Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin

Over the weekend, we ran a quick poll on Twitter (View Poll).

Do you trust the SFA to administer football in the interests of the sport?

Around 1500 took part and the percentage shares were as follows

No: 95%
Yes: 3%
Don’t Know: 2%

Not exactly scientific, nor do we make any claim that the sample demographic is representative (although the sample size is substantial).

However by any measure the overwhelming disapproval of the SFA, or the clubs that form the major part of that body, is something that cannot simply be tossed aside.

Even if the 95% (nearly 2% of the match attending public) are mistaken or deluded, it is a very badly managed industry that would ignore the perception of mistrust held by its customers.

Of course the SFA and the media will ignore the results of this poll. It doesn’t speak to the shiny-brochure, all’s-well narrative – even if the facts prove the narrative to be false.

The authorities are under siege at the moment; the government are closing in on the strict liability issue, the fans voicing disapproval and lack of trust in how the game is run, and a major member club approaches a potential financial meltdown. On top of that, there are excruciatingly bad choices made on match scheduling, venues for neutral showpiece games, and the self-acquittal process of the cup final inquiry. Not to mention that those incompetents who run the game have presided over and actively helped bring about the (arguably)  most bitter and widest polarisation of fans in the history of the game.

Even if the 95% (nearly 2% of the match attending public) are mistaken or deluded, it is a very badly managed industry that would ignore the perception of mistrust held by its customers.

Cue Stewart Regan and club chairmen across the country burying their heads even deeper in the sand, because all is well is it not?

It is a not unreasonable expectation that governing bodies should find solutions to problems in their field of expertise. The SFA are not by any stretch of the imagination part of any solution process – in fact they are a major part of the problem itself.

Football is a public-facing industry. In Scotland, because of poor TV revenues negotiated ineffectually by, wait for it, the governing bodies, the sport relies almost 100% on attendances – on fans staying loyal to the sport. Those fans (you would think) should be cultivated, engaged with, and paid heed to.

Staggeringly though, the SFA’s civil service, in the shape of their full time executives and PR machinery have done the opposite. Instead of engaging with the customer base, they have actively waged war against them.

Regan has breathed into life the wonderful fiction of Monty Python’s Brave Sir Robin.

The originally welcome transparency of the Chief Executive’s move to communicate via Twitter became increasingly opaque in the face of tough questions. Nowadays sightings only appear sporadically; and only if you are quick enough to spot him popping his head out the bunker to take a cheap shot at a critic, or childishly ejaculating “Nothing!” at public events when asked what he will do about corruption in the game.

Sir Robin - Ran Away

Sir Robin – Ran Away

Regan has breathed into life the wonderful fiction of Monty Python’s Brave Sir Robin. He  spends more time running away than fearlessly facing his critics whilst his PR chief provides snide and contemptuous invective as cover for his and his boss’s retreat.

They are consummately arrogant and filled with contempt for the fans, but to be fair, they are no different from club directors in their disregard for fan opinion. In my experience there is a culture in football that deludes itself into thinking that the directors are doing the fans a favour by providing the football club for them. They actually expect gratitude from fans for taking their money and portray themselves as martyrs if those same fans seek to hold them accountable.

It’s a bit like your boss farting so much during a conversation that you feel compelled to say “pardon me!” and take the blame for the offence yourself.

Of course there are always wonderful words about the fans from the clubs, and from the SFA and SPFL. These are merely platitudinous lip service, a box-ticking exercise to be quickly completed before reminding fans that they “really don’t have the skill-set to have a say in the running of a modern football club”.

This from people who have presided over our country’s steep slide into the footballing wilderness where our clubs and national side have disappeared from prominence and high regard .

It is no surprise then that this kind of culture in clubs, which patronises and just about tolerates fans, has woven its way into the fabric of the governing bodies itself.

95% of football fans do not think the SFA (the “clubs”) can be trusted to run Scottish football. That is a staggering statistic

95% of football fans do not think the SFA (the “clubs”) can be trusted to run Scottish football. That is a staggering statistic, and one which provides at least enough discussion for greater accountability, but more likely a root and branch change in the governance of the game.

