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The vandalism to the team bus will be seized upon …

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The vandalism to the team bus will be seized upon by the SMSM, especially if it was of the nature discussed.
Anything to deflect from yet another defeat for the Magic One in a game that really matters.

If true, I’d obviously be ashamed of the mindless vandalism but in the here and now, have the same SMSM made any enquiries as to the current safety of Ibrox? Surely this is infinitely more pertinent than a few mindless vandals in the north east?

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Well that was a shocking amount of disrespect shown towards the referee by Warburton at the end of today’s match.

ANY other manager would be punished but does anyone really expect anything to be done to last years manager of the year(?)?!

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Radio Scotland was truly cringeworthy last night. It was like Ricky Gervais had decided to make an episode of The Office but for Rangers FC, or whatever they’re currently known as, and pilot it on the radio. Probably the first and last time I will listen to this pantomime this season.

My favourite line was from the ’embarrassingly neutral’ Graham Spiers who twice stated that ‘Joey Barton has severely disrespected Rangers’. Warburton would have been loving the amount of ‘disrespect’ discussed but the other publicly funded buffoon, Richard Wilson, had clearly received his orders – he declares that Barton is a Warburton signing and that it totally goes against the signing policy of the board of signing young, promising players with a sell on value. You couldn’t make it up.

Make no mistake, the level 5 knives are out for both Barton and Warburton.
The board had a plan so it had, and then Warburton went out and bought all these antiques.
Richard Wilson is fast becoming a permanent embarrassment and occasional disgrace!

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
With Aberdeen due to host The Rangers for the first time towards the end of September, I’m glad to report that the official AFC website has made a promising start with the build up.

On their fixtures calendar for the above match, they have been unable to use the old badge for the new club, instead using a bland football logo and under previous encounters, it states ‘no previous matches found’.

Unfortunately I don’t have the computer skills to 
regenerate the image here but hopefully someone else can. 

Hopefully the club keep up the good (& factual) work in the lead up to the historic first encounter!

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Radio Scotland were asking for sporting highlights of the year tonight.

Hats off / chapeau to the practical joker who succeeded in getting this one read out – ‘Rangers scoring the winner at Partick Thistle in April, with the crowd going bezerk, and the team securing a return to Europe’

Added irony was thrown in by Kenny McIntyre who read it out without any irony!

This was immediately followed by another highlight which was Derek McInnes saying thanks but no thanks to Rangers.

The producers are clearly trying to lead McIntrye towards comedy to get some listeners back.

Who Is Conning Whom?
So we’ve now had about ten hours to digest the belter of a statement from Dave King & co. last night. Their arrogance clearly knows no bounds.

Anyway, if only wee Stevie in IT was a Dons fan – he might have chosen to edit the statement before publication. Something along the lines of;

‘We endorse that position because moving to a brand new club like The Rangers is a big step with concomitant (09) risk, driven by the unrealistic expectations of the senior management and the fans, and the non existent resources available to meet such expectation’

Okay, it’s maybe not nearly as amusing as the original statement, but it’s definitely 99.9% (©Kris Boyd) more accurate.

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
Who on earth, at the BBC, deemed it appropriate to commission a full interview with Graeme Souness? 

His relevance and his personal interest in todays game in Scotland is negligible.

The only thing Graeme Souness is interested in is Graeme Souness!

The only pertinent questions that could be asked of him are the circumstances of his EBT, and how David Murray conducted his cheating in Scottish football through the late 80’s and early 90’s (pre EBT’s) but somehow I think these are areas the BBC won’t venture towards!

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
A quiet weekend for Dons fans like myself but I’m sure we will all be hoping Motherwell cheer up a rather bleak Sunday in the north east today.

The highlight of my sporting weekend actually arrived early – Friday morning, driving to work to be precise. Super salary McCoist happened to be on Talksport radio with Alan Brazil and for some reason they started talking about car boot sales. Alan enquiries of Ally, ‘have you ever been to a car boot sale?’, to which Ally says no but then Brazil comes in with ‘I thought that would have been right up your street – all that tax free cash in the sky rocket!’

This was followed by a lovely moment of radio silence as the producer tried to get some impromptu adverts on.

From Mark Daly’s BBC documentary, there were 15 EBT recipients never identified. I wonder if Ally had his nose in the trough too?!

The Vice Closes
So having long since given up on the SFA ever doing the right thing or the ‘national’ broadcaster ever providing some fair and balanced coverage of the national game, at about 3.45pm yesterday, I put it on, for 5 mins,  purely to get the half time score at Murrayfield.

Was Chick Young on level 5 funded or tax payer funded commission to state ‘it’s armed forces day today at Ibrox’?! He must have said it about 5 times in his HT ‘analysis’ before I gave up on finding out the Dons score. 

And on this armed forces day nonsense,  who covers the costs of this? Tax payer, club or company? Surely a club/company that requires £4million by month end can’t be throwing money at this?

With regards to Stewart Milne, Bill1903, he has always been out of touch with his own supporters, but appears now to have taken it to an entirely new level. 

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