How Not To Govern Scottish Football


I’ll second that StevieBC. I’m sorry Ryan, I’m fairly certain …

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I’ll second that StevieBC.
I’m sorry Ryan, I’m fairly certain you’ll know this diatribe is not personal. (I expect I’ll end up on the naughty step for this)
I’ve just read the Record’s article about the Livi ‘apology’ and I’m so fracking angry. I.. I’m… I..uh.. I really don’t know how to express how wound up that has left me as well as completely scunnered. I read the ‘offending’ article in the programme and would like someone to point out the inaccuracies or lies or untruths it contained? How on earth did we ever reach a stage where telling the truth resulted in ‘public apology’s’ being issued? The whole thing beggars belief and would be funny if it wasn’t so bloody scary and farcical.
I’ve never been a proponent of the eradication of the Govan based team but this has tipped me over the edge. I’m sorry Ryan but unless you can find some way to nullify the loonies then it’s time to rid Scotland of this bandwagon they’re on. And yes, I realise there are hardcore fanatics who let down their respective clubs within all support. But someone show me a comparative example where the deluded are pandered to and accommodated to such an extent?

It would appear TRFC supporters are uncomfortable with the truth. Well here’s a truth for you, and so very apt; The Rangers are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace.

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How Not To Govern Scottish Football
yourhavingalaugh says:
October 6, 2014 at 4:25 am

The Record’s take on the trouble…


How Not To Govern Scottish Football
Allyjambo says:
October 5, 2014 at 4:14 pm
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Liked the post but the TU / TD caught my eye… will Slimshady please stand up… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 😎

How Not To Govern Scottish Football
@ Barcabhoy

There must be some mechanism by which pressure can be brought to bear to try and bring this whole sorry episode under closer scrutiny?
To my mind it is nothing short of embezzlement. Gross misappropriation of what turns out to be public funds. I was taught there was a name for people like this – THEIVES.
Do I honestly believe that ‘justice’ shall be sought or dealt? NO. The whole rotten cabal is run entirely for their own interests. We are merely here to doff cap and service THEIR interest repayments. But I digress… Pass the baw!!

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To Comply or not to Comply ?

To Comply or not to Comply ?

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
WRT DUFC selling off the GA Arena (over the road from Tannadice), it is reported on the Club’s website that the contract of sale includes an option for the club to buy it back in due course for no personal gain to the purchaser, Mr Martin.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
Queen of the South’s statement re. the rescheduling of the game at Tannadice. More proof that the SPFL don’t give a damn for the paying customer, the fans – the lifeblood of the game:
Club Statement with Respect to Dundee United RearrangementQueen of the South can confirm that we have been ordered to return to Dundee to play Dundee United this coming Tuesday March 6th to try again to play the game postponed last Tuesday. We can also confirm that as a club we are very disappointed with this decision and have made representations to both the SPFL and Dundee United. We accept the circumstances on Tuesday night were unfortunate and largely out of everyone’s control. However, having made a hazardous return trip on Tuesday, with the travel restrictions still in place around the country, most of the weekend’s football already postponed and continued forecasts of snow for the next seven days we find the decision to insist on us making another lengthy trip on the immediate Tuesday ridiculous. In particular, having been informed of this decision this morning despite having already made our objections clear, having to make travel arrangements on three days notice is far from ideal and expecting supporters to arrange time off work to make a lengthy midweek trip on two working days notice is not fair on them either. Our players have been unable to meet for training so far this week since Monday and there are no guarantees of them being able to do so any time soon. Officials from both clubs discussed possible rearrangement dates on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and, although Dundee United were keen to go for an immediate rearrangement, we noted there were four other available midweeks between now and the end of the season, which left ample opportunity for a later rearrangement even allowing for the subsequent postponement of United’s match with St Mirren this evening. We cannot understand the need for this game to be immediately rearranged and note that, as far as we are aware, no other games postponed this week have been ordered to be rearranged immediately. We are disappointed as a club that no account seems to be taken on this occasion by the governing body of the difficulties there may be in a 300 mile round trip in darkness and bad weather for both supporters and staff.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
MACFURGLYFEBRUARY 28, 2018 at 16:59

That piece is strewn with grammatical errors and seems to have a fair few ‘chopped’ words. One would think the mouse was moving too quickly during a copy and paste exercise?!

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