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Having lurked but not posted since chipping in spasmodically to …

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Having lurked but not posted since chipping in spasmodically to RTC, perhaps some of you can help me reach a fuller understanding of the Dave King/Richard Gough scheme. I am failing to see how it can possibly work.
Surely they will also be in the position of being able to accept cash payments only as any credit/debit payment agency will know that they are even less able to guarantee delivery of the promised product ?
Assuming that some bears come up with the cash, will DK simply propose handing it over on a match by match basis ?
If so, would the Rangers board not just declare the proposal unworkable and unacceptable and insist that season tickets be bought directly ?
Is my assumption correct that King has no expectation of the scheme ever being used, and is he just looking to drive the board into negotiations, or better still administration ?

On a different but connected point, did anyone else find the purchase of 25000 shares by the Vanguard Bears somewhat curious ? Its difficult to find sound financial reasons for this and the accompanying list of questions to DK brought out the cynic in me. Not just the obvious attempt to discredit King, but also the possibility that the news of a supporters organisation showing confidence in the future may persuade a few wavering supporters to buy season tickets ? Possibly instigated and even funded by the new PR man at Ibrox ?

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Spot the difference?
A quick question from a long time lurker regarding the reports of Latit Modi possibly buying the shares controlled by Sandy Easdale.
Obviously there is focus on the suitability(!) of Modi,but is there a reason for these shares to be sold prior to a possible King victory ?

IIRC the ultimate owners of these shareholdings have always been hidden. Would a King takeover reveal their identities and create embarrassment in certain quarters ?

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Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton
upthehoops says:
May 11, 2014 at 9:33 am

He was also quoted as saying that he had no knowledge whatsoever of players contracts.

No bonus for winning the league does not necessarily mean no bonus for promotion.

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