Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?


It would interesting if Jim Spence went ‘take me to …

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It would interesting if Jim Spence went ‘take me to court, then’ – the last thing they would want would be for this to be given proper corporate legal scrutiny. Far easier to just make threats, I reckon.

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Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?
Not The Huddle Malcontent says:
September 4, 2013 at 11:21 am

Exactly – does anyone expect anything other than ‘Well, they’re not actually on the board of the club – they’re on the board of the company that owns the company that owns the club’?

Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?
Re: the CtH tapes.

I know it’s very easy in hindsight, but hasn’t it always been thus with Charlotte? What we get is a whole load of titbits and gossip, along the lines of ‘she said, she said’, but nothing you can ever quite hang your hat on as cast-iron proof of any blatant wrong doing.

Throughout they’ve hinted at things, and cast certain people in a very unsavoury light, but nuclear events? I find it VERY hard to believe that with all the emails going back and forward that not once has anything beyond title tattle or vague hints actually made it’s way out.

What significant events have we had?

Hateley is just Smith’s mouthpiece – was anyone remotely surprised at that?
That certain journalists were under the thumb of Media House/Rangers? Really?
That Rangers were besmirching the name of other clubs to trot out a few squirrels?

The killer though is, if she really was interested in justice in the Scottish game, why not, as has been suggested by other posters, a wikileaks style dump of everything? Why the hoarding of information?

I’m firmly in the camp that says this is just about leverage/blackmail and nothing else. Of course, in the event that she does release something concrete, I reserve the right to do a complete U-Turn and say that I never doubted her! 😀

BTW How’s that Craig Whyte court case coming along? You know, the one that he keeps threatening? Again, this is something out of nothing, and it’s a distraction. I would suggest that a focus on the real, bonafide issues would be the way forward. The Rangers European licence, the fact that a non-existent club was allowed to play against Brechin, the blatant disregard of heaps of rules, the fact that Rangers are the same club except when it comes to paying the fine from the registration enquiry.

There’s a whole host of stuff that deserves a closer lookinstead of the ‘security’ of Charlotte’s info….

Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?
Oh, and for the original blog theme, there is an opportunity presenting itself for other clubs. Hearts proved back in ’98 that you don’t have to beat Celtic and Rangers regularly to actually contest the league. They just made sure that they beat the rest of the teams consistently, and that was enough to keep them in contention. Admittedly, they ran out of steam in the final straight, but they were very close.

Now that Rangers no longer exists, it means that those 12 points that might otherwise have gone a-begging in season’s past could now have a greater probability of being banked. That leaves 12 points against Celtic. Celtic will lose and draw games, especially if they have an extended European run. So there you have it, you don’t have to be better than Celtic, just consistently better than the rest.

I believe all the talk of Celtic dominating uncontested for the next few years is actually a little wide of the mark. Look at last season – Celtic were supposed to have the league won by November, and yet in the end it was only won after the split (yet it was won consistently by them before the split when Rangers were their challengers), and yet we’re told that the reason it took so long was because of lack of competition meant that their standards slipped (i.e. lack of competition lead to competition – George Orwell would have been proud of that one!).

Aberdeen are the obvious team to challenge. The fact that they have lost one game to Celtic doesn’t matter in the grand scheme, and I still believe that come the start of April, Aberdeen (and possibly Inverness and St Johnstone) will be up there on Celtic’s coat tails. I still expect Celtic to win, but it will be a lot closer than many commentators seem to be predicting.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
I’m still awaiting the outcome of the investigation into the behaviour of a certain team’s fans at Berwick a few years back….

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One

bad capt madman
Homunculus –
where’s your Xmas spirit?
Personally I’m waiting for the MSM commenting that poor Mr King has suffered enough so the TOP, the courts and
the rest of us should all just move on.
We all know that:-
1 coals should not be raked over and
2 everyone needs a strong “rangers” else the sky might fall on our heads (is this the first Asterix reference on the

I am a pedant – I believe Vitalstatistix said:
‘The Sky May fall on our head Tomorrow – but Tomorrow never comes’
Similarly, The Rangers are coming…tomorrow.