Too often in the past, the authorities have used partisan fan interest to divide and rule. The time has most definitely come for a mass, non-partisan fan representative body to challenge the authorities, to lobby government, and to wrest control of the game away from the mediocre, self-interested failures who have slowly destroyed it over the past three decades.

I believe that such a force is coming, and I hope SFM is part of it. The people currently charged with the running of our sport excel in only one area – in their contempt for the paying public.

It is time we moved into a new age, a post SFA age where accountability, integrity and love of sport, not riches, takes priority.

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Big Pink is John Cole; a former schoolteacher based in the West of Scotland, He is also a print and broadcast journalist who is engaged in the running of SFM . Former gigs include Newstalk 106, the Celtic View, and Channel67. A Celtic fan, he is also the voice of our podcast initiative.

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    OCTOBER 12, 2016 at 16:04

    As I understand it all they needed was the Court of Session’s leave to appeal, once that was granted then the appeal would be heard in the Supreme Court.

    Had it been rejected then the applicant could appeal directly to the Supreme Court, who could then decide for themselves whether they would actually allow an appeal to be heard (I hope that makes sense). There was no need for that as the Court of Session had already granted it. 

    My current understanding is that the appeal is allowed, that it has been made, but it will be some time before it is actually heard. 

    Like you I see little point, the Court of Session was quite clear. However as having it confirmed by the Supreme Court will make the decision totally and utterly final I can see why HMRC would be happy to let it go ahead and finalise the matter. Realistically how much are they actually going to recover from the liquidated club. Very little in real terms I would imagine. However such a ruling could potentially be worth a very substantial sum. 

    OCTOBER 12, 2016 at 16:59

    On another matter it seems Mr Traynor has caused a bit of a rammy at Mark Warburtons presser this afternoon.You can see a small excerpt here
    You can also watch the full thing on Sky News.
    Oh dear.

    Warburton totally undermined – in front of the SMSM and on TV – by an external PR contractor !

    Feel a wee bit sorry for the guy.  

    No respect shown to him by Traynor at all !  15

  3. I was trying to find out something about the John Ferguson who ‘writes’ for that low-life little toilet-paper rag that still too many people buy, and came across this little piece about his’reporting.’
    The link is

    Wall of Shame (Edited)‎ > ‎ Daily Record (Scotland)
    The Daily Record is a tabloid newspaper published in Scotland and is the second-best selling newspaper in that country.
    1 2011-03-16
    2011-03-16Reporter: John FergusonDate: 2011-03-16Score: 8Link to Article:

    Reporting faults and errors:
     Refers to “full-scale panic” and thousands “fleeing in terror” from Tokyo; refers to the situation as “apocalyptic meltdown”; uses the words “deadly radiation cloud”; claims “many” Tokyo residents who have not fled were “locked up in their homes fearing a deadly radiation cloud”; claims “…many Japanese are leaving the city by any means”.Description: This article is all speculation and fear-mongering. And seriously: “…leaving the city by any means?”
    JPquake Editor: SR 
    ( I’ve no idea what or who  ‘JPquake Editor :SR’ is. But  it’s got our John nicely and accurately appraised, as having a wonderful imagination when it comes to story creation: shame he’s such a lousy journalist)

  4. CORRUPT OFFICIALOCTOBER 11, 2016 at 17:52 23 Votes
    TONYOCTOBER 11, 2016 at 16:50phil’s latest ———————– If Phil is correct then we are talking overdues stretching back 8 months at least. That would be quite a while before this season’s fixture list was compiled. If Sevco have played by the rules (no laughing at the back) then the SPFL should have been well aware of these overdues when compiling said fixture list.If I can refer you to JC’s post.JOHN CLARKOCTOBER 10, 2016 at 08:44“HMRC Obligations and ReportingE20Subject to Rules E21 and E28, any Club which:……E20.4does not within twenty eight days of the date of an assessment issued by HMRC on or after 1 June 2014 pay to HMRC the full amount of the Club’s Tax Liabilities arising as a result of that assessment……….. shall report each such Default Event in writing to the Secretary within 2 days of the Default Event arising…”

    They probably have not been issued with an assessment for missing a couple of quarters VAT (apart from the speculation today that that might have happened now). So, technically, they would not have to inform the authorities that they were up to the same tricks as their predecessor, if that is indeed the case. If it’s happened now, of course, they will undoubtedly be hit with a transfer ban (that was what happened to Hearts wasn’t it?) 14

  5. Just heard on the news there that plans for the rebuild of the main stand at Tynecastle have been approved, and work will start soon. Isn’t it amazing what can be achieved at a club when the fans rally round to save it and don’t blame everyone else, and you get the right people in charge. 

