How Not To Govern Scottish Football


Ryan, take the blinkers off. His dispicable rant about the …

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Ryan, take the blinkers off. His dispicable rant about the SFA panel should be enough for any TRFC fan to forever cringe away to a darkened room and hope that McCoist leaves your club any way possible as soon as possible. Is that a football enough issue for you?

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How Not To Govern Scottish Football
Consistently amazed at the learning derived by reading the posts and links in this site. Good grief, how could i have been working for nearly forty years without starting dozens of connected or otherwise companies that don’t file any accounts with companies house, and that could have been used to rip off my fellow citizens to enrich myself and my scurilous contacts.
I recall a saying that if i owed a bank £2000 but couldnt pay i’d have a problem, but if I owed a bank £200 million they’d have a problem. The credit bubble may have burst for most of us but hey ho, lots of debt to go round, eh?
I’ll risk going OT, and opine that if all goes well, Scotland will in the next few years find a way to extract itself from the corporate corruption that is UK PLC and return a modicum of social justice, fairness and good governance to our communities and institutions, including that collection of fearties in the SFA (miraculously back on topic).
Until then, the increasing anger and determination fomenting in more than 45% of the hearts of the population will no doubt be aware of many more of the injustices and shenanigans raining down on us all by those with more regard for wealth than commonwealth. Oh, and keep it up Ye Reds!

How Not To Govern Scottish Football
Great Scot!, I think I just noticed.

How did you manage that and still get my shortcuts to work?


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To Comply or not to Comply ?
Not sure how UEFA game rules work, but I assume the intended team strips are notified to the ref before the game. I assume like here he can order a change to be made. Would he know what strips are registered? Would there need to be any mention of change or unregistered strips in the ref’s report for any action to happen? 
This does seem an odd situation & you would think a club that likes statements would make one explaining the situation if all was well.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Homunculus- which “Rangers” put out the statement?
If its TRFC, the SFA member, could this be the sort of thing that could be described as bringing the game into disrepute by slandering or should that be libelling the governing body’s officials? 
Would any other SFA member get away with this sort of thing?
Anyhoo, that’s 3 posts from me on the one afternoon & I’d better let someone else have a go – still anything’s better than watching Engerland winning.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Thanks to Paddy Malarkey for the rules.
So clubs can register a third choice strip, but all must be registered by 1st June, and samples presented to SFA by 30th June.
Was the mandarin one registered & sample presented? If Sports Direct win their case would there be any changes required to that design? If so would it still be a viable product if this needed SFA approval? (Again, no laughing at the back)
You have to wonder at the quality of forward planning down Ibrox way to keep themselves out of trouble & saving money.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Isn’t there an SFA rule (no laughing at the back) that teams have to register all their strip designs before the season starts? I believe its probably well before now actually.
Not that I’d have any confidence of any SFA action if TRFC fell foul of this piddling little detail, & there might be some discretionary leeway anyway.
A small matter given the news about contract difficulties, but something I’d have thought might have ben raised before now.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Upthe Hoops, – you must remember that Mr King isn’t on a football club/company board, so the SFA can do sfa about anything he does or doesn’t do. That seemingly includes what he does as an apparent shadow director ( i.e. controlling hand / mind) of TRFC when he makes announcements about that football entity, or hires & fires managers / players.
He’s only the chairman / shareholder / illegal concert party player in the company that owns TRFC. 
He’s not as daft as some may make out.
We all await what the court might decide about his non compliance with court orders, – that doesn’t obviously affect TRFC directly, although their fans & some media folk see Mr King’s inability to stick to rules as a win for the football club.

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