On a slightly less pedantic note, I see Chris Sutton talking about the underselling of players, comparing VVD’s value with what it was when he left Scotland.
Unfortunately, I think we have to accept that players in Scotland will always be undervalued due to where they play, and this is much more than just sneering directly at the Scottish league from football pundits obsessed with the EPL, it’s the same the world over for countries the same size as ourselves. Unless you’re playing in the big five leagues in Europe, then your value is never fully realised until you’ve ‘proved yourself’ in one of them.  I don’t like it and I don’t think it’s fair, but it’s simply the way it is in the TV money obsessed world of football.  However, as Celtic, and a number of other clubs (notably, Hamilton Accies!), have proved, the way to claw some of that back is in the sell-on clause.
This is why, if you want to make money in Scottish football, your assets have to have resale value, allowing you to not only claw back the wages etc. that you’ve spent on that player, but make a profit into the bargain.  Might I suggest that signing 36 year olds on massive wages is probably not a progressive plan…

Who Is Conning Whom?
Must admit, I’m quite enjoying reading EB’s posts, as he’s turned the trolling up to 11 – pushing all the buttons:

  • Same Club (over and over)
  • Old Firm rivalry
  • Celtic Fans killed Rangers
  • Uefa recognising Rangers as same club
  • SFA recognising Rangers as same club

I’m just waiting for the bit about Lawell running the game here, how Scottish football was killed by relegating Rangers, the war time titles should count, and how Celtic are only on 2 in a row at the moment.

Go on EB, see if you can push it to 12!

Enough is enough
Here’s an interesting excerpt from the latest interview with EBT recipient Alex Rate on the BBC website:

McInnes’ former Rangers team-mate Giovanni van Bronckhorst has also been mentioned in connection with the Rangers job, but the Feyenoord manager said on Monday: “I have seen the media coverage but I am fully focused at Feyenoord and I will be focusing on Feyenoord for the next years.
“I obviously had a great time in Scotland with Rangers, I think one of the best times I had abroad.
“But at the moment, for me, all that counts is Feyenoord. You can never tell, maybe in the future, because it is still a club in my heart.”

I say interesting, because, if nothing else, what were the journalists basing their story on? Surely not a kite-flying exercise?

Enough is enough
Good to see the site returning to a discussion about other issues in Scottish Football, rather than the single track that it had wandered down for a while.
For the record, I would agree with the original blog writer – I don’t remember Scottish Football generally getting any credit when Celtic beat Barcelona, yet it gets walloped over the head with blame whenever Celtic lose in Europe.
Also, there appear to be a lot of posters taking the blog as some sort of attack on Celtic.  It’s not – I read it as a comment on a) Scottish Football Punditry and how inordinately lazy it is and b) a plea on how can we change things to make it more competitive.
I would say part of the problem is that we think that football outside of Scotland has stood still, and that the lack of recent success is purely down to Scottish Football going backwards, hence the fact that Hansen, Law, Baxter, McNeil etc. still get brought up as a ‘why don’t we produce these players anymore?!?’ howl.
No doubt this will be scoffed at, but in my opinion, we do still produce players of that standard.  The problem is that outside of the Scottish bubble, football has moved on enormously.  As an example, the victory over Netherlands in the ’78 World Cup is seen as some sort of high watermark – everyone’s familiar with the goals, but I would contend that’s all we’re familiar with.  I got the full match DVD a few years ago, and I was shocked at the standard.  What passed for marking was standing about 5 yards away from your opponent, and to make it worse, these supposed world class players seemed incapable of hitting a cross that wasn’t blocked by the aforementioned 5-yards-away opponent.  Rose-tinted nostalgia can be very misleading. The players you idolised years ago are probably far better in your mind than they ever were on grass.
Quite simply, the world outside is full of peak-condition, highly trained athletes, all sustained on a diet of Champions league money and sports science.  These guys have left the standard of ’78 behind years and years ago.  Meanwhile, we go round in ever decreasing circles, doing the same things we did 30/40 years ago, and wondering why they don’t work anymore.
There is a glimour of hope in the lower age groups, in that we’re starting to do things differently, and the standard of player is slowly improving relative to the outside world, but it will still take time to trickle through.  However, even outside of the technical ability of players, there is still vast improvements we could make to our game.
Gate sharing is a non-starter, and clubs like Celtic would be quite entitled to ask why they should give up half their money that their fans have paid.  I know the argument about it being for the greater good and all that, but it would be very difficult to roll back from now.  The one area where we could effect greater change is via the monies of league position and TV deals. A more equitable distribution of the money here would be a good start, as would someone who realises the value of the product they have.  BT and Sky probably can’t believe their luck that they pick up something that gives them the sort of viewing figures that the likes of Burnley, Stoke etc could only dream of for an absolute fraction of the price. To be fair, at least BT seem slightly embarrassed about it and provide broad-ranging, fairly good coverage on our football – unlike Sky’s ‘Coming up tonight, Aberdeen v Hibs – we ask … how can Rangers improve?’

Anyway, ramble over….

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