  6. Just watched the Jimmy Edwards, sorry, Traynor show on SkySports.

    Have to admit, in all the time I knew him, he was totally in control of everything around him. In this clip he not only looked to have lost control, but by his actions also effectively emasculated and embarrassed MW.

    Kind of exactly NOT what a PR minder is supposed to do.

    Traynor is a good writer, but absolutely the opposite of what is required of a PR officer. The wheels are most definitely coming off the Blue Bogey.

  7. If TRFC was a boiler, I think I’d be moving well away from it right now. Jim Traynor has never been the calmest of people under even the slightest pressure, hardly the best character trait for someone in PR, I’d think, but even for him that display suggests something is going to blow. With nothing much happening on the football front, other than the usual pre-match build up, questions on Joey Barton were clearly expected and so Warburton should have been supplied with a response much better than ‘no comment’ type flannel. Even a low quality outfit like Level5 should have coped with their own pet hacks quite comfortably and definitely been able to prevent that shambles. They were not prepared for the obvious football related questions, what was Traynor there in person to deal with if he was so badly prepared for the obvious?

    Whatever else is about to happen, no one at Ibrox is in control of the Barton situation, that’s for sure, and we do know that he’s an expensive problem to have. It always comes round to money…perhaps it had something to do with money, or the lack of it, that took Level5’s eyes off the ball!

  8. Oh, should have added: any half decent business would have sacked Traynor immediately after the shambles he created, unless that is, the business, and in particular the directors, are in dire need of PR for the immediate future and have no chance of appointing anyone else!

  9. Sorry if I’m going over old ground, but I can’t find a definite answer to this.

    When Rangers FC plc changed it’s name to RFC 2012, and Sevco Scotland Ltd changed it’s to The Rangers Football Club Ltd, did money change hands?

    I’ve always assumed it did, as happened with the stadium and other assets.

  10. PAT BYRNEOCTOBER 12, 2016 at 17:19       15 Votes 
    If you are in any doubt the influence that L5 has over not only the smsm but also t rfcl please cast your eyes over this little gem, Jabba at his cringe inducing best, truly sickening!
    Oh Dear, jabba trying his jedi mind tricks on the press
    just one question does Mr TRAYNOR stand at the side for every MW interview?

  11. BIG PINKOCTOBER 12, 2016 at 18:55
    Have to admit, in all the time I knew him, he was totally in control of everything around him.
    Got to disagree with you there BP, if you ever had the misfortune of listening to his phone in, he came over as a bullying ignoramus and used his mute/cut off switch to silence those who were either winning the argument or put over points he had no answer to. The “man” is a journalistic whore who changes his agenda to suit those idiotic enough to pay him his 12 pieces of silver. I can assure you he will probably be the first to spill the beans on the shenanigans at Ibrox, the dirty washing will be hung out for all to see, the only thing that will prevent that is the seedier element among the true blues who have a reputation of silencing those who dare not to toe tow the party line and shame on me, for some strange reason I will not be able to muster a single ounce of pity for him 

