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Can I just say as a Celtic fan I saw …

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Can I just say as a Celtic fan I saw the “zombie” banner and found it unpleasant, because of the sight of a man pointing a gun. Come on Green Brigade your humour is legendary but stick to decent parallels.
Also I hate this “tit for tat” thing “they displayed an offensive banner also” who cares?
Celtic fans should be setting an example in good clean humour and let other fans worry about their morals.

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Fair Play at FIFA?
Correction from Charles Green, next year a Rangers DOLTS team will feature in the lower leagues.

Fair Play at FIFA?
Did you all catch the wee throwaway line by Danny Lennon when interviewed by Chick Young at end of game? “Well Chick, at least ONE of your teams has won a cup this season”

Everything Has Changed
@”Texaspedro” was the quote not “ra peepil say this is the worst rangers team ever”
by the way pass on our regards to “shields”

Everything Has Changed
Read the posts about Sevco getting back into SPL next season.
Here is a scenario to think about.
We all know ra peepil are all about “superiority” that is their mantra and mindset.
So now “the worst TRFC team in history” (copyright C.Green) goes into SPL and then has to fight RELEGATION and heaven forbid, actually WAS relegated. How would ra peepil cope with such embarrassment? and how long would it take the rest of us to stop LAUGHING??
Karma comes in many guises.

Everything Has Changed
As someone who has never responded to “shield02” but breaking my rule on this occasion. Like all dead bear fans his arrogance is breathtaking, TSFM is not credible in his eyes so he is “walking away” (does Ally know?)
Anyway like all trolls, how long before “shield02” morphs into another “concerned”poster anxious to give a “different” opinion

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