LNS – A Summary


How can you be “paired” with three other teams ? Scottish …

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How can you be “paired” with three other teams ?
Scottish FA ‏@ScottishFA 5h5 hours ago NEWS | Scotland have been paired with Belgium, Croatia and Bulgaria in #U19EURO Elite Round.

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LNS – A Summary
I think that a lot  of  the present manoeuvring is predicated  on the need to keep The Rangers afloat in the top tier next season and beyond (charm offensive, expanded league ,etc ) . I reckon that they will go up ,by hook or by crook, and have an insolvency event in the summer . Playing against the big boys with a 15 point starting deficit and an inexperienced and untested team would be daunting  , and would require a safety net . I wouldn’t be holding my breath awaiting CL riches, either .

LNS – A Summary
Not just us, then .


LNS – A Summary
If the 5-way agreement is no big deal , mibbes we’ll see it in print, complete with signatories and dates .
And, sorry Mungoboy, old club/new club

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Questions, questions, questions
I watched Sportscene earlier and noticed that both Kenny Miller and Michael Stewart mentioned a lack of malice as a reason why a card should be yellow rather than red . Genuine question – where is this in the rules ? I’ve never seen the word in IFAB or SPFL rules and regs .

Questions, questions, questions
C ame across this thread on Follow Follow following another thread . Much mirth . A flavour –

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Go bust you bastards.

Pay your fucking debts and tax or close.


Questions, questions, questions
It would never catch on hre .

Questions, questions, questions
Vernallen 15th July 2022 At 01:41
I think quite a few players have found themselves sitting in the stands until they find a new club , with their employer reluctant to play them due to the financial implications of another appearance .And remember that Club 1872 claimed to have evidence of TRFC telling porkies regarding transfer values .

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 4th July 2022 At 00:16
The referee is the final arbiter , regardless of the number and types of assistance available to him . I think it would be impossible for any to get away with the scheme you outlined as the scrutiny by authorities and bookies would be a major deterrent , and the Police would be keen to follow the money . And what some may see as bias , others will see as incompetence . Every day being a school day , I learned a new acronym used in VAR protocols -DOGSO . Look it up yourself !

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