  12. Re Traynors` intervention in todays press conference by Warburton
    The behaviour and body language of both parties suggests Warburton is on a tight leash by the Board over the Joey Barton affair
    i.e. He was told in advance of today’s Press Conference that Jabba was in charge and he should not depart from the agreed script on JB  
    For Warburton to stop the meeting at a wave from Traynor and then go outside for a private 20 mins discussion was humiliating.
    Why did MW acquiesce?
    There must have been a recent disagreement between MW and his Board which lead to a clear instruction to him that JT was the person responsible for press conferences taken by MW
    This is such a serious step it must have stemmed from a serious disagreement
    The obvious conclusion is that Warburton is ready to walk and the Board are willing to see him walk
    The trigger for MW to walk is likely to be how the Board handle the JB issue
    The Board want JB off the payroll without a payoff and are planning to sack him as soon as the SFA case has concluded. They see any successful claim by JB for unfair dismissal as something they don`t need to worry about until after next seasons ST money has arrived. So their strategy is to get him off the books and out the door ASAP and damn the consequences
    JB has requested more time to study the evidence prior to his SFA meeting on 27 Oct He is justified in asking for more time given that 44 bets are involved. If he is getting paid while suspended then the longer this case drags on the more money he receives
    Are the SFA in cahoots with TRFC?
    The answer is simple
    If the SFA do not postpone the 27 Oct date for hearing the case they are in cahoots with TRFC and are cooperating in a plan to sack him ASAP
    If the SFA are prepare to delay the 27 Oct date and negotiate a new date then they are behaving fairly. However they must be aware that JB could take legal action to appeal any suspension
    Where is MW in all of this?
    It is possible the Board negotiated JBs contract and made the decision to hire him without the agreement of MW However it would not be a surprise to learn that MW totally disagrees with the idea of firing a player to save money. He has the moral high ground in this situation as a Manager publicly abused by the player in question
    I wouldn`t be a bit surprised if it was common knowledge at Ibrox  that JB had bet on football matches  well before the Barca v Celtic match . If so there is every likelihood that the Board discussed firing Barton to save money and were intent all along on using this offence to get rid of him. . The Board may have made the mistake of telling MW they plan to sack JB over the betting issue
    If JB is fired MW will leave shortly afterwards and be replaced “temporarily” by DW thus ensuring no Assistant Mgr. needs to be appointed
    If insolvency is avoided then TRFC will drag out the unfair dismissal claim until next seasons ST money arrives
    Alternatively if insolvency occurs JB will become a creditor of TRFC

  13. It’s interesting to see that Jim Traynor is as much of a rude, bullying troglodyte in person as he was to people stupid enough to phone his radio programme.

    It’s not surprising that lying and spinning comes so naturally to him.

    Traynor and Young several years ago

  14. SCOTTCOCTOBER 12, 2016 at 18:37


    If they did not submit the VAT returns on time then they will have received an assessment. The return has to go in within a specific time period. One month after the return ends, the return must be submitted within a week of that date. If it is not submitted then an assessment is automatically issued.

    If they put the return in, even if it is not paid, then an assessment is not raised. HMRC do not have to raise an assessment if the return is in, they can simply move to enforcing that debt, as it is a legal declaration of VAT due.

    If however HMRC decide that the return is incorrect they can issue an additional assessment, then enforce the total debt.


    Phil’s latest suggests that the TRFC MD might be on a holiday, as he wasn’t around Ibrox today when Traynor was having his public meltdown.

    Long-term sick leave taken due to the stresses of trying unsuccessfully to cut costs at Ibrox ?

    Wouldn’t blame Robertson at all if that was indeed the case.

    The signs of the roof caving in at Ibrox, [and metaphorically speaking as well 14 ], are there for all to see.

  16. What I thought was interesting was he didn’t say the club was dealing with the affair, he said it was being dealt with by the “powers that be at the club”. Is he distancing himself from them? The way he kind of shrugs with his arms at the end I think showed he wanted to stay but had no choice but to submit to JT calling a halt.  

  17. CHRISTYBOYOCTOBER 12, 2016 at 21:17 
    What I thought was interesting was he didn’t say the club was dealing with the affair, he said it was being dealt with by the “powers that be at the club”. Is he distancing himself from them? The way he kind of shrugs with his arms at the end I think showed he wanted to stay but had no choice but to submit to JT calling a halt.

    I always get the impression whenever someone uses the expression, ‘the powers that be’, that they are tacitly letting one know they do not agree with, or are distancing themselves from, well, those very ‘powers that be’! It always conjours up the impression of hierarchal figures, not as clever as they think they are14 My impression is that Warburton doesn’t agree with the way the matter is being handled, but doesn’t dare elaborate. Perhaps it was this description of his employers that forced Traynor into action, fearing Warburton’s (hidden) meaning might be too obvious, even for the SMSM presspack to miss!

