Podcast Episode 3 – David Low


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manandboy says:

May 5, 2014 at 11:21 am



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Q. What does Scottish Football and the Scottish Referendum have in common ?
A. They share the same media.

However . . .yesterday, the Sunday Herald declared itself in favour of Independence
which leads me to say;

I agree M&B, how can one paper be so wrong so often, on so many different issues! 😉

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
On April 14th 2014, the ‘Sportswriter of the Year’ began his synopsis of the 2013/14 season with the following….. ‘So now that the football’s finished for another season’. The fact that there are still 4 clubs competing for European places ……….. fails to register, the fact that we are witnessing the most exciting finish to the 2nd tier for years…fails to register, the fact that 5 teams are separated by a minimal number of points in the battle to avoid playoff place….fails to register! For KJ Celtic have won the league, and neither Celtic nor Rangers will win the Cup……the showpiece event of the season…… the oldest challenge trophy on the planet…. the outcome of which is now an irrelevance for our number 1 sports journalist. This is bad and bad enough, but I doubt I’m alone in sensing the entire apparatus of the SFA appear wedded to similar sentiments. The integrity of the national trophy was drowned like a helpless kitten in a bucket of pyss the moment Ibrox was selected as the’ neutral’ venue, when genuinely neutral venues were ignored as alternatives. Now we have this Scottish Cup ticketing fiasco, leaving fans of the finalists in no doubt where they stand in the grand scheme of things…… diddies who should sit nice and be grateful for what they get. Not for the first time I find myself wondering if I can continue to justify my participation in this ‘sport’.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
indy14 says:

April 9, 2014 at 1:48 pm



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Has anyone considered voting yes on 18 September if for no other reason, to end the speculative debate of Scottish clubs being admitted into another association? I presume teams from an independent country could never be admitted to another country’s association leagues?
Funnily enough I would vote YES in September even if the government guaranteed 100% Celtic would be admitted to the EPL if I voted NO.

I have seen a few commnets re independence on this site and tied into football arguments, Scotland’s independence should not be glibly tied to a game of football, it means way too much for that.
I vote YES for fottball integrity
I vote YES for Football transparency
I vote YES to get rid of Campbell Ogilvie
I vote YES to get rid of Stewart Regan
I vote YES to get rid of Neil Doncaster
I vote YES to this website
And I would be voting YES in September if I was allowed. (I live in Ireland and can’t but I cross everything for a YES because controlling your own countries destiny and the confidence a people gets from its own identity is only enhanced by Independence)
The independent nature of a country would not limit access to other associations, it wouldn’t be any harder, because as a UNITED KINGDOM we can’t see it happening so how would being independent make it any harder??

Maybe I am misunderstanding your post Indy, but ‘glibly’ does not begin to describe the linkage you make between the referendum and football!

As goes CFC and any possible move to the EPL, I believe this boil needs lanced. CFC should make a formal request to move…if it is rejected, then any future reference to such a move should result in a points deduction, each and every time it occurs. The ‘diddy’ clubs have made great strides since the collapse of Setanta and the extinction of RFC, for CFC to constantly talk of exit badly affects the rest from planning and seeking substantive investment. As for ‘colt’ teams 👿 …………………………………………………………I’ll stop now, before I end up on the naughty step!

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Cluster One says:
June 28, 2014 at 11:48 am
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I see they found Asbestos near the commonwealth village on the banks of the Clyde in Dalmarnock, the site needs to be fully sealed off and then the process starts of sifting through rubble to find more of the material. They better not sift to much, you never know what they may find just weeks before the games kick off. Don’t know if this may have something to do with the land issues.

Probably off topic……but none the less an Interesting question Cluster 1, and I’m confused as to why it is instantly given a number of TDs. During the competion of the M77 extension across the south side of Glasgow I remember a number of erudite articles discussing the purchasing (often compulsory) of land to complete the work. Many of the tracts of land were toxic as they weaved their way through the many brown-field sites of Glasgow’s industrial past. Reading Echobhoy’s sterling work on the land deals in the East End I sensed they had a similar flavour…..Brown-field sites of limited commercial value due to undetermined levels of toxicity. (But I may be overstating this as I have not read them too closely) Could this be the ‘Glasgow factor’ that all too, occasionally merits mention by sociologists and epidemiologists regarding health outcomes, or rather ill health outcomes, and staggering stats on mortality rates that afflict the expanse of the old Greater Glasgow territory? Statistics, that are considerably worse than other areas with comparable levels of depravation, and are all to readily dismissed with more than a hint of right wing moral indignation, and put down to deep fried mars bars and Buckfast wine. I can well understand why such issues would remain closely guarded state secrets.

Armageddon? What Armageddon?
ptd1978 says:

May 13, 2014 at 2:24 pm



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I agree that English is one of the better analysts when looking at Sevco, but that’s damning with extremely faint praise.
He had discussed McCoists salary in the past, but is happy to let it go unmentioned as well when analysing the state of finances, or the future of the team.
Compare to his analysis of Levein where he knows the square root of jack, but is happy to be as strong, or stronger in his criticism based on his personal dislike of the man.
I feel I have to defend the 0-6-4 game a bit – not much though. His coat was on a shooglin’ peg long before that and it was deliberately midrepresented as anti-football. My reading from watching the game was that Levein felt the team would benefit from an attacking midfielder holding up the ball rather than any of the strikers he had available. If Smith or Mcleish had done it, it would have been seen in a more positive light. Compare though to Mourinho’s 0-5-5 in the first leg of the champions league semi – and he had much more capable strikers available.

