragmatic causes and effects will surely understand how people can come to those conclusions and NOT be candidates for institutionalisation.

Are the checks and balances of Westminster and Whitehall the only things that keep us safe? For if what we have witnessed over the last year is endemic of Scottish society, then we really aren’t grown up enough to be running our country.

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The Peter Lawwell/Martin Bain thing is not true.  PWF was a colleague of mine when I worked at CP, and as he says, he did indeed work for Celtic as a management accountant (he arrived after me and left before me). Of course the symbiotic relationship with Rangers was always understood (much to my own personal chagrin), but there was no in-concert business plan. I have no doubt that Lawwell and Bain did chat from time to time and probably cooperated on a number of things, but no more than they would have with CEs of other clubs

Had there been a systematic relationship, I am not sure it could be construed as some kind of world domination cartel, but I would have been aware of it. The area I worked in could have benefited greatly from an association with Rangers, but there was most definitely no such association. For the sake of PR we were in fact trying (and generally succeeding) in getting one over them.

Had Bain been in attendance at Celtic Park for anything other than a match, it would have been around the office like wildfire. In all the time I worked there – several years in a fairly senior position – I only ever had an official liaison with a Rangers executive once – and that was at a meeting at Hampden which was also attended by reps of half a dozen other clubs (which is also where any secret meetings would have been held).

When I think back to the fans of different teams who worked at Celtic, there were a few ‘Well fans aside from PWF, Kilmarnock fans (one of whom is Celtic’s commercial manager), Hamilton, Hearts as well as Rangers. Amongst those people (many of whom were in more senior positions than I was) it is preposterous that there was ever at any time a culture of sneering at other teams, or inferring a “wee diddy” status to any of them.

There was a great deal of banter between all those people because of the inter-club rivalries, but never any disrespect.

People on here will be aware that I am no great defender of Celtic for their part in all of this shambles, and in fact I have never volunteered my past associations with the club because I thought that might compromise some of the criticisms I have voiced, being open to accusations of disgruntled ex-employee (I have no reason to be gruntled or otherwise 🙂 ).

However I can’t stand around and allow that kind of malicious gossip to be peddled. Celtic can most definitely be accused of self interest, and perhaps even selfishness, but Peter Lawwell for all his imperfections, had no regular monthly meetings with Martin Bain alternating between Celtic Park and Ibrox. And at senior levels within Celtic Park there was absolutely no culture of direspect towards rival teams. Business and relationships were carried out in a very professional manner, a manner which PWF appears to have abandoned with this kind of gossip.

I can’t speak to the culture at Celtic Park today, but my time there spanned either side of that of PWF, and he is (at best) in error about his recollections. It is sad for me personally, but I had a great regard for PWF when he was a colleague. I’m afraid that has changed after tonight. Perhaps after a busy Friday night, a new day will put a different outlook on those.

I have texted TSFM to ask him to look at this stuff, as I believe the claims PWF as made may be actionable. Because of my personal interest here, I don’t want to remove any posts myself, but I certainly hope that this blog isn’t pulled down in this kind of ironic fallout if Celtic take understandable umbrage.


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Redlichtie, Stevie

I think that might be an interesting road to go down. The difficulty is in maintaining anonymity. For myself, I don’t really bother about it – and my nickname is more a matter for internet tradition as opposed to a need to lurk in the shadow. However, TSFM may take the view that his anonymity could be compromised by such a development.

I do know that Auldheid is looking to TSFM to front up some correspondence that he has in mind. Maybe he will contribute his views on the matter.

Reflections on Goalposts
ThomTheThim says: (6)

January 5, 2014 at 11:07 pm

Refreshing and hopeful point of view TTT. No amount of anti Celtic conspiracy or whatabouttery can explain away the actions of fans at Motherwell last month, nor the shameful scenes in Amsterdam.
As a Celtic fan myself, my first reaction is to verify (tabloids can be OTT at times) and condemn when necessary. I don’t want to be tarred with the thug brush.
If people attempt to justify or deflect or understate they often do so through a misplaced club loyalty. In that event the only winners are the thugs and tossers, and before you know it the noise floor (or nedfloor) is raised to the point where it was in the 70s and 80s.
Both Celtic and Rangers have bigger potential problems than other clubs simply because of the numbers who follow them. That puts a bigger responsibility on those clubs to deal with it.
I’m a cynic when it comes to the Celtic board, but I am heartened by their recent response and refusal to defect from these issues. I hope that will continue.

Reflections on Goalposts
The McCoist situation is a real Catch-22 for Rangers.

On one hand, he is Continuity Man – the individual almost singlehandedly responsible for the plausible deniability of New Club.
On the other, his managerial ineptitude is arguably responsible for the speed of RFCs demise and may yet delay their procession to the top league.

Looking at it from the Rangers perspective, this is very much a rock and a hard place.

One might argue that the squad overkill is an attempt to compensate for McCoist’s lack of coaching chops. That would certainly explain the perverse logic of their expenditure given their resources. Looked at through the prism of Ally’s diddiness, the spending policy, whilst a risky business, makes a lot more sense.

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