  18. On The Rangers website for a recent charity fuction JT is in attendance. The body language is not relaxed. From the photographs its when MW is speaking.
    Not just policing the pressers??(the best i could do for killer clown hysteria emoji)

  19. I’m loathe to express sympathy for MW, but he really looked extremely uncomfortable at today’s q&a. The manager of a top flight club being prevented from answering is bad enough but to be effectively dragged from the room, is embarrassing. Maybe a simple press release prepared by JT, will replace future briefings. That it’s not going to end well is inevitable.The people who think they are, have a lot of thinking to do.

  20. AJ, I think MW’s non-verbals also spoke volumes today. More of a “sorry guys, I’d love to say more but I can’t .” I agree with you. I think JT picked up on it and got him outa there. 

    yes,he just said so on twitter,will be back shortly

  22. Much speculating as to the “real” situation surrounding JB, so I will throw my tuppence worth in. The suspension extension to the extension, may have Warbs having the upper hand.
       Imagine if you will, Warbs has said, “PR all you like, loads of clear the air talks, do what you will…….But I’m not picking him…..Not even for the bench”.
       Much harder to PR their way out of that super-fit boot-camp Joey situation, so are left with little option but to get rid. (but can’t afford)
       Warbs actually looked quite relaxed today (prior to JT’s intervention) but was deffo in, “Keep yir nose clean” mode, suggesting he knows that he is in a similar situation to JB. …i.e. If you want me out it will cost you.  
        That throws up the scenario that both intend not to present a contract breach get-out for their employer.
    That’s bound to get an employer a wee bit tetchy. No control whatsoever

  23. Another thing I was wondering about all this. Is it likely that a confidentiality clause would have to be signed prior to the likes of MW, SR and JB being taken on rather than running the risk of it not being signed when things go sour ? 

  24. Looks like Phil site is indeed down, mmmmm interesting 

  25. CHRISTYBOYOCTOBER 12, 2016 at 22:11 
    Another thing I was wondering about all this. Is it likely that a confidentiality clause would have to be signed prior to the likes of MW, SR and JB being taken on rather than running the risk of it not being signed when things go sour ? 

    I doubt people in positions like Warburton and Robertson would move to a company that would look for such an agreement as it might indicate things are not as rosey as promised,  they’d be more inclined to insist such stipulations be covered by a clause that pays them for their silence, should they leave under a cloud. It would probably make no difference to Barton as he is just as likely to say ‘publish and be damned’ anyway!

  26. I’m getting PMGB’s site without any problems.

    For those interested, he’s saying that he has been informed that TRFC have received a missive from Glasgow Council asking very precise questions over the roofs, requiring very precise answers. They have not yet replied. Phil’s information, in fact, says they have been unable to put together a suitable reply.

    VAT, Barton, roofs, invoices…what next? Oh yes, wages! Banana skins all, will they all be dodged?

  27. Phil suggesting that the stadium issues are becoming problematic,
    and VAT returns issues.
    Supplier invoice payments overdue.
    The ‘best/highest paid’ TRFC player not playing – either on or off the field.
    Cash flow issues.
    A disillusioned MD.
    An absent Chairman.
    A seriously p!ssed-off team manager, [probably].
    TRFC slipping towards mid-table mediocrity.
    An unimpressed / impatient / unforgiving group of supporters.

    The perfect storm ?

    Shouldn’t gloat…  15


    not forgetting points deduction if they go into admin

  29. For those who can’t see Phil’s latest:
    Structural stresses
    Perhaps were was another reason for things being so tense at Sevco towers today.
    I understand that a forensically precise missive from Glasgow City Council remains unanswered.
    Indeed, I am informed that such is the precision of the questions contained therein that it was rather difficult to compose a suitable reply.
    Consequently, it would be advisable for any respondent to answer without any evasion, equivocation or any mental reservation whatsoever.
    My source informs me that the author of the letter clearly has a solid grounding in the nuts and bolts matters of stadium construction and maintenance.
    Moreover, the chaps at the City Chambers would like some answers, precise pish-free ones to be…err…precise.
    Of course, in the end, someone will have to come up with the answers.
    Unfortunately, at the moment the Sevco High Command appear to be better at passing the buck than their players are at passing the ball.
    However, I am sure that all of this will be answered satisfactorily in due course in a way that is just, perfect and regular.

