Podcast Episode 3 – David Low


Re MIH Is this lot worthless or should the pension fundbe …

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Is this lot worthless or should the pension fundbe moving to sequester some of it. Also why in January this year were they bidding for Edinburgh Garden city?


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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low

On reflection KJ did lie given what his paper printed the following day, presumably “skimmed” fro the Drum article by James

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
13. Sports News Writer of the Year
Charlotte Fakes ?
By a million miles

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
upthehoops says:

April 17, 2014 at 9:20 pm

RyanGosling says:
April 17, 2014 at 7:30 pm
I imagine not many people know for sure who Rangers Tax Case is. Those at the Guardian who granted him/her a column some time back will know, but clearly have never divulged the information, which is the right thing without a doubt.

Reading The tweets between RTC and Keith Jackson today made me smile. KJ repeated the oft quoted statement that the Police are looking into how the information was divulged. He then (incredibly IMO), declared the info RTC had was illegally obtained. As far as I am aware the Police have yet to progress any charges against anyone re this information, let alone a court actually ruling on the legalities of it all. It would be funny if Keith Jackson was not actually portrayed as a good journalist. Worse still he also receives payment from the BBC out of the public purse.
Lets get this one straight forever.
Myself and James from the Drum sat in the Rolls Court with BDO and counsel for Collyers.
Mr Justice Newey allowed all the Charlotte material as evidence whether recorded or written and has asked counsel to record it in writing for both parties.
Also it was made known that ALL police interest in the matter was over.
KJ is more than disingenuous as one of his colleagues reported the same fact the following day.
Despite the FACT he was not in court.

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