I agree with you here ptd1978. The criticism of the 4-6-0 borders on the hysterical. CL’s rational for the formation is reasonable and this formation has been adopted for a crucial, tricky away fixtures by Real Madrid, Barcelona, and the Spanish national side since. Levein believed the Czechs were vulnerable to a counter attack and loaded the team with midfielders who play on the front foot, hoping to draw the Czechs over the halfway line. It did not work but at least he tried something different.

That formation has become a stick with which to beat CL, but IMO the treatment of CL has more to do with his personality than football. All available evidence points to CL being a stubborn man with a degree of arrogance to boot, but much like Night Terror, I feel compelled to defend him as a football manager, he is hardly the first or last footballer to be guilty of stubborn arrogance, actually it could legitimately be argued these are useful attributes for anyone seeking success in the game.

If we cast our minds back to when CL was appointed, Scotland had just parted company with George Burley who had attempted to play an expansive game, right to his last match, and was slated for it. (is it just me or do mangers who have no connections to the big two seem to get a sour press….no exclusives…..no golfing outings with insiders = no sycophancy from the Glasgow hack pack?) Burley’s tenure exposed a culture amongst his Scotland team many had thought left us in the 1990’s. Picture the scene, arrived back in a hotel at midnight following a defeat away in a crucial qualifier, the senior players ask if they can have a pint……. the following morning at 9am, with the next qualifier 48 hours away, a clutch of those senior players are still propping up the bar? Then certain parties disgraced themselves further like spoilt children (ask Paul LeGuen!) in full view of the football world….remember Levein inherited this mess.

The SFA required someone who will not attempt to play an open game on the field, and someone who would instil some discipline into the team off the field. Levein was the obvious candidate, he had done a sterling job at Dundee United revamping the entire footballing setup with innovative coaching appointments. This quickly turned United from relegation fodder to an established top half team who gave Celtic and Rangers nightmares. On the down side he had taken the SFA to task on a principle (not popular down Hampden way 😉 ) and had called out corrupt refereeing (not popular down Hampden way 😉 ) in a way never seen before or since. This suggests to me a man of substance and his appointment to Scotland was universally applauded, I cannot remember anyone against.

There is no way Levein’s spell at Scotland can reasonably be described as a success, as Night Terrors insightfully describes, his tactics are characterised by ‘over thinking’ to say the least…..but at least he was thinking! (not popular down etc……..). Indeed his stats, in terms of victories, stands comparison with some exalted company, albeit against ‘inferior’ opponents, but this is certainly balanced by the ‘inferior’ players he had to chose from!

Knowing Levein’s tendency not to suffer fools (Gordon Smith?) gladly, I would bet he had had a word or two with Mr English at some point, perhaps over the omission of Steven Fletcher, and this has deeply scarred Tom (diddums!). Here was another scenario where IMO Levein was unfairly crucified. I remember listening to the Sportsound discussion around Fletcher’s inclusion and the divide among the pundits was binary. The ‘hacks’ Richard Gordon, Tom English, Jim Traynor, Chic Young, Kenny McIntyre all demanded Levein be ‘the bigger man’ and invite the prodigal player to return……..whereas the ‘players/mangers’, Willie Miller, John Robertson, Allan Preston, Derek Ferguson, Craig Patterson….to a man, opined Levein would burn all order in the dressing room if he backed down. I know whose counsel I would take if I were CL.

I wish CL all the best in his new role and hope the Jambos are back in the top flight next season, with the nightmare of insolvency firmly in their unbroken history. 😉

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
upthehoops says:
March 31, 2014 at 7:12 pm
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Angus1983 says:
March 31, 2014 at 4:48 pm

Unfortunately for Mr Regan and his cronies, and despite the dice being loaded, Rangers are quite simply going to take a sound beating off Dundee United.
Taking it at face value, and looking at the standard of performance and player from both clubs Dundee Utd should win, but I’m sure you know as well as I do what can happen in football.

Going back to the Regan interview, I did not hear it, but from what I’ve read he has not conceded the game being at Ibrox is an advantage to Rangers. Another question I’d really like to see answered is who monitors how the pitch is prepared for this tie? Football history is littered with stories of pitches being prepared to suit or disadvantage particular styles of play, but that option is normally regarded as a benefit to home clubs – it’s just how it goes. The problem this time is Rangers are not actually the home club, but they will still be able to influence how the pitch is prepared, as the assumption is their ground staff will carry out the work as normal.
Uth, the pitch is the most important thing, but I would also like assurances that the general public will not be subjected to the sinister, insidious, militaristic, flute band?

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
Many of you will not like this…… but the nightmare scenario for us all has been realised! We all knew before a ball was kicked that this outcome was inevitable. The title won in March with several games to play….. a pyrrhic victory achieved by a team without serious competition. Where will competition come from? The authorities remain unwilling to bite the bullet, and take the necessary course of action to save this beleaguered league from encroaching armageddon.

The obvious solution is of course to fast track the biggest most successfullest club in the universe straight to their rightful place at the top of the Bundesliga, where their 500 million fans and financial muscle can at last offer Bayern Munich the life line of competition ……and rescue the ailing entity that is German football with a dose of dignity, glory and everything else that constitutes true blue Rangersness. (shamelessly robbed from ‘Plastered’ on a St Johnstone forum 😉 )

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?

Would it be naughty of me to suppose The Rangers cannot afford to police their own youth team’s matches?….. 😯

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