    This entry was posted in Categories on October 12, 2016 by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain.

  30. HomunculusOctober 12, 2016 at 17:02
    ‘..As I understand it all they needed was the Court of Session’s leave to appeal, once that was granted then the appeal would be heard in the Supreme Court.’
    Not that I doubted you for even a second, Homunculus, but I felt the need to find th legislative basis ( been some far-reaching changes introduced by the Courts Reform(Scotland)Act 2014:
    and the basis for your correct view is here:
    “Appeals to the Supreme Court
    117 Appeals to the Supreme Court
    In the Court of Session Act 1988, for section 40 (appeals to the Supreme Court: appealable interlocutors) substitute—“40    Appeals to the Supreme Court
    (1)An appeal may be taken to the Supreme Court against a decision of the Inner House mentioned in subsection (2), but only—
    (a)with the permission of the Inner House, or
    (b)if the Inner House has refused permission, with the permission of the Supreme Court.
    (2)The decisions are—
    (a)a decision constituting final judgment in any proceedings,….
    So, if the Inner House gives permission, then the appeal has to be heard.
    Glad we got that sorted!
    ( This must bore the pants off some posters, but it’s a good discipline to do what we criticise the SMSM for not doing -checking our facts!)

    i never get bored if i’m learning something new 04

    OCTOBER 12, 2016 at 23:53


    No worries, mate. Just glad you could confirm what I thought to be the case.

    I think I speak for everyone here when I express my gratitude for the effort you put in.


  33. CrownStBhoyOctober 12, 2016 at 23:49
    ‘..For those who can’t see Phil’s latest:’
    Thanks for that, by the way,CrownStbhoy.

  34. I mentioned the other day that I had emailed the Gambling Commission about the leak of the allegations against JB.
    This is the reply I received this morning.
    Today at 8:12
    “Dear Mr Clark Thank you for your email below. Your email was passed to Mr Moyes who has asked me to respond to the points you have raised regarding alleged leaks to the press.
    In terms of our remit, the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBIU) which sits within the Commission develops intelligence packages to support regulatory or criminal proceedings where evidence of match-fixing or the manipulation of events is identified. The SBIU works closely with Sports Governing Bodies, Law Enforcement and betting operators to ensure the integrity of sports betting in Great Britain. More details about the approach we take are available here: SBIU
    We are also part of the Sports Betting Integrity Forum which brings together these parties to discuss issues relating to betting integrity at a strategic level.
    With regards to publicity around ongoing cases, the Commission’s position is that we do not comment (unless there are exceptional circumstances) as doing so may prejudice investigations and, as you have outlined, would be unfair to named individuals in the absence of investigations being concluded and facts established.
    Whilst we do not have any powers to prevent leaks from other parties that may be involved, we would of course take a dim view of any operators who chose to leak such information.
    We engage frequently with betting operators, and the other parties involved, and expectations around the confidentiality of information that is exchanged is made clear to all of those we work with.
    There is no intention to change the Licence Conditions that are in place currently for betting operators but this is kept under constant review.

    Kind regards Andrew Turton
    Information Manager________________________________________________Gambling CommissionVictoria Square HouseVictoria SquareBirminghamB2 4BP Tel. 0121 230 6618Fax. 0121 230 6720

  35. Without having time to look at the link, and my apologies for that, why would a tv company pay the same this year to show what I perceive to be a much lower level of championship coverage than last?  It can only be a fop to ensure they get what they want (viewers) for 82% of as little as possible.

    sack the negotiators.

  36. I’ve seen hints on twitter, and now JJ has blogged it as fact, but it seems difficult to believe as it would be quite sensational, so, can anyone confirm that Celtic are refusing to sell tickets for the New Year Derby unless they see evidence that all is well with the stand roofs? If true, I am sure Celtic will try to keep a lid on it until confirmation, one way or the other, is received, but if it leaks (the story not the roof)in a more confirmed way, it could be disastrous for TRFC even if the rumours of the dodgy roofs are inaccurate/exaggerated.

