LNS – A Summary


I’m generally not that interested in stories about which manager …

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I’m generally not that interested in stories about which manager is going where, but this quote caught me eye:


And, on Twitter on Wednesday evening, the manager said he was “bemused and frustrated by shockingly incorrect stories from certain media outlets“.

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(or is that company?)

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LNS – A Summary
You’ll find no sympathy for Bolton among the other members of the football league, particularly their odious CEO Phil Gartside. This is a man who wanted a sealed two tier premiership with entry to it based on some vague notion of “size and finance threshold”. I wonder if he stills wants to apply the same criteria?
Bolton are the epitome of how you shouldn’t run a football club, proceeding unsustainably with colossal losses year after year funded by the largesse of a single individual who has now turned off the tap.

LNS – A Summary
This judge is amazing entertainment. Refreshingly, there’s virtually no abstruse impenetrable legalese, and he genuinely seems aware of the world outside the courtroom.  The poor old counsels are almost having to earn their money.

LNS – A Summary
Would be quite funny if Dave King was charged with contempt of court for prematurely celebrating the dismissal of his contempt of court case. 03

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Whose assets are they anyway?

Whose assets are they anyway?
One of reasons that TRFC were prevented from being inserted straight into the 2nd tier was that it was season ticket renewal time. Fans told their clubs that if they supported this blatant gerrymandering, then ST money would be withheld.
Make no mistake, with a few noble exceptions (RIP Turnbull Hutton), had it not been for that pressure the outcome would have been different. They will always take the path of least resistance.
Don’t know what to make of that statement. Sometimes it’s best not to say anything at all. That’s the SFA tactic anyway.

Whose assets are they anyway?
Murray is said to be considering…

Building a super casino with a hover pitch?
Signing Ronaldo?

Let’s see what actually happens. Perhaps he’s found some miraculous way to undercut cheap Chinese steel imports. In the meantime it’s good PR after a week that has severely damaged his reputation. Pure coincidence, of course.

Whose assets are they anyway?
Journalism really isn’t all that difficult if you simply state the facts:

The judgement will not impact financially on the current Rangers setup, as the club went into administration in 2012, and then liquidation. The club then reformed in the Scottish third division in 2012 as a ‘newco’ consortium initially led by businessman Charles Green.

(via David Low’s Twitter)
Absolutely no need to tie yourself up in verbal contortions. Unfortunately, this seems beyond the capabilities of our national broadcaster.
Further on in the article, there’s some amusing naiveity from Rob Wilson, Sport Finance Expert, Sheffield Hallam University:

In terms of punishment, it’s more likely the Scottish Football Association (SFA) will take action rather than any government body. 

Clearly he is unfamiliar with the principles of Brysonology.

Whose assets are they anyway?
Me from earlier today:

Anyway, why has MA joined the board of Rangers Retail. Is it a precursor to kicking King off the same board? (And would he need to join the board to do that anyway?).

…and John James latest:

The balance of power has always favoured Sports Direct, but Ashley’s move could be perceived as a precursor to removing Dave King from the Rangers Retail board.

Hmmm, maybe I am John James.

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