Podcast Episode 3 – David Low

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Lessons learned. Where there no Lessons Learned. It is …

Comment on Podcast Episode 3 – David Low by Shyster Flywheel Shyster.

Lessons learned. Where there no Lessons Learned. It is totally unbelievable that nothing was learned from 2012. It appeared to be: carry on as usual but in SFL Div 3. Were there redundancies? Were assets sold? Were there pay cuts? I never saw any.

When you compare TRFC in insolvency with Motherwell, Dundee, Livingston, Hearts, etc. in administration it’s one rule for the rich and another for the also-rans. I expect we will see the same bending-over-backwards from the SPFL/SFA hierarchy as we saw in 2012.

I suspect paths will be smoothed again to those of least resistance.


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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Hearts were deducted -15 pts at the beginning of the season (and rightly so) for going into Administration.

As well as the points deduction Hearts were not given the opportunity, unlike TRFC, to sign players before the signing embargo came into effect. As a result of this, Hearts have played the season with a team made up mostly youth players from its U20s. This was in contrast to TRFC who started in Div 3 with the SFA’s assistance to sign the likes of Wallace, Black, Templeton, etc. before the transfer embargo came into being.

My question is: while I am happy with the penalties being applied for a club going into Admin, there are no incentives to reward a club for leaving Admin prior to the end of the same season. Say a 5 pts or 10 pts addition.

This points addition would unlikely affect Hearts as they look like not coming out of Admin until after the season’s end. But let’s hypothetically assume that Hearts left Admin this week and were awarded 10 pts for doing so – that would make the remaining 3 rounds for the bottom 6 very interesting.


Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
I got a little flummoxed with the new SPFL Rules regarding insolvency (Section E). Clause E4 states the following:

“Where an Insolvency Event or in the event that such Insolvency Event is part of an Insolvency Process that process, continues and/or is subsisting during a second or later Season then, for each such second or later Season, during the whole or part of which such Insolvency Event or Insolvency Process is continuing and/or subsisting, the Club concerned shall be deducted 15 points and shall start each such second or later Season in the relevant Division on minus 15 points.”

I believe this clause was written to stop clubs rushing into Admin (and points deduction) at the end of Season 1 so to be free of a points penalty in Season 2. As I read it, if a club is still in Admin at the start of a season then it starts that season on -15 pts Clarification please ❓


Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
“The Club’s financial position was precarious as it had mismanaged almost all of its cash reserves following administration.”


This sentence reads to me as if TRFC was used as a cash cow by the gang of dubious ‘businessmen’ to line their pockets, then walk away.

The difference between TRFC and HMFC is that (with the bankruptcy of the Lithuanians) there is no money to be made by corrupt businessmen in investing in Tynecastle and as such a fans buy-out is the future of the club. TRFC, on the other hand, are talking about another share issue to find another £30 million which I suspect will probably be squandered.

Was there no Lessons Learned? None at all?


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The Vice Closes
EASYJAMBOSEPTEMBER 20, 2017 at 01:12 
In parallel, a poll on Hearts most popular forum, JambosKickback, over the past couple of days has produced the following responses.For a review 455 – 80.82%Against a review 31 – 5.51%Don’t care 77 – 13.68%So I’m reassured that Hearts fans remain strongly in favour of a review, whatever the club Board chooses to do or not do. 
All that poll highlights is that 80.82% of JKB members are strongly in favour of a review.  Not necessarily representative of Hearts fans as a whole.   It equates to around 0.03% of Hearts’ ST holders, although I suspect that a good number of JKB members do not have STs.
Personally, I am all for Mrs Budge broadcasting her views on this but as you say unlikely before TRFC visit Murrayfield.


The Vice Closes
JIMBOSEPTEMBER 13, 2017 at 21:17 I would hope the boy who ran on to the pitch last night will be feeling terrible today.  What on earth came into his mind to do that?
He wept in court.  Actor after actor will you that to turn on the tears is the most difficult thing to do.  Just lets suppose he had true remorse.  He expressed sorrow for the guy who punched him on the way out.
Maybe he is not the animal people are turning him out to be with punishments I couldn’t repeat on here.
Somewhere in the Bible it says something like Forgive or be not Forgiven.
He was being an idiot.  Lets leave it at that.
Obviously the Glasgow media do not read the Bible when it comes to clubs outwith the OF.  When a Hearts supporter ran onto the pitch at Tynecastle and tried to assault Neil Lennon, the media were up in arms and quick to vilify both supporter and club.  Charlie Nicholas even wrote that Hearts should be banned from Europe.  
While the action of your idiot on Tuesday night would not have reached the pages of the Scottish media if it wasn’t for UEFA raising the issue and it getting headlined by the English press.


Celtic’s Champions League windfall is a bonus for Scottish football, not a handicap
HOMUNCULUSSEPTEMBER 1, 2017 at 11:39 One thing I would point out is the number of Scottish players regularly in the Celtic team, and the relatively low amounts of money they cost, certainly in European terms. The following players regularly appear for Celtic. Gordon, Tierney, Armstrong, McGregor, Forrest, Griffiths. If you were to add up what they cost to bring in it would not be a particularly staggering number. Indeed three of them came through the youth system so basically cost whatever it took to develop them. 
My only comment would be the low number of Scottish players coming out of the academy.  It is all very well being in a financial position to offer better terms to the best talent in the SPFL while being relatively cheap in comparison to England, but in doing so it depletes opposition teams’ squads who in turn resort to bringing in foreign players to fill the void.   Examples would be Dundee Utd being relegated following the loss of Armstrong, Mackay-Stevens and Ciftci or would ICT have avoided relegation if they had kept hold of Christie.  Of those only Armstrong made the grade.    

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
JOHN CLARKJULY 27, 2017 at 10:44
What, Ralph, not even a person on the SFA board who knew from personal experience that Rangers had a nice wee tax avoidance scheme going?
I give you Campbell Ogilvie who in March 2012 admitted to being a member of the Employee Benefit Trust scheme at Rangers when he was both a Director of Rangers as well as the treasurer of the Scottish Football Association.
Oglivie also tried to bring in an EBT scheme at Hearts when he joined them as Managing Director under Romanov in 2005.  


Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
The high heid yins of the SPFL are a self servient bunch, whom I never expected anything other than smoke and mirrors.  But the SFA is a different kettle of doo-doo.  It was the SFA that fined & expelled Dunfermline from the Scottish Cup for minor breaches of the rules.
It was the Italian Football Federation that punished Juventus for game fixing, not Seria A.
It was the French Football Federation that punished Marsellies and Nice for financial irregularities, not the Ligue de Football.
it was the Spanish Football Federation that punished Elche for unpaid taxes, not La Liga.
If there is any punishment to be handed out then it will be by the (wishy washy) Stewart Regan. 

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