    I tend to read these claims with a ‘wishful thinking’ override – that’s my wishful thinking – so, as much as it would point me in the direction of jelly and ice cream… anyone with inside knowledge?

  37. Good Afternoon,
    Both Phil and JJ seem to be up early today.
    They, together with others in the blogosphere cannot all be wrong.
    It seems that Hector has the thumb screws at the ready.
    It would not surprise me if the Holding Company called in the debt and transferred the stadium from TRFC in satisfaction of what is due and then let the “Club” go to the wall to be picked up for a song and then try and start a third club again.
    The SFA and SPFL were complicit and are still complicit in the wrongful governance of the game.
    Real fans must stand firm once again.
    Scottish football does not need Rangers and the baggage which it brings to the game, threats, intimidation, riots, wanton destruction and sectarianism.
    Time to cut the head off the snake.
    Scottish Society should be better then that.

  38. Overdue VAT from Q1 and Q2.
    Stadia roof issues appear have reached critical point, where fan safety an issue.
    Possibility that Celtic FC will not sell tickets to protect safety of their fans, then others will also follow.
    Gate receipts appear to be keeping the club/company alive. If there is a drop in sales due to stadia safety issues where seats cannot be sold, then ash flow will, in my view, more likely than not become a terminal issue.
    Only other option would be to attract investment – who is going to invest, if tens of millions required to keep a roof in place?
    If club play games from another stadia – where will the rental income require come from?
    Allowing VAT to become overdue and the stadia to fall into a critical state of disrepair suggests that there is no effective governance and management in place at the club.

  39. 1.     JOHN CLARK
    OCTOBER 13, 2016 at 10:35
    I mentioned the other day that I had emailed the Gambling Commission about the leak of the allegations against JB. This is the reply I received this morning.  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Well done JC
    A few thoughts
    Extract “Whilst we do not have any powers to prevent leaks from other parties that may be involved, we would of course take a dim view of any operators who chose to leak such information. We engage frequently with betting operators, and the other parties involved, and expectations around the confidentiality of information that is exchanged is made clear to all of those we work with.”
    The JB story emanated solely from an anonymous source at the Press Association. This source “understood” (meaning “we could be wrong”) that the Gambling Commission are party to a Joint Investigation with the SFA into an allegation that JB was betting on football matches
    Namedropping the phrase “Gambling Commission” clearly adds gravitas to the story. However a brief look at the GC website would confirm that they would only get involved where there is a strong suspicion of match fixing
    The potential “Lie” is whether the GC and the SFA were conducting a “Joint Investigation” into JBs betting history or whether the SFA alone initiated the investigation by approaching the Operator with some alleged “evidence”
     If it was the SFA alone who initiated this investigation then it suggests a dossier was sent to the SFA by somebody with sufficient credibility to require immediate action without going through the bureaucracy of the GC
    Operators would have problems with client confidentiality if they chose to approach the SFA with the JB betting evidence. So it’s unlikely they did so
    This points to there being another credible source for the dossier acted on by the SFA
    The above GC extract explicitly states that investigations involve the GC, their betting operators and other parties
    It makes no reference as to whether the GC and the “other parties” (in this case the SFA) conduct “Joint Investigations”
    Instead it starts from the premise that if a leak took place it was unlikely to have come from the GC or one of their operators
    It looks to me like the Gambling Commission have provided coded language saying its most unlikely that the GC or one of their betting operators is responsible for the leak If that is true then the reference to the GC has been added to the PA leak to both add gravitas AND divert attention away from the real source of “who told the SFA”
    Who could it be?
    Level5 have both TRFC and the SPFL as Clients. If they were silly enough to provide the SFA or the SPFL with a dossier from TRFC on JB they would have a serious conflict of interest
    Nevertheless if Level5 are the source it ought to provide JB with ammunition which helps his case.
    The real issue however is the integrity of the SFA
    If they are cooperating with TRFC to lower their wage bill by sacking JB they are opening yet another can of worms

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